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Erickson handed over to US authorities

Nyron Erickson

After evading the clutches of authorities in the United States (US) for more than two years, former fugitive from justice, Nyron ‘Batt’ Erickson was extradited to the US some time yesterday, February 27.

Erickson’s multiple attempts at securing his freedom from custody after being held on a US arrest warrant failed, including the most recent effort at the Privy Council where his application for permission to appeal his extradition order was refused.

Dramatic footage obtained by BVI News shows the moment Erickson was transferred from a heavy local police escort into the custody of US officials dressed in para-military fatigues with guns drawn at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island.

Erickson, also known as West Bank, was then taken to a waiting helicopter before being whisked away to the neighbouring US Virgin Islands. 

The former fugitive faces an indictment in the US on charges of conspiracy to launder monetary funds from outside the US and unlawfully transporting those funds into the US.

Privy Council rejects Erickson’s application to appeal extradition



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  1. OG Ravioli says:

    I told y’all is only one boss and that’s no affiliation status og world wide!

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  2. Woke says:

    I believe he will have more charges dropped on him…watch!

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  3. Jso says:

    Its about time ?

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  4. hmm says:

    so its just money laundering no drugs trafficking nor killings. he will be free. but I’m sure they will try to add more charges.

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  5. Laura says:

    Time is longer than rope so every dog has its day! There is more to come…

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  6. Indictment hearing says:

    Additional criminal charges will be added at this hearing now that he has entered the US criminal justice system.

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    Parents, family, and others need to speak up when their children, family, whatever that person is to you is doing wrong.

    It’s HYPOCRITICAL to call out wrong where others are concerned but encouraging your “loved one’s” foolishness including those violent music videos – YOU ALL ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    This applies to everyone not just this matter.


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  8. A lot more need a helicopter ride says:

    I hope he enjoyed the view courtesy of the U.S. because it may be quite a while before he flies again.

    I wonder what goes thru people like him minds when in the moment they are being whisked away by force to a foreign land to an uncertain future? Must be daunting.

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  9. Hbh says:

    Who goin’ sponsor me and my hypocrisy now? I need more liquor and ⛽️ with my fake @$$ r@sta want to be show….troubbbbbbbble…..cock-a-doodle-do…oh no not in the ‘studio’….

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  10. Lol says:

    You still sleeping with his father for money?

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  11. S$S says:

    Time for we the team to take over now now he gone lol

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  12. @ Jso says:

    You still sleeping with his father for money?

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  13. @OG Ravioli says:

    U mean og ravioli the clown with the old Benz

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  14. Hmmm says:

    He looks stressed!

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  15. Boy says:

    He go get a man in prison. That Batty go ball…

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  16. Uncle Sam says:

    Slap him with all these charges now Uncle Sam. This dood knows a lot ,so make sure you guys let him speak. One wicked young man. Am wondering what he’s going to tell the almighty of all this wrong that he has done to others.

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  17. One eye rooster says:

    You must be speaking from experience

  18. It’s coming says:

    He won’t be too happy when he gets the mainland federal prisons. He won’t be getting no country club facility, he going to the dogs.

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  19. Stop says:

    Using people name in alyo mix up.

  20. No shame says:

    No shame Js have with her worthless a**, sleeping with all these old men for nothing but name sake ????

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  21. No more rumors says:

    I guess there won’t be anymore rumors every two weeks that he’s coming out to rejoin the turn up crew in the club scene. Sorry to all his fans. I guess hustlers do fold. Who going give big face for HNF money now for her to pretend she’s a baller?

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  22. Lmao says:

    These comments epic

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  23. Rock jail says:

    He here wid we but he quiet no f**k dawg I gon squeeze he lil muddask**t

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  24. he have money??? says:

    What money the father have? Strrruuuupes!! Ask wa she name for wa he name way the money gone!!

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  25. @ “he have money???” says:

    I sure the commenter meant the usual $40 deposit in the h**ry bank. Nothing big.

  26. Bofl says:

    Guess he will leave Uncle Kal in charge. Raysa now is the time to get back with him! Money coming in girl lmaoooooooo

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  27. HAHAHAHA says:

    Ayo worried bout the wrong set a people what bout the O´n especially the hot P**** sister! I so glad that boy leave she her lying self nothing could tell a tale like the SNAKE she is!! oh and I here is she cousin N**a gone with her man!!

  28. Lmfao says:

    The only person bumpy does boss up is he woman who does hand he with old man

  29. M** says:

    Dem say he * like boys younger than her son, she gone with her man yes

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  30. Free says:

    Free Nyron

  31. Editing says:

    Owner please stop editing these comments and names. Freedom of speech!

  32. @ Lmfao says:

    Boss up. Beat down. Pull out her hair. Drag her. Yet the clown is still on Tortola up and down with him with her deflated @$$ and fake designer.

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