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Energy-saving designs on renovated ESHS building to save govt roughly $9K per year

Over the next 10 years, government stands to save an estimated $100,000 in electricity bills at Elmore Stoutt High School’s newly-renovated L-shaped building that has been renamed in honour of former educator, L Adorothy Turnbull.

This is possible through the building’s new energy-efficient designs, Project Manager Steve Augustine has said.

Speaking at the handover ceremony for the high school building on Friday, September 6, Augustine said approximately 550 energy-saving LED lights has been installed in the renovated building.

“What I did is I reached out to Mr Marlon Massicot of IDS. I said ‘Marlon, I want you to give me a calculation as to what these LED lights are going to save the high school over a one-year period’. And the number that he came back to me with was a total savings of $7,000 to $9,000 per year. I figure you multiply that by 10 years that’s almost $100,000, that’s a big plus for government,” Augustine stated.

Smart A/C units

The school might also save energy and money with the new Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) air conditioning (A/C) system that has been installed inside the building.

The A/C units consist of smart technology that circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed during a single cooling period.

“So, if there are 100 persons in the classroom, it pumps enough air to keep the 100 people cool but if there are only two persons in the classroom, it pumps just enough to cool those two people,” Augustine explained.

The A/C units are installed within a ductless structure which is aimed at reduces chances of mould in the building. These said units also have a seven-year warranty for any parts it may require within that period.

Hurricane resilient features

Augustine also said other improvements were made to the building to make it more resilient against natural disasters.

These include the raising of the ground floor windows to prevent flooding, removing the cement board on the ground floor and filling with concrete to prevent water from entering through the walls, and replacing the old glass windows with new aluminium windows which contain stainless steel dowels for reinforcement against any obstacles.

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  1. Too True says:

    I think some of these numbers are wrong here… The contributor needs to go back to high school & re-take Math!!

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  2. Vision says:

    Way the solar panels on the roof

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  3. Good says:

    Well it seems this project was well thought out and I hope it lasts.

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  4. Without says:

    And the RDA have nothing to do with it!! We build this country before and we can do it agin! The RDA is NOT needed

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  5. BIG QUESTION says:

    If the high school wall is still under investigation how can this guy still be project manager???????????? ONLY IN THE BVI

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  6. Lodger says:

    They will only save money if they have actually been paying their bills and continue to do so.

  7. Lights on says:

    I assume that construction is currently 24/7 as the entire building is fully lit all night – which sends the electricity bill through the roof!

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  8. YOUTH says:

    I must give the Premier and his team cerdit for doing this project in the best interest of we the youth.

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  9. Quiet Warrior says:

    Ok. For numbers to matter, references are needed. What was the KWh used prior to Irma? What is the KWh usage post Irma? While we are at it, what is the wind rating for the new aluminum windows, ie, Cat 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? If the windows are lowly rated, the next major hurricane will cause Irma type damages. The renovated cost will be down the drain.

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