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ESHS student fined $1K for negligence on public road

An Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) student was slapped with a $1,000 fine after his negligence nearly cost him his life and that of others on January 19.

The minor, whose name is being withheld to protect his identity, pleaded guilty to driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving an uninsured vehicle, driving without a driver’s license and driving without the front and back identification plates.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo ordered the youngster to pay the sum by October 23.

A breakdown of the penalty shows the offender receiving a $100 fine for driving an unlicensed vehicle, $500 for the offence of driving an uninsured car, $200 for driving without a driver’s license, and another $200 for driving without front and back identification plates.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that about 8:21 am on the day in question, the accused teen was driving in an easterly direction in the Pockwood Pond area on a motor scooter.

His lack of attention on the road reportedly caused his scooter to collide with a jeep that was making a right turn into the R&R Malone Complex, the court heard. 

The court heard that the collision caused him to be thrown off the bike and sustain serious injuries while the scooter, which went in the opposite direction, burst into flames.

Police officers arrived on the scene shortly after and launched an investigation.

He was subsequently charged with the aforementioned offences.

Lucky to be alive

Magistrate DaBreo told the teenager he is “lucky to be alive”. 

The court then told the young offender’s father, who was present in court, to discipline his son and ensure that he pays the fines.

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  1. Yes says:

    Take his little fast A** behind on the waterfront, strip him down and soak his little behind with a wet piece of rope for all to see. Bet he will think before doing something like that again.

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    • Agree says:

      A good beating in public. What he did was dangerous and reckless. I love the way the Judge handled it. He can’t pay back the fine. It is the parent responserbility to pay the fine. Thank you Judge. They underage and do something STUPID,sock it to the parents in their pockets.

      Like 17
      • And guess what says:

        If the parents don’t pay the $ 1,000 on the due date, drag the parents to jail and slap a extra $ 1,000 on what is already owed. Forbid, when one of those illegal scooter riders run down or seriously hurt a offical child or family, then they will do something about it.

        • OK says:

          But while parents are responsible for their children, making parents pay the fine does not necessarily mean the child will learn. I’d have given the 6 months of community service. Spend every week-end picking up trash by the side of the road. I would also have ordered mandatory driver’s ed, and would have suspended ay driving license until he is 21.

    • Bring says:

      back the “Cat-O Nine Tail.”

  2. just amaze says:

    Unfortunately this young man is just one of many who need to be shut down . Lives , property , and respect for the law are in play here .

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  3. Wake up says:

    That is just one of the many who are out there putting peoples lives at stake daily and to make it worst there are parents who are buying these little teenage boy these scooters to go and terrorize people on the public road. The parents should also be charged, that is reckless endangerment of a minor.

    Like 15
    • True says:

      When the little crumb snatchers go out here and cause havoc with the scooters the parents should be tossed in jail and held responsable. I know one thing, one of the crumb snatchers causes any type of problem or hurt one of my family with those illegal scooters, I am going after the scooter rider parents with…s blazing.

      Like 11
  4. What do you expect says:

    Many will not believe it but if this territory want to stop all these children on bikes they can do it easily. I watch police pass these children on bike swerving through traffic without helmets and they do nothing. I even see one that was not wearing a helmet run a stop light and the police in front just continue on their way.

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  5. welsa says:

    I think when these young people are caught in these situations relating to unlawful operation of scooters, they should be forced to take road safety classes and made to make a public service announcement/presentation which is on television and across social media speaking of the ills and dangers to self and others of operating these bikes recklessly. Failing this, straight to jail.

  6. @Welsa says:

    I am with you on this all the way. But, they will go to jail for sure.They are to dumb therefore they will fail.Most of them can hardly spell their names the correct way or write a sentence.

  7. What!!!! says:

    And it will continue so long as the police ignore these young fools.A police presence at the CTL school building would catch plenty of them breaking the law but a blind eye is turned as usual as said above police see them all the time and do nothing.

  8. Cost effective says:

    Being caught with no driving licence $200 – not much of a punishment

  9. BullDawg says:

    I agree with the previous comments.
    Imagine you in a close up car not even speeding but you just forgot to put on your seat belt, then you would see how fast you get a ticket.
    Those cycle men hardly have helmets and they also sometimes have cell phones in their hands and never get stopped from the cops.
    So unfair.

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