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ESHS students involved in another public fight

A security guard is captured trying to stop a brawl among female students on Monday, March 19.

Students at Elmore Stoutt High School have been captured in yet another public fight.

The latest incident happened outside RiteWay supermarket in Pasea Estate on Monday afternoon.

Amateur footage of the brawl shows two female students exchanging what can be described as vicious blows on to the other.

Within seconds of the near-minute long video, a third female student lunged into the fight and began to attack one of the brawling students.

Residents and security guards were seen trying to stop the fight. But as the adults tried to make peace, the determined students were seen advancing towards each other to prolong the brawl.

It took at least three adults to restrain the students in question, one of who could be heard using indecent language. This apparently delighted other students who congregated to witness the spectacle.

Public fights and unruliness have seemingly become a common occurrence among ESHS students.

Residents and business operators continue to express concern about these incidents and have been calling on the parents and Ministry of Education to intervene.

Control your kids | No tolerance from ministry

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  1. Hah says:

    The parents should be ashamed of the little a———-ls they let loose on society. Public fighting and swearing. Say what you this is a refection of the parents and the way they raised these imbeciles.

    • Tame dem wild cats says:

      Who that — —- girl is buddy? She came from nowhere and jump in the fight adding fire to fury. She needs the most punishment with her fowl mouth. Then minutes after another one was brewing…

    • Um says:

      Dont blame the parents blame the govt for it is they who tell the teachers to call sdb if there is any mark of violence on kids. Parents do not want any trouble with the law so all they can do is talk to their kids but will the kids listen i dont think so. I know for sure no parents want their kids to behave bad but what can they do. They are afraid to give their kids some whipping.

    • Anegada cry says:

      I agree with you.. but you know me and you will be unpopular for saying that..

    • Hmm says:

      I won’t say that. Society influence these kids to be different from their parents rare them up to be.

      • Well well says:

        Im not sure why adults here are disliking some the blogs when they know for sure that the parents never raised their kids like that. Did these kids involve in the fight parents told them to go and fight and swear??? Their parents send them to school to learn. On these same news site they castrate a man for hitting his own son.

  2. You sure ? says:

    We’re those adults really trying to make peace ? From what I saw in the video two women were trying to hit and choke one of those girls, the only people making peace is the guards everybody else was escalating the altercation.

    • Really says:

      Now tell me how that made sense in your head ??? The two ladies had to try their hardest to get them apart ! It’s not the matter of them trying to beat on them more , she was trying to get them off of one another . And is best she had cut their lil asses because y’all parents can’t seem to do so y’all self ????
      Children’s nowadays sounding like they’re their own mother/father and the actual parents are the children ????????‍♀️ You all are stupid and I don’t care if you want to say anything against what I said because what y’all talking bout I’m these comments is pure BS‼️

  3. Cousin says:

    tha’s my cousin. ????????

  4. Watcher says:

    Ban them from riteway! They out of hand now.

  5. Smh says:

    So what this have to do with bvi news

  6. WOW says:

    Look at that W-R H——- in the pic smh no d————-m

    • Make it plain says:

      We don’t speak in dashes no codes here. Sorry. If you came here to make a comment it should be one that all could understand, and plainly read, not be a riddle or guessing game. Come on now..

  7. Unknown says:

    Why ayo like to talk bad about us ESHS students ayo acting on like ayo wasn’t like us when ayo was younger and I sure ayo children gojng to the same school but still ayo talking bad about ESHS the entire school have put everything they got to make us comfortable in the old CTL building but yet wa is ayo doing to help rebuild our old school so that all these fights could stop

    Answer that question

    What are you guys doing but talking bad about us ESHS students

    • No We Did Not says:

      Actually no, we didn’t act like this when we were in school. It’s called having self respect and dignity. And if you focused more on your English classes and took advantage of what has been put in place temporarily to help your education instead of brawling, and blaming others for your circumstances, maybe this might be a different story. Shame on you for even defending this type of behavior.

    • Peaches says:

      You all were fighting in the old school before Irma. You all are just rude and disrespectful. Where are the parents for these unruly children?

    • Please says:

      At Unknown: The first thing we can help you with is ask you to pay attention in English classes and learn to write proper English. When you are finished with that…. learn to speak the Queens English then come let’s have a chat.

    • anonimus says:

      who’s talking like that?

  8. Gumption. Officail says:

    Idle minds Will lead in the wrong direction. The school system is too lose right now. They need to get back the 8:40am- :3:30pm or whatever time it was. It’s sad to see the video of girls fighting. I understand the other girl who said that’s my (Cosin) yet her parents should take the matter serious regardless if she did the right thing or not. Old school or new school (most students just need serious discipline and not excuses. It’s being at home yet it’s takes a parenting community like back in the late 90’s go back.

  9. good to great says:

    This is a bi-product of “leh we do dis ting”

  10. Wondering says:

    At least they nothaving sex in the pier park bathrooms. Folks never satisfied.

  11. This one opinion says:

    Honestly, it’s sad. On one hand SOME students need discipline and self-respect. They need to know that there are other ways to settle a dispute or disagreement. They need to understand that things won’t always go their way. They need to stop doing the stupidest of things for the stupidest of reasons. BUT WAIT….. SOME adults need to stop berating them. Stop defining them by their mistakes and start teaching them how change for the better. Sure they are hard headed, sure they are stubborn but try to help. There are many ways to skin a cat.

  12. My Name says:

    Why are u guys even putting blame on the t

  13. How It Going Take 3 adults, to tame 2 young ladies?, says:

    How It Going Take 3 adults, to tame 2 young ladies?, Bombocloth, try again

  14. Entitlement says:

    They Bahn here so they think they can do what they like! But the politicians don’t exactly serve as good examples as they just do what they want but try and make it respectable…

    • hmmm says:

      what been born here have to do with these children been unruly… these kids lack discipline and think no one’s afraid of them…. whether they’re from here or not…. where is Mr. stoutt when you need him with the yo yo belt…. two of that strap on their but will straight them but… spare rod spoil the child.

  15. Reason says:

    Not all the blame shouuld lead to the parents. The children or young people should own up to their wrong doing.

  16. Rainbow says:

    ESHS need new leadership. A new principal is needed

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