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Dr Pickering having ‘quiet talks’ with potential candidates

Dr Pickering

Former Deputy Premier, Dr Kedrick Pickering said he is currently in discussion with others who may be interested in running for office in the general elections next year. 

In late September, Dr Pickering announced his intention to contest the elections as a Territorial At-Large candidate instead of running in the Seventh District where he had served for roughly two decades under the National Democratic Party (NDP) banner before losing office at the 2019 polls.

“Of course, I’m working with and speaking to other persons. I’m not under any illusions that I can do anything on my own,” Dr Pickering said on the Honestly Speaking radio show yesterday. 

In his September announcement, Dr Pickering had expressed that he plans to contest the elections with a group of people but gave no indication about the group or political party he intended to be aligned with.

“I’m having quiet conversations, private conversations with individuals and encouraging persons to think seriously about where we are as a country and how we can make their individual contributions to building this great little nation,“ the former legislator said on the radio show. 

Dr Pickering said he expects these conversations to continue. He further said the territory needs all hands on deck at this time.

“All of us are going to be the beneficiaries of its success, but trust me, all of us are going to be the beneficiaries of its failures, if it’s allowed to fail,” he added. 

And while commenting on the lack of other candidates entering the race with the elections drawing closer, the former legislator suggested that he was unbothered.

“I absolutely refuse to allow myself to become despondent. I am certainly at this stage of my life where the glass is always half full, never half empty, and so I am not going to, in any way, become disheartened by where we are at this point in time,” he stated. 


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  1. Please says:

    So let me get this straight. You want people to follow you because you want to be Premier. A position that from what I have seen you do not deserve because you have not produced anything over the last 20 years. The NDP had internal elections and because Myron won you left the party. Marlon is now the leader and you would not run with the NDP. I see some problems here: you don’t believe in young people. That is why you said that young people alone can’t run the country. Secondly, you seem to only want to lead but you cannot follow. You could not wait for Dr. Smith to go hoping you would be leader. Thirdly, you seem to have this entitlement mentality that so much of our people suffer from. For some reason you think you are entitled. We don’t trust you Kedrick. You are the rep for Branson, David Johnson and the rich white. At this critical point we can it trust you with the future of this country. You are a sellout!

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  2. Pure facts says:

    You talk very good but because I know you don’t produce I am not inspired.
    You failed Sir:

    – Your district looked the worst and had had the highest rate of unemployment while you were deputy premier and minister for Labour

    – You wasted over 2 million dollars for that fiasco at Brandywine Bay

    – You wasted 10 million dollars on the airport and not one grain of sand moved

    – You allowed the green houses to go to waste and Irma roll them up in to a big ball 6 million dollars later.

    – All your policies were being directed by rich, white friends.

    – Agriculture got worse under your leadership. You even stopped the agriculture fair and exhibition.

    – Fisheries went no where under your leadership.

    You let track record is dismal. Give other people a chance. You have failed.

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  3. full says:

    Right about now, my glass is half full. When I get back, I’ll”TAP it UP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    very quiet talks I am sure. 😉 Probably could hear the crickets too.

  5. Hmmmm says:

    Wish I could like this 1 million times over

  6. SMH says:

    Better Picko than the present moomoo

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  7. @please says:

    Dr Pickering has a right to choose who he support or run with. You the only blind fool can’t see pass the vegetable.

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  8. rastarite says:

    No mention of any ideas, proposals, visions for the future. I think he’s only interested in getting back in power to spend the people’s money on himself. Come out of the fog. Let’s hear what you’re going to do for the country…

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  9. ???? says:

    Please speak for yourself!!
    We want Kedrick for Premier not Myron!!

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  10. Handel says:

    Bugs Bunny for Premier!
    He will weed out the Elmer Fudds out of government!
    A carrot in every pot!

  11. VG Man says:

    Please keep this man Tortola we do not want him VG. he always VG like he live her. Oh wait his rich friends over here!

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