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EMPTY STATION: Vandal slashes jeep tyres in CGB

Cane Garden Bay Police Station

Cane Garden Bay Police Station

The Cane Garden Bay (CGB) Police Station does not open 24/7; that’s the declaration Governor John Duncan made today in response to an alleged victim of vandalism who saw no one when he went to the station to make a report shortly after the crime was committed last night.

“I stopped by the police station and no one was there and the phone number didn’t connect to anyone,” said the alleged victim.

For years, residents have been complaining about the police station in the tourism community being unmanned especially at nights.

“CGB police station is not manned 24/7. You can always ring the emergency number. Please do contact RVIPF (Royal Virgin Islands Police Force) so that they can follow up,” Governor Duncan today advised the victim on Facebook.

The victim, who uses the name Seth Willis, complained on the BVI Community Board’s Facebook page that someone slashed him jeep tyres and poured oil into the vehicle that he had parked in the vicinity of Myettes restaurant.

“There was oil poured everywhere inside my jeep and two of my tyres were slashed. After dinner, I got back to my vehicle and discovered all of this, and a group of people in an apartment above my parking spot seemed very interested as I approached my vehicle. I assume they had something to do with it. But I did change my flat tyre, wipe the inside down, and make my way home [after stopping at the police station].”

The victim, who apparently is a pilot, wondered if he was targeted because of where he had parked.

“I’m sure I was pegged as a tourist in the wrong parking spot. We have to do better than this. Most of our economy depends on tourists, accountants, and lawyers. I’m just one that helps get all of them here for your local businesses – and I get repaid like this? I hope this post helps change the attitude we have toward each other; or it makes people realize how we need to be more aware of our safety on the island.”

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