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Don’t be ungrateful; dark days ahead

While warning residents not to be ungrateful to humanitarians who have assisted the territory, Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering said ‘dark days’ are ahead for the British Virgin Islands. 

Dr Pickering, who is also Representative of the Seventh Electoral District, gave the warning at a community forum in East End last evening.

“Any of us who thinks that in January [2018] it’s going to be like it was in January 2017; we’re  going to wake up a sad day. This country has a long, long road ahead. It’s going to be some difficult weeks and months ahead. We need to understand that,” Dr Pickering said.

“This country has some dark, dark days ahead. If we don’t work together we all are going to perish together,” he added.

Dr Pickering then noted the multiple entities that already have donated millions to the hurricane-struck BVI. 

“Let us be careful that we don’t be ungrateful people and forget when we were in dire need those who have helped us,” Dr Pickering said.

He continued: “This is a new normal and government may not have money to feed persons they way it used to feed persons and cook a meal everyday. That’s what we depend on donor agencies to help us out. We have to be thankful for all the persons who came from wherever they came from to help our country after September 6 because there were a lot of people in need.”

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