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Don’t let it grow cold – legislators beg for info on double murder

(From left) Marlon Penn and Archibald Christian speaking at the recent candlelight vigil held for 11-year-old Trinity Moses.

Government backbenchers, Archibald Christian and Marlon Penn have called on members of the public who have information on the recent double homicide to speak out and not let the case grow cold.

The ministers were among a throng of persons at a candlelight vigil held for 11-year-old Trinity Moses this week. Trinity and Franklin Penn were killed during a ride-by shooting last month. No one has been arrested for the crime.

Tell What You Know

While referring to the incident as “unfortunate,” Christian told persons at the vigil that the shooting occurred near his home. He said when he heard the explosions but thought at the time that a vehicle had blown out its tires. The junior minister later learned that the explosions were gunshots.

“Words of comfort cannot convey to her mother and the extended family when persons are just innocently taking a ride and their lives are changed forever,” he stated.

“But I want to make an appeal tonight. I think all of us have eyes and ears. We need to pay attention to what we are hearing; the conversations that are taking place around us. We need to pay attention to what we are seeing. I trust and pray tonight that we are not disappointed; that this one does not go into the books of unsolved murders. Please, I am begging for every single one of you tonight to join your voices, hearts, and thoughts and prayers with the Moses and Penn families to bring the killers to justice,” Christian pleaded.

He added that while members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force continue to work hard to solve the case, they need help from the public.

“I can say to you that they are working extremely hard to resolve this case and they need your help. We need your help tonight. We would like to bring the killers to justice tomorrow morning, that is what I am hoping and praying that will happen. I am also appealing to us as a community to unite. It is time to put our differences aside and let us bring justice to these people.”

A photo of 11-year-old Trinity Moses.

Marlon Penn

Meanwhile, Government backbencher, Marlon Penn, who is the brother of Franklin Penn who was killed in the attack, said the time has come for the community to speak up and put an end to protecting criminals.

”Like my colleague said, we all cannot continue to be quiet. As a community, we have been silent for too long on these issues within our communities. You hear about persons hiding criminals in their homes, protecting criminals… I think this is the defining moment when we need to put these things to an end,” said Penn

Kedrick Pickering

Dr Kedrick Pickering, who is both a minister and a medical doctor pointed out that he has a deep connection with the Moses family, adding that he was the one who delivered Trinity at birth.

“I stand here and I am wearing several different hats because first and foremost I had the opportunity to actually deliver Trinity and I took care of her mother during her pregnancy. So I guess I knew Trinity before most of you would have. So I know what all of you are going through at this time. We are doing our best to ensure that this crime is solved,” said Pickering.

He too called on the community to take a stance against such incidents.

“It is extremely important for all of us as a community to band together and to try to ensure that these incidents don’t happen again, and for God’s sake, they don’t ever become commonplace in our communities. So all of us have a responsibility to stand up,” Pickering charged.

Trinity, her mother Ramona Moses and Franklin Penn were shot while travelling along the West End public road on November 22.  Their vehicle came under gunfire, reportedly from men travelling on scooter bikes.

Trinity and Penn were killed in the attack while Ramona was treated at hospital.

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