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Employers told to report status of their business

Persons during the NHI registration rush. File Photo

Business owners and employers who have ceased regular operations or have made changes to its staff due to the recent hurricanes are being told to inform the National Health Insurance (NHI) immediately.

Head of the Social Security Board which has responsibility for NHI, Roy Barry, said this is to ensure that both employers and employees maintain ‘eligibility’.

A number of residents were thrust into the local unemployment pool following the catastrophic weather events that destroyed several businesses and properties.

The hurricanes, on the other hand, also resulted in job creation.

“Some businesses may not be in operation, or some may have hired or laid off employees. That being the case, the NHI team wants to ensure both business owners and employees maintain eligibility. But we would first have to get confirmation from business owners on their current status,” said Barry.

“As the territory seeks to rebuild, the NHI team understands there has been significant impact to many businesses in the BVI. Therefore, the NHI team is consulting with business owners to discuss the best options available to secure coverage,” he added.

While describing the hurricane-induced job losses as ‘unfortunate’, Barry said employees must report all layoffs.

“The NHI team needs to know so that we can discuss how employees can maintain their eligibility to support their medical needs,” he said.

The organisation said business owners should visit or call the NHI offices at 284-852-7870 or 284-852-7873. Business owners also have the option of emailing the NHI at

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