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Don’t stigmatise persons for getting tested for COVID-19

Premier Andrew Fahie

With two confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the territory and nine more suspected cases awaiting official test results, Premier Andrew Fahie is warning against stigmatisation.

He gave the warning while assuring residents that the necessary steps to prevent the risk of a community spread of the disease are being taken.

“There is no need to feel ashamed or to stigmatise anyone who gets tested. We have to look out for each other. For in doing so, we are looking out for ourselves,” the Premier stated in a national address on Wednesday.

He continued: “We are working round the clock because this is a fluid situation and we know you are concerned, but now is the time for all of us to remain calm. We can and we will successfully overcome the challenges of this time. Our God is with us, and he has seen us through many challenges.”

The Premier said unity, prayer, along with the necessary precautionary measures are paramount in the territory’s fight against the highly contagious disease.

“Practice social distancing. Wash and sanitise hands regularly. Avoid touching the face. Cover your mouth when you cough. If you feel sick, do not go to the doctor. Call the medical hotline at 852-7650, so that you can get the appropriate treatment and to protect others. Vigilance is very important. We all have an individual responsibility to do not become complacent. We have to now protect each other,” he added.

Governor Augustus Jaspert who also delivered a similar message said: “It’s ok to seek support and to be tested. We are ramping up our testing capability … there should be no stigma about being confirmed with a case.”

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  1. Ignorance is bliss says:

    I’ve been warning a friend of mine for weeks now about the virus and no matter how hard I tried to get him to take it serious and get prepared (buy a few essential items) he kept insisting that black people can’t get infected SMH. I never knew people could be so foolish to believe such drivel. You should have seen him early this morning panicking and running around like a headless chicken.

    Like 18
  2. @ignorance is bliss says:

    I can relate to what you are saying. Three weeks ago I started stocking up the house and my friends were laughing at me saying I was turning into a hoarder. No one took my advice, so help me one of the same people that said I was hoarding called me and ask me if I had a extra can of Lysol and a bar of Dial antibacterial soap. I could have easily said no but, I put the items in a plastic bag, and lower the bag tied with a piece of rope over the balcony. It might sound harsh and it does not mean anything against anyone but, I just don’t want anyone at the house unless it is a emergency salutation.

  3. Eagle eye says:

    How comes nobody speaking about our two pharm town residents that claim to have the cure.

  4. @Eagle Eye says:

    What exactly they saying? What they say is the cure? Or this just gossip you promoting?

  5. Disinterested says:

    What mo…n(s) would be thumbing his/her nose(s) at someone who may have been around someone who tested positive for the Coronavirus or is exhibiting the symptoms……..etc? It is the responsible thing to do to avoid spreading the highly contagious and easily spread virus. Tortola people both local and expat too damn judge-mental, proud and like to thumb their nose at people. However, when it is their turn in the barrel they wary compassion. Stop the damn nonsense. The territory is facing a serious public health crisis and we behaving like idiots. The territory must work collectively to arrest this virus. Self individualism spells disaster.

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