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Essential workers must reapply for digital curfew passes

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Governor Augustus Jaspert has said that persons on government’s approved list of essential services must reapply for a digital curfew pass during this newly-extended lockdown period which runs until 6 am on Sunday, April 26. 

The Governor said government’s newest approved list of delivery companies, supermarkets, and minimarts involved in supplying or delivering items will also need to get an approval pass.

“Passes for persons on this list will be managed by the Ministry of Health and issued by the Deputy Governor’s Office under the authority of the Curfew Act which I will sign,” the Governor said.

“Passes can only be used within the specified period and businesses assigned and only whilst on duty and is only valid to one assignee,” he added.

How to apply

The Governor further explained the process which persons will have to undertake to retrieve the digital pass.

He said, “applications for passes should be sent to the by listing the business name, pass holder, email address, phone number and general reason for the application.”

“They will be sent out electronically and people must carry ID with them to accompany the electronic pass if needed.”

Latest list and previously-approved list

The list of approved businesses allowed to provide services are bakeries, commercial farmers, water production delivery services, persons engaged in legal and financial services, heads of the Financial Services Commission and the Financial Investigation Agency, and commercial fishermen.

The previous list of essential services who may seek renewed passes include police officers, Customs and Immigration officers, emergency call handlers, private security officers and service providers, public and private sector waste management services, fuel distribution and delivery services and public and private sector social care providers.

It also included the courts, senior magistrate and coroner, mortuary services, humanitarian support, freight courier and cargo distribution, laundry services, media and broadcast providers, farming, agriculture, fishery and veterinarian services.

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  1. SS says:

    a number tattooed on your forearm.

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  2. Governormustgo says:

    This is bullsh*t. Why do they have to go through the hassle of reapplying other than to satisfy this tyrant’s petty needs.

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    • Because says:

      Because there was an abuse of the passes last time. They are trying to ensure this abuse does not continue so we all can stay safe.

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      • Mrs Smith says:

        Yeah so my loving caring Tolian husband can go out all hours to be with his sister wife/ side chick/ hooker/harlot otherwise he can abuse his privilege lock our kids at home while I am out saving lives he can go rest up in the house if Korah.

    • Too many to Count says:

      Because too many people have been abusing the passes they did issue previously. Drivers obtaining several passes and handing them out to family and friends. A nurse with five passes. Ministers getting favors. C’mon, take it seriously or unlock the cages and let’s rumble with the Beast.

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  3. Waste of time says:

    This is a total waste of time. Essential workers risking their lives everyday do not need this added beaucratic nonsense.

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  4. Onlooker says:

    Passes are necessary.

    For all the vehicles I am seeing parked at Onemart I really do hope that these are all delivery and government personnel getting food for those in need. I would hate to believe some got the opportunity to shop while others are stuck at home.

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  5. Musa says:

    Take too long to process

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