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Dr Henry Jerecki’s legal woes won’t impact YEP

YEP director and Territorial At-Karge Representative, Stacy Mather.

Territorial At-Large Representative Stacy “Budda” Mather has stated that the legal woes of Dr Henry Jarecki will not have a negative impact on  the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) in the BVI.

Dr Jarecki, who is being accussed of rape in a US lawsuit, is a 91-year-old German-American businessman and psychiatrist  who owns Norman Island in the BVI. He is also one of the founders of YEP, which has positively impacted the lives of many children in the community.

While stating that he cannot comment on Dr Jerecki’s case that is currently before the court, Mather – a YEP Director – said the programme will continue to positively impact youth in the community.

“I was definitely shocked as many people were. It is not something I can comment on other than to say it is in the court and Dr Jerecki has issued a statement. Yes, he is a founder of YEP and he has done a lot of work with us. However YEP is not just Dr Jerecki. [It also involves] myself, the children, the parents and the people who’ve worked there over the years. The projects have served over 7,000 children to date and we’re going to continue to do the work,” Mather told the Morning Ride radio show on ZROD 103 FM.

He continued: “Through YEP and the Guana Fund – which is also affiliated with the Jerecki family – we’ve done a lot of projects with worthy causes and that’s what I’m going to focus on and allow that matter to play out in the court. I am shocked but I do understand the world we live in and things can go either way.”

According to US news reports, the woman who filed the suit says she was a sexual abuse victim of the infamous American financier, Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in a New York jail in 2019.

The woman is alleging that Dr Jarecki raped and sex trafficked her after Epstein sent her to Dr Jarecki for psychiatric treatment.

Dr Jarecki has since denied the allegations.


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  1. Guy Hill says:

    They shouldn’t .

  2. Why should it? says:

    The man is a donor to the YEP PROGAM and it should not have any impact on the YEP PROGRAM. That would not be fair. What the man is allegedly being accused of should not affect any of the programs that he has been donating to.

  3. Life says:

    Look a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This guy is deceitful and he is an impressionist. People will find him out soon.

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    • @Life says:

      If you are referring to Honorable Mather, it seems that you have some type of personal gripe or something against him. If it is, I am quite sure it is something stupid or not that serious. I am not one of the stupid ones that is going to believe the nonsense you are spewing. By the way!!! Honorable Mather will be getting my vote come next election. MARINATE ON THAT!!

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  4. Eldread says:

    How does Stacy know that the dr jereki saga won’t affect yep, what if the young people are civic minded and read a newspaper about his crime and become disenchanted and apathetical and just turn to crime, all because the moral high ground set for them is a shame to society.

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    • @Eldread says:

      I do not agree with your comment. What you need to do is stop talking BS. If the young people are indeed civic minded, they will not pay into the BS that you are saying.

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    • ... says:

      FIrstly, I doubt those kids know who he is or care about him. He supports financially and that’s it. Now if the shoe was on Mather foot or any of his staff, I would understand but it’s not.

    • @Eldread says:

      Now that’s a crockpot of BS. And you took the time to reduce it in writing.

  5. Media says:

    In 2024 the media love these dramas when a wealthy high powered man is accused of sexual crimes by a former girlfriend. The media desperately want this drama to become world news but it will not. The alleged victim and the defendant are just too old!

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  6. idk says:

    idk why Stacy hasn’t distance himself from this guy until the courts clear things up.

    seem like he have bvi government mentality where they defend and protect their friends and family despite wrongdoings…

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  7. Really says:

    Bill cosby was old as well

  8. What!!!!!!!!!! says:

    An alleged rapist founded/funded this program and it won’t affect YEP?

    • @ what says:

      Did the VIP Party distance themselves from the now convicted drug trafficker wannabe former premier of the BVI? Ty r level of intellect of some of you all is astounding! Alleged and not convicted yet tried and hung in the public domain by bush lawyers and bush judges.

      Mather got my vote regardless!

  9. Think says:

    YEP cannot run without money. Dr. Jarecki provided the money. Think about that for a moment.

  10. On Another Matter says:

    Relative to so called land:

    The QE2 park is a total and complete waste of land in a country where lflat land is scarce and needed for infrastructural development.

    It is truly sad and stupid that our best piece of land has to be set aside for dead people and absentee landlords.

    A crying shame to be stuck in the colonialpast, by unthoughtout and lacking foresight govenment decisions.

    From the water front immigration and Customs building straight down to Marina on the left should be developed into road/highway and parking infrastructure.

    However, our people and leaders are too programmed and infactuated with the British coloniaIism and former slave master to even consider such a gravely needed idea.

    Wondering, did Lavity, Ralph and or others get a square inch of land in the UK dedicated to them?

    Absolutely not, and neither will it happen in a million years either.

    Yes indeed, some will never learn, while other will have an orgasism placing their thumbs down feature to this TRUTH.

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  11. my2cents says:

    If it was the premier who was associated with the old doctor I can only imagine how hot a topic this would be.

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