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Draft report on minimum wage submitted

Labour Minister Lorna Smith said the Minimum Wage Advisory Committee completed a draft report on the minimum wage, which will now be submitted to Cabinet for review before a final decision is made.

This development marks a significant advancement in the ongoing discussions surrounding wage adjustments, which aim to update the territory’s minimum wage to meet current economic demands.

Labour Minister Lorna Smith expressed confidence in the community’s response and the diversity of data gathered. 

“The Committee’s efforts aimed to capture a wide range of perspectives to inform our minimum wage policy. I am pleased to say that we had a significant response from both employees and employers,” Smith said.

The minimum wage was last updated on 1 October 2016. A study by the Social Policy Research Institute (SPRI Global) indicated that the current minimum wage is insufficient to meet basic needs reasonably. The study also noted the necessity of balancing economic constraints with wage increases.

During the review, the committee examined relevant policy documents, economic data, and labour force statistics while also engaging in community outreach through surveys, radio and television interviews, and focus group discussions. This thorough approach helped ensure that the findings represented the broader community interests.

“The Committee’s efforts aimed to capture a wide range of perspectives to inform our minimum wage policy,” Minister Smith commented. Minister Smith thanked Dr Dawn Alexander-Joseph of the Ministry for coordinating the committee’s efforts in delivering the report.

The draft report’s recommendations will now be considered by the Cabinet before a final decision is made. The public will be kept informed of the developments, ensuring transparency in the decision-making process related to wage adjustments.


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  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Pretty. says:

    Another forty years will elapse before the slaves of wealth generation will see 13 to fifteen cents rise on their salary.

    Who they think they fooling when all of the financial historic evidence is there to reference?

    Let them carry on fooling themselves. The higher power is watching..

    When people get fed up, they will act upon the frustrations and when that occurs, it will not be pretty.

    The revolution will be televised, and the ugly will be seen all in pursuit of justice.

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  2. Don't understand. says:

    We the public need to know what in that report ASAP. It belong to us is we paid for it…Too much tricks and smarts and secrecy

  3. Buzzard says:

    It is so splendid to delicate to a place where minimum wage is acceptable to one’s liking .
    What is the issue?
    The Mas rush of immigrants to these VI at an alarming cost to the VI would and to the UK indicates that salaries are good or the best of all others. Sooo why the sufferation and yak yak against what is a feeding basket of the upper Caribbean. Truly puzzles me the nega and ingratitude.
    This attitude and behavior reaps bad karma.

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  4. ****Buzzard says:

    It is so splendid to migrate to a place
    where minimum wage is acceptable to one’s liking. If It wasn’t why migrate.

  5. Something to think about says:

    It would be nice for minimum wage workers to receive a better compensation for their work.

    If employers is able to do so without increasing the prices on their goods and services that would be a great thing.

    But if increasing minimum wage mean employers are put in a tough spot and have to raise the prices on their goods and services, this would create a bigger problem than we currently have. Because this would result in a higher cost of living. It would have a domino effect.

    The only winner would be the government due to increased revenues from more tax being collected.

    And I did not say government workers but inland revenue.

  6. Greed says:

    Any business paying $6 an hour in this day and age has no morals. Businesses like the “big supermarket” take advantage of the BVI through its ridiculous prices, send the money to Canada then pay its employees a pathetic wage. It is borderline criminal.

    Many of these businesses paying minimum wage could easily pay a couple of dollars more with minimal effect on their bottom line. It’s just pure greed.

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