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Embarrassing! Josiah’s Bay beach without working restroom for years

Josiah’s Bay Beach (Google image)

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has cried ‘shame’ at the absence of bathroom facilities at the popular Josiah’s Bay beach in his district.

“It’s very embarrassing to have persons coming to a beach like Josiah’s Bay — which is a very popular beach — and you don’t have facilities,” Penn explained at a recent meeting in his Eighth District constituency.

Penn said the issue at the beach was of concern not just for tourists, but also for local residents who use the bathroom facility.

“We have a concern in the Josiah’s Bay area where there has been a facility there for some time and now it is being used for storage,” he stated.

The Opposition Leader explained that he had a meeting with the Minister for Natural Resources & Labour, Vincent Wheatley, back in 2019 to look at ways of making the facility functional for persons who visit the beach.

However, he said nothing has materialised since then.

“We had a temporary facility before, it was discontinued but I have expressed to the minister the desire to get that facility up and running,” he stated.

No details yet on how bubble will be done in Eighth District

The issue comes against the backdrop of a resumption of cruise tourism locally. The first cruise call to the territory is expected in the coming weeks.

But Penn said the relevant authorities, so far, have not informed him of the final details on how this will take place in his district.

“We’re hearing discussions that we’re now moving back to allowing cruise ships to the territory, what that would look like – I know that the Tourist Board has been charged with a responsibility to come up with a bubble plan to be able to facilitate the beaches where the cruise tourism persons go typically,” he said.

“We haven’t finalised anything. I haven’t gotten a final word from the team at the [Tourist Board] – the Director and the other team – but we’re waiting to see what the final decision would be and how that bubble arrangement would be,” he explained.

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  1. n/a says:

    how only now it embarrassing?

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    • Why says:

      Why do you need to take a s**t at the beach? Do it before you go. For gods sake, we are not Americans.

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      • Resident says:

        people eat food at beaches, what you wrote is idiotic

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        • Nature says:

          Do you think people didn’t eat on beaches before toilets were put in? For years we have been perfectly ok without turning our beautiful islands into an urban town. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Leave our beaches natural!

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      • Abroad Resident says:

        Can you please tell us how to control our bodies so that if we need to take a crap while at Josiah Beach, we would know how to suppress the feeling until we leave from the area. Your statement is ignorance 2021 for dummies.

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        • Jango says:

          You write pretty well for a 2 year old. I assume you are two since that’s about when people usually learn not to s**t their pants. The rest of us can do it. Maybe you should learn too. It’s time.
          As for kids. Have you never heard of diapers?
          Man, this stuff is so basic, why is this even an issue?

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    • Lmfao says:

      I love all the Belongers saying they don’t need toilets. It’s true. Baboons just s**t in the woods.

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    • @n/a says:

      You never got caught short? You never looked after a small child? You never want to change out of your wet swim-wear before getting in your vehicle?

      Yes, public restrooms are a necessity for both residents’ and visitors at our popular beaches.

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      • Mom says:

        I have raised 3 children. They were all taught to go to the toilet before going to be beach. They p**sed in the bush or the sea. It’s so simple. What is wrong with people that they have to have these f**king ugly toilets in beautiful places? Bunch of spoiled brats.

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      • Old timer says:

        My folks used to say “Good roads bring bad people, bad roads keep good people” Same thing applies to people wanting “facilities” at the beaches. Leave them the h**l alone.

  2. Josiah's Bay Resident says:

    Hon. Penn, you have been the elected representative for the 8th district since 2011 and only now you know we need a bathroom on the beach. You and your party had the government for two terms and you didn’t see fit to make a public cry for the bathroom then, so why now? Young people are not blind anymore and we see through the divide and conquer tactics.

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  3. Yep to says:

    No swimming suit, dippers

  4. Earl says:

    I am sure the Hon Penn could rustle up toilet facilities there with some help of his supporters.

    • Waship says:

      Why everything got to be like Disney? We don’t need toilets at the beach!

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    • Abroad Resident says:

      Yeah! that maybe true but can the Hon. Penn, go to any lending institution and claim this public domain as his personal real property? This is a governmental issue that should be channeled the proper way through the internal systems of governing.

      I left this country more than 40 years but the minds of the people are still so NEGATIVE (SHAKING MY HEAD).

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  5. Recycle says:

    Another case of the 7 district man from before, you in office for 12-20 years and have nuttin to show. The people gone soon deman term limit on these career politicians that just waste time and resorces.

  6. Drownings says:

    Josiahs Bay is not a real beach.

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  7. LOL says:

    I love it! The BVI deserves ALL OF THIS TREATMENT! They elected a bunch of loud mouth know-nothings just because they didn’t want an island man to be Premier. VIP ALL THE WAY……………..OVER THE CLIFF!!!!!

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  8. Lifeguard says:

    Well trained, equipped and observant lifeguards at Josiah’s Bay Beach are waaaaay more important than restrooms. In fact all Tortola’s north shore beaches need lifeguards.

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    • Tolian living abroad says:

      Your statement is the height of ignorance – a bathroom is very important as using one is a nature call that none of us can ignore when needed. Please be more aware of your point of views- bathroom and lifeguards equals revenues and nature’s call.

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    • @ Lifeguard says:

      Yeah man, I see lifeguards there rescue people, they’d of drowned for sure, see the lifeguards at Smugglers rescue people too.
      Washroom just going to save someone who get caught short but I’ve seen them lifeguards save people. that’s a different kinda s**t..

  9. Well sah says:

    Why can’t he take some of his district funds to help the situation instead of complaining all the time?

  10. @ REALITY says:

    is this the bvi the are portraying to to outside world ( these ignoramus are
    really on the loose )unless its an istland be here no one lives ,all beaches should have a bath & toilet and at least a lifeguard, not only when tourist comes

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  11. Horse Man says:

    Just refurb the existing blue ‘church’ washroom already there… it get refurbed before, just mashed up by Irma, even had an outside shower.
    It used to work well, already has power, water, septic.

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  12. 1st district says:

    And here we are in the west with CROWN LAND SMUGGLER’S COVE and a mental case occupying it!! Andrew Fahie,Primer, Fat Albert, Brown Bummer, Drew,….get it fix#!!

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  13. GTFOH says:

    NDP was in power for 3 of the last 5 terms, 12 of the last 18 years. Since 2003 NDP has been the district representative for Josiahs Bay 4 of the last 5 terms. (16 of the last 20 years!) Marlon has been the district rep since 2011 and at the end will have served the district for the last 12 years. Marlon it was your job to fix the bathroom or your party’s job. If you couldn’t fix something as minor as a bathroom with you and your party being in power so many times How can you say that you are ready to be the Premier. You wait until you are leader of the opposition to see all the problems in your district and now wait for somebody else to fix it. Shame on you.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Tolian living abroad and I’m flabbergasted by some of the comments regarding common sense concerns for basic courtesy to our “visiting guests” whose revenues are suppose to keep the BVI afloat. Negative feedback like “only now, etc.”, or “JS is not a real beach” to me, demonstrates that we are still stuck in the MATCHBOX MENTALITY here in the year 2021. Many tourists blog about these very secluded, pristine and breath-taking spaces that we do not appreciate; check online more often..they are everywhere on the blogs. CARE about your accommodations; it is the right thing to do. NOT FOR JUST TOURISTS, BUT FOR THE RESIDENTS TOO.

    Jus Saying!

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    • also Tolan says:

      It’s exactly because our beaches are not ruined by food stalls, toilets, parking and all the trash that come with it that people go to BVI. If you want all that go to the USVI or Cancun. Leave our beaches as nature intended.

    • North side says:

      It’s exactly because they are pristine that we want them kept that way. Not spoiled by building on and behind them.

    • See Stuff says:

      We don’t want the beaches to be home away from home for the strays who now occupy the VI.
      Let the beaches continue to be.

    • Problem says:

      It’s exactly because tourists want our beaches to be empty and pristine that so many BVIslanders want to develop them to death.
      Anything tourists want, we see it as an act of rebellion, a knee jerk reaction to say we want the opposite. Feeds into the straw man “bird sanctuary’ argument that ‘they’ want us to disappear in background so they can enjoy ‘our’ nature. So what do we do? Destroy as much nature as we can for fast cash, no matter the consequences.

  15. Tolian living abroad says:

    Once again, some of you guys are expressing IGNORANCE for dummies 2021 and beyond with your small minded mentalities..need to travel abroad some more.

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  16. Bossman says:

    Embarrassing??? You see the state of that beach??

    looks like a junk yard, used to be one of the most beautiful beaches, now a has a ruin, shipping containers, wild west wooden shack, garbage and dog poo everywhere!

    Only thing make sense is the safety sign and life ring, that place dangerous, need lifeguard…

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  17. @ GTROH says:

    idiot ) it’s not about politics , it’s about what needs to be done to promote proper hygiene , and to preserve and protect / preserve and enjoy the natural beauty we have ,a bath and a toilet is very essential along with a life guard. ( now you and the others may return to the bush ) this is the 21st century . Bye 👋

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    • But.. says:

      But these things are clearly NOT essential. People like me, my family, my friends, our guests, have been using the same beaches for decades without having ugly toilets and suchlike. How do you think we’ve managed to do that? By using common sense and valuing the beauty around us. That’s how. We accept that Cane is lost to development but the ppl of BVI want to save what’s left of the pure beaches God has given us.

  18. Concern says:

    Some tourist wants the beaches to be as close to there natrual state if possiable
    But on a other note why is it that vendors can set up all kinds of business on the beaches but refuse to invest in restroom that there will maintain

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    • Wagon says:

      You really want someone like N*g*l maintaining a washroom? The answer is get rid of the illegal vendors, not make them permanent!

    • @ Concern says:

      You are right!
      Big D had his own washroom at Josiah’s, one of the best at any beach here, it is still there in the ruined building..

  19. @ BUT says:

    well you just exposed yourself and family 🤷 please don’t don’t explain how you live we already got the message (YUK ) we can imagine the STENCH

    • Havers says:

      How has but… exposed himself or herself? They seem to be saying what most people do here and it works fine. There is huge need for improvement all over the territory but building on our beaches is not improvement.

  20. Flora says:

    Well if there were no facilities, what were people getting paid to clean? Asking for a friend.

  21. MnW says:

    Look all this talk talk about facilities and the environment. Cool! It’s as simple as TRANSPORTABLE PORTA-POTTIES. Put a little coconut leaf and some bush over it, whatever it is to hide the god awful colour. Then it’s set! Things not harming the environment if cleaned and moved regularly and maybe not even placed on the beach, but like at the entrance of parking lot maybe? Or even further back. But nah they want to throw shade who do this who ain’t do that and all you lot arguing going end up paying taxes for some 1.2million dollar bathroom when these politrickians STEAL THE MONEY.

  22. Tiss Tiss says:

    Why worry about the bathroom when you will soon have to access the beach by air or sea. The Bush taking over the road from both sides. It will soon be a trail.

    I hope none of the parties come Josiahs bay looking votes next election.

  23. crazines says:

    Imagine a district rep complaining about the condition of a beach in his district. You mean not even the grass you cannot get somebody to cut. Use your district alocation funds to fix the promblems in yourdistrict.

  24. Not Now says:

    This goes way back during your time! You have to be careful when you’re attacking. Look good before you attack yourself.

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