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Don’t smuggle people into the BVI, Premier warns

Premier Andrew Fahie is warning residents, particularly those with access to boats, to refrain from smuggling persons into the British Virgin Islands.

He said law enforcement agencies are currently working to heighten their presence around the territory’s so-called porous borders.

Addressing the concerns during a recent media conference, the Premier said: “As we speak, we have other boats that we have access to — both police and Customs — and I can tell everyone that, as we speak, they are getting them in place. So I am asking the people of the Virgin Islands, please don’t do anything illegal. Please do not go out there and smuggle anyone in.”

“Stay away from these illegal activities because the border control is moving in very strong and ‘strong’ might be an understatement,” Fahie further said.

The Premier added that his administration is tightening up several other areas.

“We are beefing up everything we can beef up now … But while we are at it, we know that we have to secure the people in many areas — food security. [We want to] make sure that we let persons know that it is ok to feel concerned, but not alarmed to the point that you feel fear and do the wrong thing,” Fahie said.

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  1. ReX FeRaL says:

    They are not “so called” porous borders. They are porous sir.lets keep it honest and real.

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  2. Hmmmmmm says:

    It’s the rich and mighty that would do this. I wonder why this came up?

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  3. Great says:

    Even the local gangsters seems to be laying low and is afraid of the virus, Gun shots can’t take down the virus. LOL.

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    • LMAO says:

      You sure are correct. Gun shots can’t take down the virus. LMAO. The local gangsters don’t have fear but, they fear this order less, scent less, color less virus.

  4. Truth be told says:

    Luca brasi, I hope you listening.

  5. Mike Savage says:

    Sadly, we all are victimized by world and local leaders whose answer is to react to disasters instead of acting, long, long ago. The last 3-4 worldwide pandemics have all originated in China. Instead of creating a international pandemic agency whose sole operating charter is to trace disease and outbreaks funded with hundreds of millions employing the best and brightest Every year, we would rather have all governments spend six trillion AFTER THE FACT. This agency operating like a Seal Team have 90 days to deliver a stop, a cure or a vaccine. If folks need to distance to give them added time, great. All agencies and lawyers who will elongate any solution by 1.5 years standown. You can either adopt the solution or pass. In the year 2020 with AI and super computers, this is achievable. Instead we react instead of act and we are the most vulnerable. Anyone seen the 2020 Hurricane forecast? We cannot afford natural disasters combined with human disasters in any year. Time to demand change or we will continue to be passengers on the Titanic and even the band stopped playing.

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    • Bravo says:

      This is an excellent point.
      The human population has been hit by myriad pandemics over its existence.
      The frequency and efficiency of these viruses has increased with population increases.
      Mainly because of the increased density of populations, and the connectivity between different geographical regions in the last 500 years.
      Bill Gates (check TED Talks website for this) identified that the next major crisis would come from a pandemic back in 2015.
      He laid out the action plan to deal with it:
      Fund a specialist, supra-national, team to investigate diseases and viruses to understand where the higher risks are for this sort of thing to emanate.
      Fund specialist teams to be able to deploy to provide expert advice and treatment, including prevention measures.
      Have a specialist team to track and trace and analyse transmission patterns.
      Combine these teams with the military who are the global experts at getting people in and out of dangerous areas and keeping them safe.

      Unfortunately, politicians don’t like to spend money on “what ifs”, and that is how they perceived this outbreak. We need to force the politicians to do the right thing (and we need to be willing to contribute through tax dollars) and face up to the “when ifs”.

      “My neighbours health is my health”

  6. Rock says:

    No kfc or costuless for you!

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  7. BVI STRONG says:

    Anyone who is caught doing such boat should be seized and forfeited to the crown!!!!!

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  8. Online Now says:

    Unbelievable that he has to even say that. Says a lot about some (too many) of the people here.

  9. dem gal says:

    Risking your or families life for some money, is stupid as s**t… can’t take dem gucci chain the hell mon

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