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‘Everything nice!’ | Unpleasant Sewerage issue rectified in Ghetto

The abandoned manhole that had a well of human faeces floating all the way to the top days ago has been raised and covered.

Residents of the Ghetto/Crabbe Lot area in Road Town — who, up to recently, were literally living among their own faeces — are visibly happier now that their sewerage concerns have been addressed.

“Things are a lot better than before. You can breathe and everything is nice,” said a resident and business owner in the community who only wanted to be referred to as Berna.

“They cover up the sewerage tank,” Berna added while speaking to BVI News on Tuesday. “They did it very fast. Everybody happy now. In front here good, at the back good … it (raw sewerage) never run back again.”

Another resident said she was also happy that she could now flush her toilet and take baths at her own leisure.

“Everything alright now, they (authorities) came and they dealt with it,” she said.

Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Works Jeremy Hodge explained that sewerage workers not only unclogged the backed up waste but also covered and raised the height of an abandoned manhole in the area.

Days ago, that manhole that had several clumps of faeces floating atop a well of untreated sewerage water that was inches from overflowing.

“We then dumped some road-based material in and around the area so that the sewerage could be buried and soaked away properly,” said Hodge while referring to the untreated sewerage that was flowing through the streets of the community.

He explained that one of the manholes in the community was ‘too low’ for the location and because of this, debris and other sedimentation easily found its way inside the manhole and clogged it.

Washroom upgrade

In the meantime, plans are also afoot to improve the public lavatory/washroom in the community.

Currently, the washroom is missing a door and the toilet is unable to flush on its own. Residents have to physically pour water into the bowl to flush after every use.

Hodge said the exact scope of works is not yet known but noted that discussions of repairing the facility were raised when Works Minister Mark Vanterpool visited the area to investigate following a BVI News article that highlighted the issue.

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  1. ndp heckler says:

    These pictures look like typical NDP

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  2. Hmm says:

    Why everytime a problem is addressed on the news site Mr. Mark want to fix the problem? Shouldn’t you be around making sure everything is straight? Yall sickening man.

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  3. BVI Diaspora/Enclave says:

    Is it not interesting that during election time politicians seem to be able to jump over the moon in one leap to put band aids on problems. The behaviour is insulting to the electorate. Government seems to be good at reactive, crisis management. Proactive management seems to be absent from the game plan. Did the Water and Sewage Dept identified the core problem or it is just treating the symptoms?

    • True....but! says:

      The electorate always gets the Government they deserve. Peel back the layers of those shouting about accountability and integrity (I don’t mean anyone seeking elected office) and you will see. The reality is most people want what they want for themselves and only pretend to care about the BVI. Unfortunately too many of us see election time as a period where we fill our baskets to the brim and hope it lasts until the next four years roll around. Don’t take my word for it, ask the many who are seeking elected office what they hear in the houses one on one. They will be on Facebook and ZBVI screaming about the state of road town, schools, fire station etc. But get them behind closed doors and you will hear what they really want and care for. The electorate will always get the Government they deserve, nothing more, nothing less.

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  4. Devon says:

    Good quality work there !

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  5. Eewww says:

    Bathroom looks yucky

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