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EE man charged with attempted robbery, cultivating cannabis

Not the actual gunman or firearm mentioned in the article.

Information reaching BVI News is that a man from Old Plantation in East End has been arrested and charged on two counts of attempted robbery and one count of cultivation of cannabis. 

The man has been identified as Maurice Charles. He was arrested this week.

Highly-placed sources told our news centre that the police executed a warrant on his home this week and reportedly uncovered what appeared to be a black firearm as well as two pots of plants suspected to be marijuana.

Attempted robbery  

As it relates to the alleged robbery that occured late last month, BVI News understands that the incident happened at Fine Food Supermarkets in Fat Hogs Bay. It is alleged that residents were held at gunpoint during the incident. 

Reports indicate that the residents socialising in front of the supermarket when they were approached by a masked assailant who sources say had a distinct Vincentian accent. 

Sources further said the gunman sought to rob his would-be victims but some managed to escape.

Gunman’s apprehension 

BVI News understands that members of the police force accosted a man who fit the description of the armed assailant and he was taken into custody.


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  1. BuzzBvi says:

    let’s see how many supportive comments and prayers he gets from the House of Assembly

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    • good says:

      or how much support he gets from the church

    • HELP!!!!!!!! says:

      Does anyone have a working number for the East End Police Station? It is 1.45am and some Rascal is reving his bike in the Fat Hogs Bay. Everytime he does it my poor baby is losing it. I am trying to call the East End Police station but it is just ringing. My goodness. WHHHHYYYYYY YOUNG MAN WHYYY? MY KIDS ARE RESTLESS WITH THE NOISE. YOU WERE ONCE A BABY. YOU HAVE A FAMILY SOMEWHERE SLEEPING IN PEACE. WHERE IS YOUR CONSIDERATION???

  2. Wow says:

    Picture please

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  3. Again says:

    Please increase the punishment for gun & ammo possession. These criminals have no respect for innocent lives. I await the day when one of them step to the wrong person and get clubbed like a seal

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  4. Kingfish says:

    Old Plantation is not in East End, it is in Long Look.

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    • A$$ says:

      And Long Look is in East End.
      From you pass CTL you East End

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      • Your name says it all says:

        After CTL you pass many areas before you get to East End. East and Long Look are two different areas but some of you all, just like the white men who came before you want to rename the areas to suit yourselves. Look at a map you asteroid.

    • Silly o says:

      Old plantation is exactly what it is; it is not Long Look.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The devil got all up in him.

    Trying to rob people in front of Fine Foods. I cannot believe that with all the heightened awareness of a gun violence and the fact that it is illegal to carry such weapons in the BVI that there are still people out there with guns.

    On that charge alone, the book needs to be thrown at him. He apparently missed the most recent gun amnesty by the RVIPF.

    Now as for the marijuana, Id say a million times again, there needs to be marijuana reform legislation in this county. No one should be going to jail for possession of a few grams of THC, or growing a few plants for personal use.

    With the government in its current state,, not sure much can be done @ this time. Sometime in the hopefully near future, those old marijuana laws on the books need to be changed to reflect where a growing segment of the world is on this.

    Now, I don’t smoke anything, but this is not about me. Its about understanding marijuanas’ good and its bad and crafting legislation in keeping with the science.

    Id rather see the RVIPF go after major drug dealers who partake in selling large quantities of this stuff inclusive of the big white powder which is much much worse to consume than some little guy smoking a joint or growing a few plants behind their house.

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  6. 784 says:

    I can’t wait to see who is this nincompoop, because the guys who normally sit in front of fine food do so to beg. That fool does not have a clue how to rob….

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  7. Good job says:

    All those loitering will stop now. Fine Food need to pay him for that service. It’s annoying you can’t go in the store and 10 man beg you for money. Give him a job Fine Food

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  8. Re: AGAIN says:

    Will Fatty be prosecuted for his alleged gun running he supposedly boasted of to the DEA?

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  9. What a thing. ... says:

    They say he had a Vincy accent. I now convinced them St. Vincent People totally
    crazy. Now i bet if hed had do that down Vincy he woulda end up dead?
    Am i right or Nah?

    • Simba says:

      Without a doubt and seriously…many of the people of islands in the Caribbean and their inhabitants appear to be cursed and are demonic. It is a phenomenon that is evident and should be seriously addressed spiritually ,psychologically,some kinda way.

  10. According to Mapp says:

    Go ask yuh Mudda.

  11. Simba says:

    Without a doubt and seriously…many of the people of islands in the Caribbean and their inhabitants appear to be cursed and are demonic. It is a phenomenon that is evident and should be seriously addressed spiritually ,psychologically,some kinda way.

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