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Don’t depend on the police, let’s do our own collab to fight crime


Third District Representative Julian Fraser has urged the territory’s 13 elected leaders to collaborate in implementing a strategy to stem crime in the community, instead of aimlessly waiting on information from the police.

“Us sitting here — we’re not going to get anything out of the police because they are under the Governor and they’re not going to report anything to us. I had three murders in my district within 10 days — the first two were within four days [of each other] and to this day I as district representative, I haven’t received any form of notification from any police. So I don’t expect anything to happen from that angle,” Fraser said in the House of Assembly on April 20 while elected leaders stood to denounce the recent shooting of Catherine Pickering in Paraquita Bay.

Although the police are responsible for law enforcement, Fraser said elected leaders have a responsibility to all residents and must do their part to stem the spike in violent crimes.

“What has happened with this recent shooting is unconscionable. It should have driven home a nail within all of us,” Fraser said before urging residents not to turn a blind eye to crime and violence.

“We cannot continue to walk the streets of the BVI believing that ‘if it didn’t happen to me, [then] it didn’t happen’. It’s happening to all of us. We hear about tonnes of cocaine and millions being confiscated. We have a responsibility,” Fraser pointed out.

He added: “At some point, all 13 of us have to get together and make crime a priority or else at some point it will become our personal responsibility because it will affect us.”

Opposition leader Marlon Penn has made a similar call for collaboration on crime among the elected leaders of the territory.

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  1. SMH says:

    Speak Mr. Fraser!

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  2. Rastarite says:

    Time for this hunched up old man to retire.

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  3. next election cycle says:


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  4. Concerned says:

    Well said sir

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  5. 1st district says:

    You the politicians have enabled this to exceed. You are like a young mother wanting to be her children’s girl friend instead of being a responsible parent. The politician have buddied up to the youth for friendship and vote, while ignoring to up hold the law of the land, “leave them scooter boys alone”.

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  6. Yawn says:

    Pure old talk until something else happens. People don’t have water, kids don’t have schools, while millions spent over and over. Nobody gives a f**k, they just love to hear themselves speak and pretend to care enough to garner enough votes during the next election then the cycle continues. The people and behavior are a reflection of how our leaders have been handling this Territory and that’s not an excuse, it is a FACT!

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  7. Hold up says:

    So, you’re not a big grown man who can call or go down the station and ask about it yourself? You think the police have time to come look for you and they’re trying to solve crimes SMH. Now here you go with the pointing fingers and talking about the Governor

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  8. Father help the BVI says:

    It look like almost everybody in that House of Assembly talking pure stupidness. Really Fraser? Is that sensible? How would you solve crime by side stepping the enforcers of the law? How? I can’t anymore.

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    • Fact says:

      If you go back in history you would note that Fraser has always been a big supporter of the police. I believe the point is to let’s get together as communities and help fight this thing. For example if you know of a friend or family member into
      Anything turn him/her in even if you suspect say something. There is need to speak up. It could be any body else family member or even yourself.

  9. Hopelessness says:

    These politicians cannot get their own duties carried out and now they want to be police men too. It this wasn’t serious I would be laughing. We need a different set of leaders for our country.

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  10. GTFOH says:

    The Governor and the Commissioner of police are on an all expense paid vacation to the BVI. They dont care about the BVI or have any ties to the BVI or its people. This is strictly a job to them. When a job is just a job people will only give the minimum to satisfy the requirements of the job whether it is a job well done or not. The governor already spoke about matters dear to him, the passing of the Queen’s husband. Everything else would be just playing a role to him.

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  11. Police Job says:

    If the police can’t do the job then we will have to get rid of them. Just like anybody else. The commissioner should have the responsibility of getting people who can do the job. Maybe he should have a probation!?

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  12. DJ says:

    We have to depend on the police to make the arrest, but we must provide information. The police can’t do it alone…..

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  13. Poor Leadership says:

    It’s since the VIP got in everything spiral out of control.The bad man them is the Premier best friends. Starting from the gap of his house. The people are behaving just like the premier and Claude. No respect. So what you expect.

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  14. arrest says:

    We will make citizen’s arrest.

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  15. Tim says:

    You think there is no connection/correlation between the crime rates and COVID 19 or more specifically COVID 19 Gov policies?

    You all think you are smart by cheating COVID 19 and showing no one died from it …

    well, just in your district you had 3 …

    start counting them as COVID 19 victims and maybe you realize its time to open up …

  16. We want answers says:

    Commissioner Hickinbottom, we need answers on the sea cow’s Bay Harbour project audit that was done some years ago. We need answers on the bi-water contractual agreement with the government that caused much concern for the people. We want answers.

  17. Rubber Duck says:

    Is there anyone connected with government who does not spout meaningless platitudes?

    How? Whom? Where?

    How about some real proposal like we start a chapter of the UK /USA neighborhood watch. Get someone over to help set it up and recruit interested citizens to join?

    Politicians note : this is a real world suggestion not some vague wish.

  18. Secret Bear says:

    What kind of “plan” to solve crime do you expect to come up with that doesn’t involve the police??! Is the House of Assembly going to become the BVI Avengers and start patrolling the street at night wearing capes? Just moronic. Julian needs to retire.

  19. Hmmm says:

    This country die with Ralph…dont care to here anything about VIP NDP..

  20. What Rubbish says:

    What notification does he wants from the police.
    “Rep Fraser, as you know there has been three men killed in you district” Amen. These jokers spew all rubbish in the house instead of doing the People’s business.

  21. LILIS says:


  22. Hate Tortola says:

    If we can depend on the police force to fight crime for us. So why are they needed in the first. Like come on people are not going to risk their own life and family by RATTING to police,so they can tell their criminal friends to kills us

  23. @ 3rd district says:

    How about a march back to our mother land and give back the tacist white BOYS SO they can give it back to the birds and everybody will be happy

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