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DPP claims man resists arrest because of ‘family prominence’

Andrew Cox, Jr at court two years ago.

A young man — who is claiming he was injured because police used excessive force to handcuff him two years ago — allegedly attempted to resist arrest because he is the son of a prominent local businessman, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has suggested.

Police reportedly apprehended Andrew Cox, Jr back in July 2016 for possession 3.2 grams of cannabis for which he pleaded guilty. Young Cox, however, contested the charge of resisting arrest.

During the trial, prosecutors presented their case to the court that Cox allegedly resisted arrest on the day in question because of the prominence and influence of his family.

“Mr Cox, did you not tell the court that you said: ‘I know my rights, I know my rights’? Mr Cox, you said the officer proceeded to clip on your left-hand cuff and another officer told you to calm down and you told them ‘I am Andrew Cox’?” asked one prosecutor during Cox’s trial.

Cox then told the court he was merely responding to a police officer who wanted to know his name.

The prosecutor continued: “Mr Cox, you said you are a programmer for your family’s television/radio station?”

He responded in the affirmative, admitting that their family media business is well known.

“Mr Cox would you admit to the court that you are fairly well-known around Tortola?” prosecutors then asked.

He replied: “I don’t leave my house … persons know of my dad.”

The prosecutor then asked whether persons knew that he was Andrew Cox, Sr’s son.

“Yes,” he replied.

“So that is why you told the officer ‘I am Andrew Cox’? Because you felt that it wasn’t warranted for you to be arrested?” the Crown counsel questioned.

Cox again replied: “She (the policewoman) asked me my name so I answered the question,” he said.

I was injured

Cox claimed that police exerted so much force on him that he had to seek medical attention.

He said he had swelling on his arm, and bruising to his knees and elbows. He further said he felt pain in the area of his back where a police officer used his knees to restrain him and administer the second link of the handcuff.

However, two members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force – Teshoy Andrews and D’urville Carty ­– said Cox did not want to be arrested on the evening in question and resisted the police for more than five minutes.

They both said they had to then use tactics to restrain him.

The law enforcement duo, in addition, said at no time did Cox ever complain about being injured while at the police station.

In his defence, attorney Valerie Stephens-Gordon said her client was assaulted by more than one officer on the evening in question.

She said he was thrown and pinned to the ground with his face against the pavement.

The attorney further claimed that, when Cox was fully cuffed, he was dragged from the pavement and was covered in dirt and injuries.

Cox’s trial concluded last Friday and Magistrate Shawn Innocent is scheduled to enter a verdict on the matter on November 12.

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  1. mad cow says:

    That’s a bullsh*t argument if ever there was one by the Prosecution. And what prominence and influence does that family have around here?

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  2. Problem says:

    Exactly the problem. No one wants to be accountable. Rules don’t apply to me because my family is important…

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  3. Outlaw says:

    Valerie what p*ss you chatting about your client was assaulted. If he is being arrested for a crime and put up resistance, what do you expect will happen. I bet if he had remained calm after been caught with drugs, you alleged assault complaint would not have been before the court

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  4. Brad Boynes says:

    This is a load of Crap. Clown counsel need to learn how to prosecute and present a case in court. He was asked his name and he answered. Darn.

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  5. True Detective says:

    So wait…They asked him his name, he told them his name and by saying he knew his rights these guys deduced that he’s resisting arrest because of family prominence? Lol!

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Prominent family my @$$. H– —— needs to pay me my 400.00 he owes me over 10 years now.

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    • King ping says:

      If you want him to pay you your money he owes you for 10 years you need to state yours name

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    • Haha says:

      I’m sure if he can pay his sons court case fees he could’ve paid you so maybe you didn’t couple the job right, but hey some of y’all don’t like to say the reason why y’all didn’t get paid. P.S idk this man but I know that is how some of y’all people like to be because I’ve worked with some of y’all like that

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  7. Wendy says:

    With all due respect to your family and its ownership of a media, prominent is hardly descriptive of your status in the VI community.
    Every b o d y is a wannabe.
    Is or was your family the Cox of CoxHeath or any of their navelstrings fragments of the VI?
    No? No fo true.
    Then,go siddown and learn to behave yourself.

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    • Wow says:

      Did this family say that they were promiemt or was it the DPP office ? Please educate yourself and read the article because they was they ones who said it thank you

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  8. Cardi says:

    Some of y’all under this news really needs to stop because if it was your child you wouldn’t be say nothing. I may not know the young man but if it was my child I would’ve acted worse trust me so cut the sh-t out and leave the young man alone

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  9. Cat says:

    BVI news only publish this news because of who his father is because on that day it hand many cases and I will know cause I was one of those cases so let’s be real.

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  10. Shamed says:

    I know this young man personally and I doubt that he was resisting arrest because of his “Family prominence”! If he resisted arrest, it was likely because he was embarrassed about being the son of a well known business person in the community that just got caught with drugs… I would be hesitant to be locked up too, especially knowing that I have brought disgrace on my family!

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