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Drop the old politics, use CDB-approved plan for ESHS — Walwyn


Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn has urged politicians in the BVI to move away from the old brand of politics of wasting taxpayers resources. 

Walwyn, who briefly served as the Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP), admonished politicians to start thinking about country and not themselves. 

In a Facebook post made yesterday, Walwyn said: “We must get to the point of political maturity where we build on work that was done by previous governments.”

We had a comprehensive plan

The former legislator was at the time referring to what he termed ‘a comprehensive plan’ that he said had already been in place for the redevelopment of the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) under the former NDP government. 

Walwyn also pointed out that the plan was done by the NDP “way before the hurricanes of 2017”.

He further highlighted that a loan of more than $9 million was approved by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to assist with funding the project in 2017. 

And according to the former two-term legislator, the CDB would have been very much involved in that project, including up to the point of doing capacity building for educators. 

“Resurrect the existing plans and make the requisite amendments, complete the process with the CDB loan and let’s build an institution that could properly serve the needs of our children just as was intended by our government,” Walwyn urged. 

He continued: “Time to drop the old politics! Haven’t we learnt anything from the Commission of Inquiry?”

According to Walwyn, politicians must choose saving taxpayers’ resources over political expediency. 

Gov’t at end of design consultancy phase

But Walwyn’s comments come more than a month after the government announced its intention to enter a design consultancy phase on the current rehabilitation and reconstruction project for the ESHS.

That phase of the project is expected to be completed by tomorrow January, 14 and Premier Andrew Fahie said the cost of the design phase is a little more than $99,000. 

Trojan Design and Development Limited was selected to execute the design and will be responsible for preliminary and final For Tender architectural drawings, 3D rendered concept drawings, and price detailed bill of quantities, among other responsibilities, Premier Fahie said.

The Premier also announced that there will be no delay in moving the project forward once designs have been completed, noting that the tendering for the buildings will be the next step, followed by construction which will be done by the successful bidders. 

“We must get our students, the principal, teachers, support staff and others back home here on this Elmore Stoutt High School campus by the start of 2022/2023 school year. No ifs, no buts, no maybes, no excuses,” the Premier said.


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  1. The Nation says:

    Just as election time is nearing this man trying to come out of the wood works. Go back there myron…you did enough damagd the 8 years you were education minister.. no more. Never again. Stay in private life. Fahie is the man for this time.

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    • Actually says:

      He didnt do that bad of a job for education minister. Though he made some controversial decisions (Wall, extra grade). He was a decent education minister overall.

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      • @actually says:

        You mean the wall that stop the old man dem from r*ding the young girls at lunch and peddling drugs?

        You mean the extra grade this government took away and then trying to bring back?

        Give jack he jacket, with the sleeves please

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        • Actually says:

          That’s why I said “controversial” and not wrong or right. Please implement reading to understand rather than just reading to respond.

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    • if he could get off his knees says:

      this bloated administration has been characterized by deer-in-the-headlights paralysis, with policy initiatives like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
      Another departmental rebrand anyone?

  2. Forensic Files 101 says:

    I do not agree with you Myron, you guys wasted a lot of money if you ask me on education.

    1. those buildings that hurricane twist and fold like it was made of sticks.

    2. that design you spend money on of a building with pure glass to it saying its for school. which was the new proposed high school was totally A Wasted monies!

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    • @forensic files 101 says:

      I visited the meeting at the high school and what you are saying is not correct and I strongly believe that you know that you are saying things that are not true. The auditorium
      had hurricane glass as part of the design. Take out the glass and put windows or fill it in it. From what I saw there was also plans for developing new buildings and labs on the compound. I am not here to play politics, I am a tax payer who is wants this silly cycle to stop where one government starts something the next one don’t want to continue it.

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  3. My views says:

    Thank you Myron. We need to start to do things differently. Everything is politics in the BVI. This attitude will be our destruction. I remember the many meetings at ESHS that were held by the ministry of education and Mr. Steve Augustine was there explaining the plans and getting feedback. Some things have changed because this was before the hurricane but build on what was done and quite frankly if CDB is involved and the RDA gets involved I feel much better about how our money will be spent.

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  4. Resident says:

    Were those inappropriate steel buildings that were supposed to host the “6th form” part of the plan?

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  5. Gravy lovers says:

    I support this message 100%. We all know why they don’t want to do a loan from CDB. No gravy no gravy

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  6. Lol says:

    This man is funny… you and your team had ample time… Do not get involve . Let the VIP show you how to put words into action. Stop trying to be relevent . VIP got this!

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    • Squid says:

      This kind of mindset is exactly what’s bringing down the BVI. Keep thinking like this and you’ll see just what kind of trash heap we will become.

  7. Sad sad says:

    This is what I do not like about politicians. Everything is about getting credit. There are plans for the school already. I know this because I attended two meetings at least on this. So to make it look like they did something great in time for election, the VIP will scrap everything that was done before including the already approved CDB loan and start over fresh. This is childish behaviour.

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  8. Stand says:

    Myron you are absolutely right. The VIP fake fishermen and farmers wil blog all day. Don’t worry with them, they can’t find no body fruits to pick to say they grew it or stand by anybody fish to say they caught them so they will blog for the money all day. You are right!

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  9. COI says:

    We all know why they want to do over everything using government money. We need to stop acting like we dumb.

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  10. Umm says:

    Show us the plan then. These paid ads without substance so independent minded people can process is irritating.

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    • @Umm says:

      Well if Caribbean Development Babk approved a loan then there must have been a plan don’t you think? How worse would they have gotten the money? Think about it.

  11. Happy socks says:

    I went on Walwyn’s Facebook page to read his comments which I agree with completely. What struck me is something I have noticed here in the BVI how people hide behind blogs on the news sites to say things that they lack the courage or conviction to say under the Facebook posts where their identity can be known. This tells me, especially the terrible ones who write things that they really have no reason for their opposition besides the usual cronyism associated with Caribbean politics.

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    • Sad socks says:

      It shows that the right to stay anonymous is good so that you are not subjected to victimization. Something that Myron was a mastermind in. I can testify to that.

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  12. Gravy monsters says:

    CDB equals no gravy! No can do! Sorry!

  13. UK Own says:

    GOOD MORNING All! Under the NDP Administration With Education Minister, 2 million Dollars and I said 2 million was Paid to STO for a New High School Design in Pariquita Bay.Check The Files..As Ms P. A REAL POLITITIAN USE TO SAY BUILD ON WHAT YOU MEET THERE..THE problem is also when Ministers is Changed within the Party they Don’t want to do WHAT the Past Ministers had in place.SO ITS ALWAYS A WASTE OF TAD PAYERS MONEY ALSO..ITS 2022 THE Bvi Should be moving From Pay Rent of Schools.The Bvi High School should have been the Technical SCHOOL instead of Paying all that Money in Baughers Bay. The New High School will have already been Built in Pari.But we Have a Minister of Rent/ Lease to Cronies and Talking About saving Tax PAYERS Money ?Bull Shit M.V.W.I ain’t Support No Party, I Supporting H.L. Stoutt Vision That he left..We need other Brilliant Minds in the Bvi to Come Forward and Set the Courtry Straight..WE ARE TIRED OF RECYCLED ♻️ GOODS..LET THIS SOAK IN PEOPLE OF THE B.WEE I..

  14. Election Time!! says:

    Calling all “Political want to be”. It is time to let yourself be known.

  15. straight talk says:

    With the economy in decline due to covid the government must find ways to be more efficient with spending. Too many mistakes have been made before that wasted tax payers money:

    – paying of body guards for the premier
    – purchasing government vehicles for ministers to drive around in including paying for gas and maintenance
    – huge consultancies to CSC with no returns
    – 17k per day for each of 3 barges on the water when the British was doing it for free
    – millions spent on fisherman and farmer grant for people who neither fish or farm
    – spending off of the 40M from social security and nothing to show for it.
    – The greedy bill giving legislators full pay for years after they leave office
    -huge sums in legal fees racked up by the speaker
    – nearly 800k for an air condition unit for the gym
    -6M for legal representation for the COI

    and much more….

    Don’t you have any compassion for tax payers? Look at the plans that exist and build on them. Myron is right. We have to get away from this practice of each new government doing their own thing when they get in rather than continuing what was started before. Any one who cannot see this simple point does not have the country at heart. Put your country over political party. It is foolish to do otherwise.

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    • @straight talk says:

      Paid blogger go home. We the people have eyes, ears and a brain so shush. Myron is IRRELEVANT. He made himself that by his poor handling of his ministerial portfolio. God don’t sleep and if this man even get back into politics in the BVI it is because we are under judgment from God.

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      • @@straight talk says:

        You got to be kidding me. Myron handled Education admirably. Do you live in the BVI or are you blind? Education has gone way back under this new minister. Learn to talk the truth.

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  16. Down2earth says:

    The only set of steel framed buildings that folded like accordians during the hurricanes were those on the high school campus. So, were these part of the plans MW (the then minister of education)is promoting?

    Political talk sounds like same filth, different day, different mouthpiece!

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    • @Down2earth says:

      The hurricane folded almost every building in the BVI so what is your point? I wonder if some of us think before we talk. I sure even where you live got mash up as well

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  17. Rubber duck says:

    Myron in dude respect the people have spoken we do not want you as no premier or even a minister you mash up to many people even your ***

    Go from here stay in the private sector stay out of we who born here politics

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    • @rubber duck says:

      Speak for yourself. Myron was one of the best reps we had in this country. No wonder your name is Rubber duck. We cannot expect any better.

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  18. redstorm says:

    We need to see the list of candidates for next election.

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  19. speak out says:

    Thanks for speaking up and letting the public know this. The government was acting like nothing existed. I hate this style of politics.

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  20. shocks it says:

    I really came here for the comments but I have to make a comment. My conscience as a BVIslander would not allow me to not make one. People!, there is no comparison between Myron Walwyn and Natalio Wheatley as education ministers. NONE! Myron is much better suited for that job period. Is it that we are politically blind to the point that we cannot differentiate between good and not so good? You think we would have all these problems if Myron was the minister of education still? I for one would have been much more comfortable. Come on man!

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    • @shocks it says:

      Excuse me…you are comparing apples and oranges…Natalio Wheatly has a GREATER Ministerial PORTFOLIO than Myron PLUS he is also DEPUTY PREMIER. And in all circumstances doing a FAR BETTER JOB, getting things done IN BUDGET for long term growth and benefit in far less time that Myron. STOP COMPARING APPLES AND ORANGES cos Myron could never be at the high level of productivity that Natalio is at. We ain’t even talk about INTEGRITY…remember the verbal contract which was not a contract per se???? Myron need to go siddung (*saying it in Mark Vanterpool’s voice*). hahahhah

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      • TF? says:

        This person just typed that Natalio Wheatley has done more as Education Minister than Myron? Firstly, being Deputy Premier only means that you act as Premier when the Premier is out. How often is that? The DP has NO OTHER ADDITIONAL DUTIES so nice try. The facts are there to see. Perhaps you were being sarcastic and it went over my head? If so, sorry hahaaha

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      • @@shocks it says:

        Natalio doing a better job than which Myron. How you get that say out of your mouth? Ok. You crazy now. Please check yourself into a mental institution. Natalio is the worse education minister, the worse agriculture and fisheries minister and probably the worse district representative we have had in a long time. Dr. DoLittle.

  21. @ Shocks it. says:

    Myron Was the one That Rented the Mouldy CTL Building That our Teachers and Students Will be Sick for Life..Talk the Facts..And he Rented it From Who Ever Helped Break up The NDP Party..All Greed To Make our Students Sick on That CTL Building .The Auditor General needs to Look at That Deal..Facts..

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    • @@shocks it says:

      What you just said made sense to you? Mold is every where and you have to clean it. Why didn’t the new minister ensure that the building were clean? Mold cleaning is an ongoing thing in case you didn’t know. CTL building was supposed to be the library from what I gather but had to be used for ESHS because of the damage that happened to the school from the hurricane. That was a sensible thing to do given The circumstances at the time. What is your point again?

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  22. Facts! says:

    I agree 1000%. We need to do better. The gravy and pork train don’t want any disruption so they wouldn’t use CDB. To use CDB means the involvement of the RDA which means no kickbacks flowing. That’s all this is.

  23. LOL says:

    Gravy train on the track and no turning back! LOL.

  24. @ Shocks it. says:

    My Point is We Don’t Want WallWin Either!!Simple.

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    • @@shocks it says:

      Well we want him so too bad for you. What have some incompetent people in the government. Can’t deal with that anymore

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  25. Common sense says:

    Every time I go into these blogs I am reminded that the BVI is not a real place after reading some of the nonsensical comments that big people take time to sit down on their phones and computers to type. Don’t some of you feel ashamed of yourselves after pressing the send button?
    There is not one thing wrong with what the past minister is saying. If there are plans, and there must be in order for them to have gotten a loan approved, build on those plans and resurrect the loan that was approved. It’s only common sense. Why would any sensible person disagree with this? Y’all really sick in the head some of you.

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  26. ROUTINE says:


  27. Mouse says:

    Ayo please go tell loose bottom to go sit down. I never seen a man so tall and can’t play basketball but quick to want to be Premier and run our affairs.

    Look ting I rhyming!

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  28. Bobby says:

    If it’s one thing stories with Myron get the VIPers very anxious and antsy. Just saying what I notice. They still see him as a threat.

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    • Ryan says:

      More like a threat to himself.

      Best he stay out of public affairs. Greed and power does not work well with him. So that’s why he’s out.

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  29. And so I digress says:

    Some people may have used the COI for government information reasons which I did as well but I also used it as a way to see how our elected representatives past and present handled themselves. It would tell me as well who could represent us well abroad and in negotiations etc. This is how I rank them:

    Dr. Smith
    Dr. Pickering
    Dr. Wheatley
    Dr. O’neal

    I raised that because this time around I want people who could represent us. Some of those we elected can’t even go to St. Thomas on our behalf.

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  30. OK MYRON says:


  31. @ MOUSE says:

    that child in the HOA , is on the loose again blogging under different names at MYRON, won’t work ,you need to go take a swim with some sharks

  32. Always hiding says:

    The man always hiding. You never see him on the road. That is typical of wicked people here in the BVI. And he likes cliques and division. He thrives on division. Pompous and proud. The day he gets back in we are finished as a country.

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  33. Wow says:

    When you look at the venom that come out on some of these blogs … What clean pure heart do we possess as a Christian nation .
    Where is such hate building up
    No wonder we have so many chronic illness . Our thoughts are filled with jealousy, malice, think it hard of the skills and progress of people who are geographically different from us . We are too much of a small population to be dominated by so much hypocrisy. and evil .

    Use people and ideas who can move the country forward . This man has done so much in education and all you can spew is venom and hate for a WALl that has been cleared so long ago ?

    Democracy or rights to opinion is not views full of jealousy and hate because someone is good at what they do !! We need to stop .

  34. Common sence says:

    You all stop taking people for fools. Was the building that was folded up by the hurricane was approved by CDB? There is no way anything can be built on that. All other buildings needed repairs they were not demolished

  35. BOSS says:

    Boss: Go manage your restaurants- we don’t need your Bull S**t dressed up as intellect

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