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DPP: ‘Shorty’ Daly’s murder was a contract killing

Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit

The murder of Mathew ‘Shorty’ Daly was a contract killing, according to Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Tiffany Scatliffe-Espirit.

The DPP said there is an eyewitness who disclosed information that the four accused, 29-year-old Edward Crook and 25-year-old Dejshon Benjamin of East End, 36-year-old Sea Cow’s Bay resident Micah Ormond, and 26-year-old K’Vawn Choucoutou of Cane Garden Bay, received payments for the murder of Shorty.

“Mr Daley was the target of a hit and it involved financial remuneration to the accused,” Scatliffe-Espirit told the Magistrate’s Court during the accused quartet’s arraignment today.

She did not disclose the identity of the alleged eyewitness due to the nature of the case but she mentioned the person who ordered the hit is still at large.

Daly was found sometime after 1 pm on September 10, 2020 on a road at Spring Ghut Bay leading to Nottingham Estate, a few feet from his white Hyundai Tuscan. He had multiple gunshot wounds to his head and body. Police recovered several spent shells from the crime scene.

Constant communication, victim was trailed

The DPP alleged that Crook was in constant communication with the deceased before his eventual demise. She added that after every contact with Daly, Crook contacted his other accused Ormand.

Citing telephone records, DPP Scatliffe-Espirit alleged that the first contact was around 9 am on the day in question. There were also a series of WhatsApp messages between Ormand and Crook recovered regarding “getting or setting up the fish”.

The court was informed that police later identified the ‘fish’ as Daly. Scatliffe-Espirit told the court that CCTV cameras also showed Crook’s car, a black Kia Soul, driving in the vicinity of the area where Daly lived on the morning of the murder.

Additionally, the DPP said that around 11:23 am, the now-deceased was making his way to Nanny Cay. When he passed J Blakx Food Truck, in the vicinity of the Governor’s office, a blue Suzuki Grand Vitara being driven by Benjamin with Choucoutou as his passenger was spotted in the area.

The DPP said Benjamin was trailing Daly before he pulled into VI Motors. The now-deceased continued to Nanny Cay where he made a call to Crook at about 11:39 am. The court was informed around 12:22 pm, Daly’s phone pinged on the Noah Cell Site which placed him in the vicinity of Spring Ghut Bay.

The court heard that Crook’s phone pinged on the same tower which placed him in the vicinity of his home in East End. The DPP added that around 12:25 pm, Crook made a 17-minute call to Ormond. Daley also called Crook during this time but it appeared he was placed on hold.

The court was then told the blue Suzuki transporting Benjamain and Choucoutou was seen heading towards East End in the direction of Spring Ghut Bay at approximately 1 pm. Shortly after, CCTV cameras showed the deceased driving towards the same location and Ormond’s Silver Rav4 circling and trailing behind. The DPP said at approximately 1:06 pm, Daly made his final call to Crook who proceeded to contact Ormond.

The court was told CCTV cameras caught the three vehicles, transporting the four accused, travelling in an easterly direction from Spring Ghut Bay between 1:07 pm and 1:10 pm — minutes after Daly’s body was found.

No bail

Back in court, the four accused men were not offered bail and Magistrate Khadeen Palmer ordered them remanded at Her Majesty Prison.

The case was adjourned until November 24.

Defence attorney Stephen Daniels is representing Crook while Ormond, Choucoutou and Benjamin are being represented by Valerie Gordon, Reynela Rawlins and Michael Maduro, respectively.


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  1. Eyes in the Skies says:

    This is a serious case on so many levels. For one, you have an alleged contract killing. Secondly, you have these alleged very young contract killers. Unbelievable that people so young would engage in such a heinous crime, and thirdly, the person who ordered the hit is reportedly still at large.

    Wow…just wow. That fact that you have these kind of people walking around the BVI is troubling and should be to any decent law abiding person.

    The good news here if there is any was that there were eyes in the skies that allowed the investigators to piece their evidence together an brought these charges against the accused.

    If there is any justification for having these CCTV cameras in the territory, this is Exhibit A. In a country where too many remain deaf and blind when it comes to reporting crime, thankfully those CCTV cameras are there to give answers when mouths remain closed.

    IMO, these men accused of this crime should not be granted bail, and the mastermind needs to be hunted down, and removed from the streets as soon as possible. He is a danger to society.

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    • Eyes in the Skies says:


      I failed to say kudos to the alleged eye witness who has worked with the investigators. I say to him/her kudos to you. I know your cooperation probably comes at some personal risk, but IMO, you did the right thing.

      So often we call upon fellow citizens to assist the police in solving crimes, and you have stepped up to the plate reportedly.

      The BVI needs more people like yourself. If more people do what you have done, many of the two dozen plus unsolved murders in this tiny territory could be solved, and others occurring now will get resolved also.

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      • Police view says:

        The DPP shou not be allowed to prosecute this case. It is too important and we have worked too hard to let deal with it. Please bring in another prosecutor.

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        • Very unkind says:

          Why do you use that very unflattering photo of the DPP – she looks like she is about to burst. Please get a better photo.

      • gratitude says:

        I hope now that this eye witness have done there part, that they will be placed into a protective custody program for them and there families. Just remember there are good cops and bad cops. you never know who is apart of the game. May god continue to look over this eyewitness for the risk is very high!
        Once again thank you for stepping up to the plate!

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    • Barracuda says:

      I find it Interesting they referred to him as “fish” cause in the caribbean it refers to a Male with a certain sexual preference

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  2. TLK. to me says:

    And the question is, which phone relay the message to the “MR….that the job was well done.?

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  3. lets address it says:

    the white elephant in the room. what did the victim do to have 4 hitmen on his case?

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    • No justificaton says:

      Regardless of what the victim may or may not have done, we cannot have people taking the law into their own hands and going about killing people. That is unjustifiable without a question.

      Is that the society you wish to live in? If someone thought you did them wrong in some manner, would you be ok with them gunning you down in the street?

      When people do wrong, we have courts to resolve conflicts. That is what they are there for to address both criminals and civil manners. People should use them, rather than resorting to he wild wild west.

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    • To let's address it says:

      Family will say he was a good man…he attended his lodge meetings and was a model citizen

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Crook is the put in place man ,Ormond is the shotter the two others was just the trailers/look out ..My theory…wonder who is the shot caller ..crook needs to talk

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    • Yuh Smart says:

      @Anonymous when I analyse the whole thing, to me it makes a lot of sense that Orman was the shooter and Crooke(DPP correct spelling) was the organiser of the entire thing. He obviously, was approached by the ‘Boss man’ to set this whole thing up that led this man to his untimely demise. ‘Bj’ I am in shock, I can’t believe that you would put your mother to such shame. The Bible says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Timothy 6:10.

  5. The Phantom says:

    I hope they release the name of the person who ordered the hit. I am tired of the unsolved murder cases racking up, it’s about time many of the victims get JUSTICE.

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  6. KK says:

    Look what his friend did to him…sad

    Like 17
  7. be amazed says:

    That kind of murder is always carried out by people who they are close to; meaning his peer/circle.
    Justice is halfway there. it’s just a matter of time before they reprimand the man who paid for that killing.

    Like 14
  8. WHERE ARE THEY ? says:


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  9. Anonymous says:

    It sad but he was in something bad why was he on phone with two of them he know what was happening and he dress in black towards it

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  10. Red shoes says:

    He was on phone couple of his murders something not right he know what he was doing and he dress in black that day guess he prepared so sad

  11. Sow says:

    All of them were chosen and others like them, the murderers within our midst,the thiefs,those with a penchant for creating and living in garbage,were chosen by the power hungry to build up the VI. Our ancestors weep.

  12. ON THE STREETS says:

    there has to be something CLANDISTINE going on between those guys and I will say it again ( drug money is blood money and these are some of the side effects of it / all the glits/ blitz / big boy life style isn’t worth it ( try peace and love

  13. IQ says:

    When police come for the hitmen their heart fall down in their a$$hole. They know how much time they’ll be doing, life’s over boys, prison time until you’re either shrivelled or died.

  14. Sob says:

    Where does them boys fit in with this

  15. Wild Wild West says:

    Why did it take four men to carry out one hit? What were they talking on the phone about? How were they all connected? Who ordered the hit? And what was Daley involved in to warrant someone placing a bounty on his head? These and more questions to be answered in months to come? Crazy!

  16. Wondering says:

    Why were so many explicit details disclosed? Why teach criminals how to avoid getting caught? Why, give these obvious heads up? Now criminals know to drive a rental, use a burner phone, do their crimes in the dark and don’t WhatsApp.

    Professional police would have just got them to confess. The EXACT details of the case never being made public.

    This case ALREADY is an embarrassment to the police and courts of the BVI. It is depressing and distressing to realize that this article just made criminals smarter. Nasty job period by many.

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    • Jah Know says:

      These things are a long time known tactics. They just thought the plan was fail proof and they probably rushed it cause of the 1pm curfew which made it harder for them.

  17. WEW says:

    stupid now how are you getting the money back ?

  18. Kites says:

    The dpp and her team are very weak. They need to contract some lawyers from st kitts or jamaica who don’t have any connection to the island to deal with high profile cases. Give the ddp’s office traffic and theft to deal with.

    • @ Kites says:

      Where you think they from…. There is more expats than locals in that office. So relax if you don’t know anything because you clearly don’t.

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