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Elective surgeries on hold as hospital fixes AC issue

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital has announced a temporary suspension of elective surgeries, attributing the decision to an ongoing air conditioning issue.

The BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) said it is addressing the problem, which involves a malfunction in the system control software of the AC chilling unit, leading to inconsistent cooling cycles throughout the facility.

Officials said the BVIHSA has engaged the system’s manufacturer to resolve the issue, with the required parts and software already ordered. A technician from the manufacturer is expected to arrive in the territory once the parts have arrived to carry out the necessary installation work.

In light of these circumstances, the hospital made adjustments to certain services to ensure the well-being of its patients, guests, and staff. Besides putting elective surgeries on hold, there will be changes to pharmacy outpatient services.

The public has been advised to send in medication orders via WhatsApp at (284) 440-1726 or call in refills at (284) 852-7556 for pick-up on the following day between 9 am and 12 noon. The new schedule will continue until further notice.

The BVIHSA apologised for the inconvenience these service adjustments may cause and said it is working diligently to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

The Authority said it remains committed to providing high-quality healthcare and thanked the public for their understanding and patience during this time.


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  1. This is pass insane says:

    This is pass third world. I must say, the BVI will not get any better. Seems like the people that lives here is content with all the F ups that is going on. Everyone sit behind the closed curtains and talk S and refuses to do anything about it. The golden prince of Virgin Gorda have no idea how to correct the problems that is going on in the hospital. The PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE MANIPULATIVE ALWAYS PLAYING THE VICTIM PREMIERE only knows how to sit in first class plane seats and stay in the most expensive hotels on the tax payers dime. This Premier is ***. He may have a college degree but he is a functioning …

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    • Eldread says:

      Just why you used the term ” third world” as the white system has relegated us? Don’t you know that only the white man country is considered first world? Oops! My bad you believe you are subjects of a metropolis or mother country UK so that plus spending us currency make us first world, it’s like the house slave saying he is sick if the master sick, wake up me son because all black countries are third world as the white racist opined.

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      • Refuse to see it as it is says:

        Dear Eldread or dread head or whatever you chose to call yourself, we are indeed a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Get mad or however you feel. Is it normal to have RAW SEWAGE RUNNING IN THE STREETS 24/7 365? Is it normal to have an open garbage dump that is blowing toxic fumes in the air? Is it normal to be dipping and dodging pot holes and craters everywhere you drive on the roads? Is it normal to have overgrown bushes slapping and scraping up your vehicles? Yes BOBO, we are indeed THIRD WORLD. We should be ashamed to be inviting guest/visitors to this place.

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      • ????? says:

        @Eldread, you need to step out of the overgrown bushes and stop being so damn ignorant to the facts. Look at Road Town, a mini slum.

  2. Observer says:

    Emblematic of a general lack of maintenance: you don’t wait for critical systems to break. Not just the hospital, but schools, water supply, sewerage system, fire fighting equipment. But, hey, let’s have a party!

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  3. AC Pro says:

    I sent my resume for a job as an AC and Refrigeration Technician, and Auto Gen and got no reply.
    They just choose all the unqualify individuals

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    • Facts says:

      Thank you AC Pro, so true indeed. The ones that they select for the job is a bunch of unqualified mumus. They have no idea what they are doing. Another of the Island norms, something broke, ERRRRR scratching heads, JUST PUT A BAND AID ON IT AND CALL IT A DAY.

  4. LOL says:


  5. See says:

    It will b like the incinerator in Pockwood, parts ordered for years, still not fixed!

  6. Busy going backwards says:

    Lavity Stoutt left a college
    Ralph Oneal built the complex
    Dr. Smith left a hospital
    Andrew Fahie left a new high school back then
    Robert Mactavious left a viable financial service
    Kedrick Pickering started expansion of the airport
    Marlon Penn secured Parham Road and part of Hawk Nest Road
    Red Dock bay was built
    Myron Walwyn upgraded education .. equal opportunities for all children to write CXC
    Neil Smith ensure a heavy resource savings for the country

    You mean there is no one in this administration to build and and make improvements on what they meet.
    No one to expand
    Instead blaming Irma
    Indeed this is this going backwards
    Where are the strides
    We boost about being the envy of other Caribbean countries. Look where we are dropping as a country .
    Fighting against each other blaming colonialism instead of taking the bulls by the horn and move forward. Shame on this government.

  7. See it for what it is says:

    @Eldread stop playing the ignorant bush man stupid game. It is right there up close and personal in your face unless you are that stupid not to see it. See and admit it is what it is, we are a Third World Country. Here we are into the Year 2024 raw sewage running openly on the streets, pot holes almost the size of a studio apartment, a lack of a proper water system and the famous open burning garbage dump that is sending toxic fumes in the the air. Is that normal or not normal Eldread? Stop with the BS about the White man and Slavery as an excuse for your ignorance.

  8. FYI says:

    This Premier needs to step down from office. He seems to think that because he is the one with the power he can do as he pleases.I wonder if he understands that having power will turn around and destroy. Look at his former boss, he was running around throwing his power around and look how the same power turn around and chomp him in the rear.Look at the mighty Puff Daddy who was throwing around his power, now the power has taken him down. What a man sow, he shall reap in due time. Remember, this year 2024, everyone is getting EXPOSED. No one is exempt.

  9. Do capital projects says:

    Build capital projects
    Take out government buildings from private own buildings and save money so you do nit have to burden the people with taxes and drain the government purse .
    Who is your financial advisor
    Reduce the Jose Hill housing project so it is affordable to BVIslanders ( young families) and first time house ownets .
    Premiet you need to think how to move our country forward
    You need a better team of advisors .
    Fire your advisors , get a neutral minded set if people and do right by your country

  10. Priorities says:

    BVI needs to get its priorities straight. Cut funding for top officials until or unless they can repair the basic infrastructure of the BVI. There is no excuse for how poorly managed our country is. Focused on all the wrong things, need to start investing time and money in the right places. And get rid of the id**t “Premier”, use****!

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