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‘Enough importation nonsense’ | Locals promised preference for ITA’s 35 job openings

Premier Andrew Fahie in the House of Assembly on Thursday, April 25.

Premier Andrew Fahie is assuring BVIslanders and Belongers that they will be given first preference for the 35 jobs expected to be made available at the International Tax Authority (ITA).

Speaking at a recent sitting of the House of Assembly, Premier Fahie said these locals will be given preferential treatment once they meet the required criteria.

“Do not think …. that I’m going to sit back as Premier like old times when these things happened before and just bring in a whole herd of people. I am not going to do it. I’ll be watching keenly and we are going to make sure that we advertise in every online [platform]. We are going to advertise in every newspaper, we are going to advertise on Facebook, we will send it out on WhatsApp so that as many of our people that are qualified to get those jobs,” Premier Fahie stated.

“Enough of this non-sense of rushing and bringing in people and our people don’t even have an opportunity and then we end up far behind,” Fahie added.

Prior to the ITA’s need for staff due to international pressure, Fahie said his intention was to train more BVI locals to work in the financial services industry.

This sudden need to expand the ITA is to prevent the BVI from being blacklisted as a ‘tax haven’ jurisdiction by the European Union (EU).

To facilitate the increase of staff at the ITA, amendments will have to be made to the Beneficial Ownership Secure Search system (BOSSs) Act which is currently being debated in the HOA.

That debate on BOSSs amendments will continue on Monday, August 26, when the House is scheduled to resume.

The ITA performs a critical role in ensuring the smooth implementation and operation of the economic substance reporting requirements, among other things.


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  1. Gandalf says:

    As long as those that are hired are qualified and/or trained people that can effectively do the job, locals absolutely should get first preference.

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    • Resident says:

      The main words should be QUALIFIED,TRAINED and REQUIRED CRITERIA. Let whatever has to be done be with these things in mind. We do not need square pegs in round holes just because of frienship, situationship, plotitical handout-ship, belongership or any other ship that will not get the work done properly and effectively.

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      • Lilly says:

        So why should expats receive those things you describe above because that happens. A lot of expats are not QUALIFIED, TRAINED and have REQUIRED CRITERIA, yet they are given jobs in areas that are unheard of to them then locals are expected to train them. I have seen dishwashers, boat crews, bottle washers, butchers and the likes being elevated in the trust companies because their friends manage them. I say Hon. Fahie is absolutely correct. Don’t be brain washed into thinking that BVI belongers are given favours because that is far from the truth.

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      • lol says:

        BVI PA is a perfect example of this

  2. Ausar says:

    Great news, again,Premier Fahie!

    Once again, preserving the homeland for BVIslanders; those at home, and those abroad!

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  3. The Truth says:

    As it should.

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  4. Yes..but! says:

    Premier you sounding good but qualified locals want to be paid based on their qualifications as well. Government is not known for well paying jobs hence the locals tough it out in the private sector. If the salaries are not up to par then you will have to stick with the ‘importation nonsense’ sadly.

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    • Ken says:

      Government jobs shouldn’t have to be on PAR with private-sector jobs in Salary, they should be limited-term jobs that people who want to make changes and help the communities NOT life long jobs in public service that turns them into millionaires!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    As it should be indeed! Continue along that path Sir.

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  6. strupes says:

    look pon belonger getting the job more than bvi islanders roll eye stop make thing look good when we all knows who alyo have the jobs for

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  7. Hmm says:

    Where de list a jobs?

  8. COMPETENCE says:

    I fully support this but please hire competent and duly qualified individuals…don’t just hire them cos they from here…otherwise nobody wins.

  9. E Scott says:

    Sham jobs for a sham agency that will be pulled to pieces by the EU and just delays the transparency rules and the end of the financial industry in BVI . The only chance to get an extension of say 10 years of BVI financial industry is to bring in some European highly qualified people who can put up an argument to the EU . ( yes folks the financial industry in BVI is going full stop, all this sham nonsense is an attempt to stretch it out. Use this time to reinvent BVI)

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  10. Ausar says:

    ALL BVIslanders and BELONGers are qualified! PERIOD!

    Whats causes them to be unqualifiable to you immigrants, expats, and “others”, is the fact that their last names ties them to BVI land and their skin color-in beautiful shades and ranges of black.

    And then “you people” use all of the other “artificialities”-speech formation or lack thereof, language aptitutude acquisition, and other types of nonsense to justify WHY they’re unqualifiable!

    We’ve now figured it out,folks..thats all!

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    • E Scott says:

      Nothing to do with being black the education system on BVI is terrible the people to stay here just get stoned and steal. Belongers who are qualified left BVI years ago and when you say would you go back they laugh and say well maybe for two weeks max.

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      • @E Scoot says:

        Your ascertions demonstrate only half accuracy.

        In your personal non scientific analysis, you have excluded me and thousands others.

        Your unwritten but clear inferrences indicate a disdain and even more subtle destruction of the BVI and its owners in favor of the non owners, putting it simple.

        Colonialism and neo-colonialism is dead. Accept those facts.

        The last vestiges of them will soon be buried also. There are future historical events that are still in the womb, yet to be birthed, in which such past historic plagues upon earth and its first inhabitants will be erased from man’s memory and hstrica, record. Long after they are gone, the evidence of first man will still be standing and teaching.

        As such, your personal and outsiders idea of a destroyed BVI and its people that your supremacist and dominating historical past is but a fallacy, wrapped up in a wish existing in la la land of non reality.

        World, natural and people history are already on new projections. Your old will have no influence on the new.

        • Haha! says:

          Only in the BVI do people lash out about a colonial system of the distant past to excuse the rampant corruption and failings of the present and recent history. Other former colonies are doing very well in terms of having an educated and skilled work force and low levels of criminality.

          We. Have. No. High. School.

          The embarrassment that was the main high school was flattened and two years on, there is no replacement. Offers to build the school, to assist in funding, have been turned down and our children are being robbed of their futures. In other places, highly trained teachers operate in modern facilities to the highest of global educational standards. Here, education is behind salons and pageants in order of priority.

          If we want a varied and robust economy that provides real opportunity for our children, we have to take this seriously going forward but Fahie is playing at Trumpist politics.

          Having real experience and training cannot be underestimated in the impression we are giving to clients and competing countries.

  11. Expert says:

    People need to start respecting the expertise of our own. Black white others. We have every and anything this country needs as far as professionalism, but if we start paying local people for there knowledge and expertise a d stop thinking everyone from outside is better and pay them what they ask for. More people will come home and make the territory great again.

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