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Engine malfunction causes major blackout across BVI

A section of the electricity power plant on Tortola.

The major power outage affecting sections of the territory is as a result of an engine malfunction at the territory’s main power plant on Tortola.

This is according to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works & Utilities, Jeremy Hodge, who said the mechanical issues began approximately 9:35 am.

“Engine number-11 broke a control airline which caused the unit to trip,” Hodge said. “The control air in the system was rapidly depleted as a result; causing engines 11 and 12 to trip as well.”

“Engine-eight was running at the time but could not carry the load so this unit tripped on overload. As a result of these events, the territory suffered a total blackout,” Hodge further explained

The permanent secretary said work to rectify the issue is ongoing, adding that power will return to the affected areas ‘section by section’.


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  1. Impressed says:

    Its a good job we haven’t taken that UK loan finance money. We don’t need it.

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  2. Permanent Black Out. says:

    100 YEARS FROM NOW !!!

    *In the year 2119, in just 100 years from now, every single reader of this piece will be underground, our bodies having become part of the soil. During that time, our fate in respect to Heaven or Hell would have been made known to us.*

    *Meanwhile above the soil, our houses that were left behind would have become homes for others or demolished for better structures. Our clothes would have become rags for others and replaced by more recent trends, our cars will be on display as historical artifacts by others, also replaced by more advanced technology. As for us, we will be, for the most part, never thought about by anyone again. How often do you think about your great grandfather? How often does your great grandmother cross your mind?*

    *Our presence here on earth today, that presence that we make so much noise about and shed so many tears for, was preceded by countless generations before us and shall be followed by countless generations after us. Every generation that passes through this world barely finds the time to take a glance at the world before needing to bid it farewell and handing over the baton, having not fulfilled even a fraction of ones ambitions. Our lives are, in reality, far shorter than we imagine.*

    *In 2119, every one of us will realise from within the grave just how worthless this world actually was, and how trivial those dreams were that centred on it*.

    *In 2119, every one of us will be wishing that we had devoted ourselves to doing good deeds, particularly those that continue to benefit us after our death*.

    *In 2119, many will be in regret, saying:*

    *“I wish that I had prepared for my life.”*

    *Let us become righteous, for surely what happened to those we talk of, heard of and read of will surely happen to us.


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  3. vip heckler says:

    We are spending over a million dollars on festival while we don’t have enough street lights throughout the BVI and now the government is asking for help to furnish high school

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Complete incompetence causes power blackout.

      The real headline

      This does not happen in first world countries.

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    • Sam the man says:

      What about the whistleblower law that we were promised? Did that disappear with all of the records relating to BVI Airlines and the Pier Project and the $10000000.00 school wall?

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  4. Charnele says:

    Agree with VIP Heckler

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  5. :) says:

    The legacy of the action man endureth.

  6. CW says:


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  7. E Scott says:

    When oh when will somebody talk sense and move to solar power for BVI. Clean, renewable and sustainable. no more spending money on fossil fuel. During the day pump water from supurflous power to tanks up the mountain and release during the night to power turbines to give 24 hour power.

    Make BVI the centre of green technology

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  8. Why Hasn't This Appeared In Local Media? says:

    Readers, do pardon the unrelatedness of the topic, but this just had to be posted, as no media outlet, so far, has.

    And this is a life and death critical issue that will have enormous on our future going forward.

    May God bless those awoken leaders of the Overseas Territories, including our Premier, if he actually on board.

    Britain’s Overseas Territories say they will “stand together” to defend their right to self-government amid increasing concerns over “constitutional overreach” from the UK.Despite the disparate concerns of the various territories, leaders from the Falklands to Bermuda were united in their opposition to the UK dictating policy from thousands of miles away.

    A UK law seeking to impose public registers of beneficial ownership on Britain’s territories – seen as a threat to the financial services industry – is a key concern for several islands.

    “Modern-day colonialism is what is being attempted by those persons is Westminster, and I am certain that all Overseas Territories will resist it vociferously,”

    Bermuda Premier David Burt said at a press conference following the summit at the Kimpton Seafire Hotel on Wednesday.

    Several other leaders expressed similar concerns, and insisted the pressure from the UK on various issues is helping them to forge closer bonds as they seek to resist what they see as constitutional overreach from the mother country.

    “I see a beacon of hope with our team here, because we all realise that divided we fall, united we stand,” said Andrew Fahie, premier of the British Virgin Islands.

    Hon. Mr. fahie, i didn’t know you had it in you. You appear woke! Hope those words are sincere and are a reflection of your actual political and historic philosophy.

    I personally hope that your knowledge and understanding of, your policies thereto going forward, and your bravery to do the unpopular, relative to this critical matter for the future of our home and its cultural, human and economic survival will, be as brave as those of that team, and of all our past fierce warriors.

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    • Anonymous says:

      I nearly collapsed from lack of air trying to read that. Maybe the use of a colon or a comma occasionally wouldn’t do any harm.

      • @Anonymous says:

        That synopsis was taken directly from an editorial post, of which our Premier was in attendance.

        However, that article is yet to be published in the B.V.I.

        No pun intended, except where personal dogma is evident, it was written by a trained journalist attending that conference.

        Meanwhile, is it really grammatical mechanics you are after,or the tenets of the piece?

        Bet it is the latter.

        Nonetheless, all people will lead and live out their own human and political destiny one day. Free from the chains of colonial and neocolonialism. That is fact!

  9. Sam says:

    Its not the UK pushing its the EU , what people don’t understand that one of the main reasons elite in the UK wants out of the EU to stop the EU transparency regulations.

    What the OT;s need to decide is will they continue to launder drug, people trafficking and crime related money for people thousands of miles away.

    The financial services are not in the OT;s for any other reason period.

    Such a God fearing island supporting crime and slavery, ironic really .

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    • @Sam says:

      Single out not the OT”S territries, it is fact across Eu and the globe. Indeed, Eu and others were built on backs of crime and slavery.

  10. Don’t belong says:

    Plenty funds fot festival but pockwood burns and now no power , priorities?

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