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Every bit counts: Fahie distributes $25 gift certificates

Andrew Fahie. File photo

First District Representative, Andrew Fahie has teamed up with others to give every child in his District a $25 gift certificate to help with back to school expenses.

Speaking at a meeting in his District recently, Fahie told parents that while the amount might not be great, every bit counts.

“It is just something that I go out there scouting to get for the children because I know that they are going back to school. Twenty-five dollars might not seem like a whole lot, but in these hard times, every little bit counts. So I try to get as many for the children in the District as possible.”

Fahie said under the initiative, every child who is in school is eligible to benefit.

“So, once you live in the area, you can be a registered voter or not, you can be from here or not, once you living here and your child going to school here this is for you. The storm didn’t hit one set of people. Where you from don’t qualify you for a problem, so once you are a part of the community you are going to be part of what happening here.”

The certificate is valid for one month and is redeemable at Island Services in Pasea Estate.

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