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Education Minister elated at ESHS re-opening

New buildings at a the Elmore Stoutt High School in Lower Estate. (RDA photo)

As government officials mark the ceremonial opening of the newly constructed buildings at the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) today, January 3, Education Minister Sharie deCastro has expressed immense happiness at the completion of a journey that has been eagerly anticipated by many in the territory. 

“I am elated. I am excited. This is a long time coming and our teachers, our students, our administration, our staff – they deserve this,” deCastro stated in a recent interview with ZBVI radio. 

Minister deCastro explained that the keys to the new buildings were handed over several weeks ago and classrooms, inclusive of new furniture, have been made ready for the incoming students and staff.

Teachers and staff are expected to resume work at the campus today, giving them an extra day of planning ahead of the students’ return to the institution on Wednesday for full-day instruction.

“This is the first time in five years that the students will be back for full-day school,” deCastro said. “So, of course, there’s a totally different schedule. Some of the students have never even been availed to this type of scheduling for secondary school in their five years of being at the institution.” 

What students can expect

In the meantime, Minister deCastro expressed that she is looking forward to the official opening and to welcoming the students to the campus to use the new structure.

The minister cautioned students to take care of the new facility and said this message will be emphasised as officials take to the podium for the ceremonial opening today.

Commenting on the amenities made available for the students, she was also full of praise for the new edifices, describing the ambience as inviting. 

“One of the major things that we wanted to consider is just to ensure that it was an inviting experience,” deCastro said. “The ethos and environment of a classroom is very important to the learning that takes place.” 

A former teacher at the ESHS herself, the Education Minister expressed that she is fully aware of what it takes for teachers to function at the institution. 

“To consider that they have been on a shift system and a hybrid system for such a long time, when we consider the testimonies of the students and the teachers and the readiness that they feel just being in a space that they can once again call home, I’m just happy that I was a part of being able to execute that along with the Premier as well as the entire team. So I’m truly excited and this is only the beginning,” the minister said. 

The minister also commented that almost $500,000 is being set aside in the 2023 budget to assist teachers with some of the items needed to further enhance the space. 


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  1. Tacky says:

    The landscape aint all dah

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  2. @Tacky says:

    Positive Vibes only for 2023. Its not about the landscape the children have a Beautiful Building to attend school for the new year 2023!!

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  3. @Tacky says:

    Neither your M—-r S—-

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  4. 8th District says:

    Now this gets high marks from the majority of us.

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  5. Former student says:

    Looking at this project makes me feel as if I want to go back to school again. I am beaming with joy.

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  6. My take says:

    All who had anything to do with getting this project done for our children has my vote. It is one of the best things done.

  7. Putting things in perspective says:

    I do not blame Myron for putting our children in the bad condition they are in after Irma many years ago. What I blame him for is that he had enough time to had address the situation and failed to do so. He left our teachers and children in a bad situation that caused many health issues and demoralized the education system. All of us are glad this project was done. We commend the Government and RDA. It was well thought out and executed. It is well needed and much appreciated.

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  8. @@Tacky says:

    bring it beatch

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  9. Question says:

    Why was our students and teachers placed in those deplorable conditions in pasea for so many years and this was not done sooner? Is it because a party supporter needed to become richer? Why were we paying more than $70k per month or more for the rent? Was it worth it? Why wasn’t this ever looked into? Any way I am glad that nightmare is finally over. Let us take care of this new and awesome gift.

  10. SMFH says:

    I am glad the school is finally reopening, I am not glad that we have this do-nothing individual as our Minister of Education. You do not see or hear from her unless it’s a ceremony about something where she can appear to be doing something of substance. Biggest political disappointment in the BVI and elections cannot come soon enough.

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  11. Peaches says:

    This picture does not give the school justice. The colour is beautiful! Love it! Great job!

    Students, please do not vandalize this beautiful edifice. Take care of it, as this is where you will get your much-needed learning. And more importantly, RESPECT your teachers, RESPECT your classmates.

    A Happy first term of 2023 to you all!

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  12. To SMFH says:

    The Minister that did put us in the deplorable condition is the one you should be most angry with because his motives were not where he fooled us to believe but rather one of enhancing a party supporter rather than safety and security of teachers and students. I thank this Minister for completing the project. We are all pleased.

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  13. Mr Shovels says:

    Very nice facility. I give it 6 months before the vandalism starts…

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  14. LOL says:

    Where are the usual BVI and government critics on this site on this one? Are they stuck in 2022 and did not make it over? LOL

  15. NDP says:

    Thanks NDP for negotiating the loan from Caribbean Development Bank and for putting together the RDA to execute the works.

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  16. To NDP says:

    Stop talking foolishness. The funds were not secured by the NDP neither was the design nor the project. All they did is make sure their friend got richer while the teachers and students got more sick and sicker as well as have them like animals going to school on shifts.

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  17. Deh Watcha says:

    All the money this Unity Government and the recent VIP government spending was secured by the NDP administration.

    I often wonder what would have happened if they did not have the CDB loan funds.

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  18. YEAH RITE says:

    Keep blowing ya’All own horns that dude from the yellO site , loves to do that it still looks like a concentration camp ,( when you open your ? you will see it

  19. What a set says:

    Some of you are so politically polarized and brainwashed that you cannot give credit where credit is due and move on. This project deserves a lot of credit.

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  20. Ms Minister. says:

    This is Fahie finger print his legacy. Keep it good. I hope we will be getting good paid quality security to keep thing in order and not the same low paid, don’t care security we have being getting..

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