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Employers allegedly pressuring workers to take COVID vaccine?

Reports that some local employers are pressuring their workers to take the COVID-19 vaccine have been making the rounds on various social media platforms.

According to the allegations, some employers have “given workers” ultimatums – saying they won’t be able to work unless they take the COVID-19 jabs.

Our news centre contacted Labour Minister Vincent Wheatley who indicated that he hasn’t received any such claims.

And Executive Director of The British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association’s (BVICCHA), Keiyia George said the organisation normally investigates issues once they are reported by members.

However, she said no complaints have been lodged by members, although she admitted to seeing the allegations on social media. Georges also said the BVICCHA hasn’t ascertained whether the allegations are true.

Local champions of the COVID-19 vaccines say the territory will be able to explore the full reopening of the economy once 80 per cent of the population takes the COVID-19 vaccine.

But many residents have indicated their unwillingness to take vaccines which gained approval in under a year.

Since COVID-19 hit the BVI in early 2020, the economy has been hampered significantly; especially with the partial shutdown of tourism on which many residents depend to earn a living.


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  1. Yup says:

    Save the vaccine for the expats both clear and hue. Let the Belongers drink the bush tea and soak. Keep the Territory closed at least another year. Hopefully by then the Belongers will have died out, the Brits will be running the government and the blight of the Belonger will be erased from the Territory forever.

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    • Agreed says:

      Yes please

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      • Nasty nasty comment says:

        Words fail me. You are an appalling individual.

        However, people do need to have the vaccine.
        I am waiting until there has been enough vaccine in the Territory for everybody to have it, and then I will be insisting on proof of vaccine from anybody that wants to use any of my businesses.

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        • @Nasty nasty comment says:

          Well I guess you don’t know Caribbean people…we went through slavery…survival is in our genes …so stop there!

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    • The Truth says:

      Very interesting the kind of posts this site allows and which it doesn’t. Andrew, please take a close look at this site.

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    • SMH.. says:

      harsh comments man, real harsh. Hope it was tongue in cheek or you should go F*& Off and live somewhere else

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    • Jane says:

      @Yup: white person here. Your comments are utterly disgusting. People love the anonymity of these BVI blogs but I dare you to put your true name to that comment.

      You do not represent how most non-Belongers think. I have no desire for Belongers to die out, or for the British to take over. Remember planes leaving Beef Island everyday so why don’t you return to whatever hole you crawled out of and take your hateful attitude somewhere else.

      #BVIlove #BVIstrong

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    • me says:

      @ypu…. WOW JUST WOW. If you are so unhappy in another psreon homeland just return to your homeland. Be reminded no one captured you, bounded you and have you working in slavery. You are free to go.

      Please do so

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    • @Yup says:

      If you are in the BVI, you need to be deported immediately. This comment beyond distasteful!

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    • Aha says:

      You take what is good for you and leave other out..

  2. @Yup says:

    What a DUM DUM post.

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  3. LMAO says:

    BVICCHA is a complete WASTE OF TIME and used for these people to feel important. Investigate what? The CCHA members are all under water with the current economic state but they are in the media talking nonsense. Apart from putting out statements, what has the CCHA done? No pull with government, no pull with banks, no pull with landlords so why would any business be apart of this? Do they understand what a Chamber of Commerce should be?

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  4. Lord 0 says:

    We in trouble

  5. @ yup says:

    are you serious?

    you need prayer

  6. Reply says:

    Where ever the truth lies here, I am of the belief that while an employee has the right to not take the vaccine, they do not have a right to employment.

    Don’t want to take the vaccine? Fine. All the best. However, don’t then turn around and insist on coming to work unvaccinated and potentially risking the lives of others.

    Sorry, that is my employment policy. Don’t like it, let’s part ways. I wish you the best. I’ll rather you leave than your unvaccinated rear end killing me or another employee. I see you as a major health risk.

    I am one of those folks who believe people should seriously consider taking the vaccine to protect themselves, their families, and others. However, it’s clear that there are a lot of misunderstanding and conspiracy theories floating around relative to these vaccines.

    It’s the government’s job and public health officials to educate the public on this, and more importantly, it’s each individual responsibility to educate themselves on these vaccines as well.

    Unvaccinated people will find it increasingly difficult to move around this world un vaccination. Vaccination from covid will become the norm in everyday life as time goes by. Just a matter of time.

    If the naysayers don’t wish to have this particular vaccine, they should get some other form they are more comfortable with. However, not getting vaccinated at all, is taking a serious risk, one that I will not assume with them in the workplace.

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    • Really says:

      So why stop at jobs. Would you then ask that persons not be allowed in supermarkets, churches, restaurants etc… if they don’t take the vaccine?

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    • Tom says:

      Exactly…well said.

      At the end, it wont be the gov the forces people to take the vaccine. The Gov job is it make sure that those who wants it, can get it and those who don’t, don’t.

      It will be the biz who will force it. Why people think having someone vaccinated is not a valid employment condition? two people, do the same job, same skill, one vaccinated and the other not, why not choose it? imagine working in the tourism biz.

      As to the person who asked “why stop there and do to it in supermarket …” exactly- don’t stop there.

      Why do you think the airlines (as an example) needs to pay the price of cleaning the planes, leaving an empty sit in the middle because some folks believe the British are going to get them…
      The airlines will do that for as long as the majority will refuse to take the vaccine. once they are minority, things will move very, very fast.

      News flash – if you choose to stay behind, your life will become harder and harder. that is how its always been. Including your right to stay behind. Just don’t be surprised and don’t complain and become burden on those who moved on.

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  7. Someone says:

    Government pressuring teachers and parents of children to take it too. So we can get kids in school.
    Not only employers.

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  8. Still early says:

    right now not enough vaccine available for all people in the tourist sector. Would like to know whether Richard Branson is going to have anybody work who is not vaccinated, same with Little Dix Bay and other high end establishments.

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  9. Civil servants first says:

    If they want to force employees to take the vaccine they need to start with government employees first,,, They are going to work everyday with full pay

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  10. Concerned1 says:

    Reply, why should you be so concerned if one employee is not vaccinated. if everyone else in your workplace is vaccinated , then you should be protected. unless, you truely don’t believe that the vaccine can protect you from this over rated virus.

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  11. concern says:

    While people taking the vaccine. There is no data or information to prove how long you are immune with the vaccine against the virus and other pestilences that are releasing.

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