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Establishing sex offender registry being discussed


By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Cabinet is discussing to establish a sex offender’s registry in the British Virgin Islands.

Minister for Health and Social Development Ronnie Skelton told BVI News this week that the matter has been put up for discussion ‘on many occasions’. But, to date, no definitive decision has been made on when or how the registry will be implemented.

The minister said the registry would reflect local sex offenders but he also noted: “There are sex offenders that are travelling here (the BVI)”.

To that end, part of the considerations include having persons cross-referenced in a sex offenders database as they enter the territory, Skelton told BVI News.

“The ministry is interested in making such a registry but the problem with it is that before you make one, you have to make arrangements or alliances with other countries. We were never able to come to a consensus on how we are going to get sex offenders travelling into our country on to the registry,” he explained.

“That, I must say, has been causing the delay in creating such a registry … We are still debating it,” he said.

Asked why the sex registry cannot be started locally then expanded externally, Skelton said government is being advised by the Office of the Attorney General on the matter.

“It must be a decision that is fair and transparent,” he said.

Expose repeat offenders

Meanwhile, BVI News sought the views of the BVI Red Cross who recently announced plans to undertake a comprehensive child sexual abuse prevention strategy in the territory.

Director of the BVI Red Cross Helene Frett said such a registry is important but said some discretion should be afforded to persons who qualify as sex offenders.

“First-time offenders should be given a chance to change their ways, but the repeat offenders need to be on a registry so that people can protect their children,” she said.

Frett further said parents need to assist in educating their children and encourage them to be careful.

Some local men struggling with sexuality

Henderson Tittle, who is President of the Mentoring Anointed Leaders Everywhere – more widely known as MALE – also shared his views on the topic.

“I think we do [need a sex offender’s registry] because we need to know who is living among us,” he said.

“There are some young men who struggle with their sexuality and it does not necessarily mean they are bad people … If we know where they are and we know who they are then we will be able to minister that help to them.”

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  1. :) says:

    Hey, look who woke up!

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  2. Bias says:

    Better believe that there are perv females like that, but the male bias always supersede

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  3. ndp heckler says:

    Make sure that the TT monster is the first one on the list

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  4. add him to the list says:

    There is a big one who had an incident recently in a puerto rico hotel

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  5. Caramel Diva says:

    It is about time. Especially with this news recently of the young Taxi man having sex with two different underage girls. Father and family members who are practicing this habit without shame.

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  6. nervous island says:

    Now that will be a very big list. Will it be a public registry for all to see?

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  7. Stop talking says:

    Just do it.

  8. Eagle eye says:

    Boss go back in your hole pls

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  9. Lodger says:

    Cant see it happening any time soon. This hardly a news item.

  10. NO CHANCES says:

    ‘first time offenders should be given a chance to change their ways, but the repeat offenders need to be on a registry’ …. NO NO NO NO NO! All offenders, first and repeat – need to be on the registry. They all know right and wrong. Giving first time offenders a second chance just gives them permission to go and offend again. And who says they haven’t offended before but just not been caught?!? Pedophiles (which is what they are – all of them) need to be treated the same as murderers – lock them up and throw away the key.

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  11. Why says:

    Guyana treatment them as same like murder.. Guyana give them 2yrs or 3yrs life.45 yrs or 105yrs they have to spend before they up for parole

  12. May says:

    Guyana treatment them as same like murder.. Guyana give them 2yrs or 3yrs life.45 yrs or 105yrs they have to spend before they up for parole

  13. Yep says:

    Make sure the taxi man name dere

  14. Gerance P. says:

    Ah, what are they waiting for? Protecting the rights of convicted offenders. Yes, it is civilized I suppose. But, stop the insanity. Create the list for public viewing NOW and enforce their protection like their victims were protected. Not so much.

    Victims and citizens 1st. Convicted offenders 2nd please.
    Thank you,

  15. llllll says:

    They worrying about how to get sex offenders travelling in on the list?? That’s the delay? Start with local first and go from there.

  16. Do it now! says:

    Please include both male and females offenders as well as offenders that come from abroad with a previous record.

    There are a lot of perverts in this place and it gets sweep under the rug. It’s about time we start doing something about it.

  17. Diaspora says:

    A Sex Offender Registry is definitely a good idea. It is another tool to deter sexual predators and deviant rapists from preying on young minor girls and boys and women/men, respectively. Too many adults seemed to get a thrill out of preying on young boys and girls, especially young under age girls. Pervs!

    Moreover, this is a community problem and the community must. engaged to arrest the problem. It will require a cultural change, education and training, as well as government, NGOs, schools, law enforcement , religious organizations, social clubs/organizations, the “village”, and of course parents and guardians active actions. . Further, the territory must know who is penetrating its expansive, porous borders, along with those who come through the front doors. We must trust but verify says former US President Ronald Regan.

  18. Simple says:

    Just cross out every third name in a BVI and you’ll have a pretty darn accurate sex offender directory.

  19. Officer says:

    Agree 100% but not just sex offenders but ee also need people who go live abroad n get locked up n release or deported be registered and process before joining in community. As shown with the gut who work government and been living that wild life style a broad come back get a good job. Great for him yes but didnt drop his ways. Cant have that. They get process possible dna n officers n people aware who they dealing with

  20. Brad Boynes says:

    Those on work permits convicted for rape should also be on the list if not deported.

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