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Duo mortgaged house to buy fake visas, bogus BVI jobs

Dominican Republicans Edward Ortiz (foreground) and Mady Rodriguez.

Edward Jesismar Carmano Ortiz and Mady Miguelina Marte Rodriguez took out a mortgage on their family home in the Dominican Republic to fund what they believed to be genuine BVI visas and Labour clearance documents.

But not only were the visas fake, but the intended places of employment listed on their BVI Labour clearance forms did not exist in the BVI, prosecutors told the court.

Rodriquez expected to work at ‘Nigel’s Boom Boom Beach Bar & Grill’ while Ortiz’s form described a bogus cleaning company.

This was revealed during their court appearance on Tuesday before Magistrate Shawn Innocent.

The duo was charged with possession of forged documents and illegal entry, however, those matters were dismissed for want of prosecution.

A fresh charge of possession of a forged visa was laid on them on Tuesday. They pleaded guilty.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that on October 24 the duo was arrested after they produced fake Labour clearance documentation and counterfeit BVI visas to Immigration officials at the TB Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island.

However, when interviewed by police, the two claimed that they each took out mortgages to pay the $5,000 fee required to get their BVI documentation.

Rodriguez said she was contacted by a ‘lady’ via Facebook, who promised her a job in a hotel in the territory.

She said she paid $4,000 to a ‘man’ on behalf of the ‘lady’ before they began processing her documents.

Rodriquez said she paid the remaining $1,000 to the same ‘man’ when he brought her the visa documents a month later.

Ortiz, in the meantime, said he was approached by a ‘man’ from his home country who is a friend of a relative (who lives in the BVI).

The man in question offered to help him get his documentation that would enable him to legally live and work in the British Virgin Islands.


The offenders’ attorney Leroy Jones told the court that his clients were victims and urged the court to exercise leniency.

The defendants, in addition, apologized to the court for their actions and pointed out that they assisted the police with the names of the persons who duped them with the false documents.

Prosecutors, however, moved to shut down the defence’s submission that the duo were victims, arguing that they should have taken the legal route to obtain their documents.

They said they considered the increased frequency of fake visa matters and the fact that they have not taken full responsibility for their offences.

The prosecution then urged the court to consider sending the message that the court does not take it lightly when persons enter the territory via illegal means.

The matter was adjourned to Wednesday for sentencing.

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  1. Peaches says:

    Those who helped to entangle them in this weave needs to be dragged into Court as well.

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  2. lawyer says:

    They are guilty. They knew it was not a legal visa. It is a culture in the Dominican Republic to purchase fake documents, license etc. And if one got through it opens a flood gate when they tell others. I hope you can find those who are already here with the fake visas and prosecute them. We don’t need any wanted criminals living amongst us.

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  3. Paradise says:

    They wanted to come to the BVI so badly they would do this?

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  4. Nope says:

    They could have been fooled .It happens in Mingo.

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  5. Reason says:

    It is sad when individuals like these want to do illegal things to get to have a better life and help thier families. It have alot of men, women that gets away with this sort of things. Tortola has alot of illegal immigrants. The parasites that leads these individuals to this sort of activity needs to be arrested.

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    • And... says:

      Know that the legal immigrants and their employers who go through all the stupidity at immigration wants this matter sorted as well. Verifiable regulated people should never have been taking so much time at labour and immigration taking up time that ought to have been spent on the illigal activities. But then some Belongers need their indentured labour… they also need to face the full force of the authorities.

  6. No nonsense says:

    Let the ruling political party see half of what is intended to take place at that beach bar at smugglers cove. And the illegal aliens that showed up there that was not publically mentioned. Who supporting this guy in his shady business on crown land.

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  7. Deh Watcha says:

    Their is a counterfeit ring in operation it seems.

  8. Zagat says:

    TripAdvisor claims its the best place to eat in the BVI? How ‘bout dat?

  9. son of the soil says:

    I’m convinced that the BVI is heaven because these outsiders will do anything to get here

  10. Well Well says:

    They think fools live here or something.

  11. Caribbean Girl says:

    Why apologize to the Court if they believed documents were legit?

  12. mmario says:

    Well well Magistrate now we are talking this is the kind of action i wanted to see coming from the court . I love your quote. ” They should have taken the legal route to obtain their documents”

    The request for leniency from the defendants attorney is pure rubbish.

    I was born in the DR and have no sympathy for them. Remorseful now b/c they got caught otherwise everything would have been IRE. This should send a message to all who want to come here. I would like to see the person who has the relative in the BVI come before the Magistrate so he or she can explain themselves.

  13. mmario says:

    I don’t think is the case that they think that the BVI is heaven. The Dominican Republic has more to offer than the BVI everyone knows that. The reason behind the migration is the level of corruption in their own country, politicians are squeezing them so much that they are forced to flee. BVI is no heaven, my friend, I know people there that are treated as a slave and that is no joke, my friend. The Dominincan republic inst a poor country rather, a rich country. Just imagine if in the BVI only a few people own all the resources just like back in the Colonial days where the Brits own all the island and its resources. Many of you had to migrate to the DR in search of work to feed your families b/c the Brits took everything and left you to fend for your selves. The same thing is happening in the DR today. DR today is the modern Brits.

  14. mmario says:

    Don’t be too convinced that the BVI is heaven.

  15. mmario says:

    People will continue to migrate as a result of the pillagers of the world. Yes, those tycoon that dress in suits so called business men, the one that think they own the world. The reason many Africans have wars and migrate to other countries mainly EU is b/c of those pillager of the world who strike deals with local corrupt politicians to steel the local resources from a country. If you don’ believe me, go and ask the Brits and the Spanish how they got their wealth and became royalties and Kings.

  16. . says:

    DR is the child prostitution capital of the world. If these people would pimp their own children, sons and daughters to old men sex tourists, what do you think they wouldn’t do to you and me. Keep the BVI and it’s tourism product clean and classy!

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  17. Hispaniar says:

    After Irma many wrong thin goes on here in bvi many people from here are making good business with immigrant that are desperate in they country open eyes

  18. Jerry says:

    Aint no way you gonna mortgage a house to come to the vvi to work in a bar…the BVI have gold?? I love my BVI but these two are nooooo victims

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