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Don’t blame me for derelict boats at Sea Cow’s Bay Harbour


Amid news that there is a new programme to remove derelict boats from the Sea Cow’s Bay Harbour, Third District Representative Julian Fraser said people shouldn’t blamed him for the damaged yachts that have been partially submerged since the 2017 hurricanes.

The boats were brought to the fore recently when former political candidate and businessman Julian Willock highlighted the aforementioned programme.

Willock extended gratitude to businessman Miles Sutherland-Pilch of Nanny Cay for starting the removals and commended Ministers Lorna Smith and Vincent Wheatley for their advocacy. However, Willock did not mention Fraser.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on April 8, Fraser responded to the new initiative to remove derelicts saying he’s been agitating for their removal since the passage of the 2017 hurricanes. And he said he shouldn’t be blamed as it is the Premier and government’s responsibility to spearhead the cleanup.

“I’m hearing again that somebody was taking the yachts out of the harbour. So I should spend my time cleaning up the Sea Cow’s Bay Harbour? What else can I do but come here and talk about it? Yet still I am being blamed, I should go and take out the yachts — me. How am I going to get them out? The Premier has the money, I don’t,” Fraser explained.

He said residents must understand that once elections are over, the government of the day controls the public purse and has the responsibility to carry out works within the community.

“Government does things through ministries. I can’t put a person to work, it’s the government that has to do these things, I can point it out to the government. People, understand these things, don’t listen to those who tell you that your representative should do this, your representative can’t do a thing,” Fraser said emphatically.

Willock, who has been spearheading a number of activities in District 3, has been accused of campaigning way ahead of the next general elections. His efforts have also been rejected by Fraser, who asked Willock to refrain from mentioning his name when speaking publicly.

However, Willock continues to mention Fraser’s name when speaking on matters in District 3.


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  1. Really? says:

    Fraser you are the one to take the lick for that. You are the District Rep for D3 and you are responsible for things as such in your District. Can I come to your house to take a shower when I need to take a shower before I go to work Fraser for the lack of water that I am paying for?

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  2. By the way Fraser says:

    The person that killed the Attorney in his home a few weeks ago lives in the Sea Cows Bay community.

    • Same thing I am hearing says:

      Yes Mr. Fraser, for whatever reason we may not know why the Lawyer was killed in his home, the killer is living amongst us in the village of Sea Cows Bay. The investigation leads right to Sea Cows Bay.

  3. Just Wrong says:

    But aren’t you in charge ???

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  4. Classic says:

    So called leadership without either responsibilty or accountability. It’s his job to ask for money so his District can be improved.

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  5. Come on dude says:

    You are the one to be blamed for that. Who else Fraser? Andddddd, you should take the blame for the lack of the water problems down Sea Cows Bay aka Hog City.

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  6. Reality Check says:

    You are to blame. Manuel Reef Marina owned foru of the wrecked boats, their manager “managed” three other wrecked boats, numerous residents of D3 owned wrecked boats, to all of whom you are beholden. You should have pushed all of them but no, you hid. You hid as we cleared the road from Road Town to Nanny Cay the day after Irma. You hid when asked for help with the sewage situation at Road Reef. You are useless to the majority of residents, and we can only hope that your succssor is better!!

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  7. Jane says:

    It’s your job, sir. If government is not giving the funds then you name and shame them. You go out to the stakeholders in your district: the business owners, the church leaders, the wealthy residents and you get their support. You seek help from community groups like Lions and Rotary. If they do not help, you name and shame them too. This is what Mr Willock has effectively done. That district is lacking in civic pride overall, it is a mess, covered in garbage and abandoned vehicles. You could start small: community litter-picking days where you go out and get your hands dirty and LEAD. You show by example and others follow. You need to step down next election and let someone with energy and enthusiasm and vision take over.

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  8. Hog city says:

    Willock we voting for you just watch

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  9. LOL says:

    What’s funny is that even if the Premier removed the boats, when next election campaign starts Fraser would take the credit as representative. So what he is essentially saying is what we knew all along, the representatives will take credit when things are good but blame Central Government and the Ministers when things are bad.

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  10. D3 says:


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  11. DONT FORGET says:


    • Keeping it real says:

      What the hell OJ does for D3? Can someone please tell us. The only time you hear anything from OJ is when election time comes around. OJ is not built for the Political Arena. I clearly remember him saying when he was campaigning during the last election that if the people of D3 vote for him, he will fix the water problem.

  12. Typical politician says:

    Deny responsibility when things are not good or gone bad, and take credit when things are good.
    Then they turn around and have the unmitigated gall to ask for votes.

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  13. Huh says:

    The wigged one is sneakingly placing blame but Fraser is smarter. Keep playing

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  14. Trevor says:

    The district rep. Can only ask for government to act, they cannot press or make them.
    We all know D3 area is ignored by gov. Due to their loyalty to Frazier.
    This is not like cutting some bush, it involves marine equipment and specialists.
    While nice, the 2 boats that were removed are a fraction of what needs doing, it will need government financing/involvement
    Sadly this is now political, so if not for credit, it will not get done at all.

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  15. My Country says:

    Derelict Items All Over the BVI

    Beside the Derelict boats and vehicles and garbage all over the territory. It also have a lot of rusted derelict machineries and shipping containers or trailers all over the place. Soon the whole country is going to look like a container/trailer city.

    Them destroyed the Beautiful Beach and Warf in Baugher’s Bay but them doing Development and now the place
    look like a Dump Heap. From Pasea Eatate to Port Purcell to Jean Hill look like a Dump Heap. All the ponds in these areas/locations is gone and become storage camps for Garbage and Derelict Items – except for the businesses places that exist there now.

    My heart is grieved and is hurting to see how nasty and untidy this Country has become. I am so ashamed and embarrassed I can’t say anymore.

  16. @ HUR says:

    that was brilliantly put , you must of read ( JANE’S comments , the wigged one has added a new name to his list / different name , but same WIG , * LOOK AT WHAT CAME AFTER * JANE *

  17. @ REALLY ? says:

    he said why would want to come to his home for ? And that there’s so much of blue water out there that even the boats is sailing on it , so you can even swim , and it’s free , take as much as you want * it’s on me *

  18. 20+ years ago says:

    when Oliver Cills was the D3 rep in the 9 person Legislative Council Sea Cows Bay was a clean peaceful shallow bay surrounded by a healthy mangrove forest on its shoreline. The village was clean, the vehicles moved much slower and D3 was a pleasant district to reside. Mr. Cills retired and the current dinosaur took over his seat and let D3 deteriorate from the 90’s until now.

    For most D3 residents the only person to blame for the destruction of the environment, roads, infrastructure, etc. in D3 is the blind current member of the HOA. Time to retire this fossil.

  19. spector says:

    I remember hearing Parillon mention this on several talk shows and campaign speech and its terrible these things still there.

    we need to give this job to a younger, vibrant, active community minded person like Parillon. VIP government is a waste of time.

    we the people of D3 wont embarasse this community voting for that other person.

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