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Evil increasing: Pastors warn BVI may be punished

A praying Reverend Dr Job Webb from Calvery Wesleyan Holiness Church

A praying Reverend Dr Job Webb from Calvery Wesleyan Holiness Church

Persons in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are being warned that they may lose – among other things – their houses and land.

That is because evil is increasing in the territory, said Pastor Calvin Mills from the Church of God Holiness, as well as Reverend Dr Job Webb from Calvary Wesleyan Holiness Church.

“God has blessed us over the years, but I remind you what he’s blessed us with can be gone in a day; can be gone in a few hours,” Pastor Mills declared.

“He (God) just have to allow the wind of adversity to blow; he just have to give the enemy access to come in and to shake the land, and our prosperity would be gone; our houses would be gone; our tall buildings would be gone; our gardens would be gone; our economy would be gone.”

Pastor Mills further claimed that the BVI has been losing its godliness due to its level of prosperity.

He warned that the territory may eventually be punished in the same way Israel- according to the Bible – was punished.

“Our sins have separated us; our pride, our self-sufficiency has separated us from our God; and we need to get back to him,” Pastor Mills further preached during the second Territorial Service of Thanksgiving and Intercession held at the New Life Baptist Church, Tortola.

Reverend Dr Webb, in the meantime, lamented that evil is ‘increasing’ although the territory is blessed with – among other things – stable governments.

“As we reflect on our moral and spiritual duty, we confess that we are not worthy of the least of Your favour; we’ve not lived up to what is expected of a people who’ve been so richly favoured, and evil increases in spite of Your goodness,” Dr Webb said during a public prayer.

He continued: “Forgive the weakness of our resolve to be a better people, and for allowing our prosperity to erode the godly foundation on which these very islands have risen…”

 Pastor Calvin Mills

Pastor Calvin Mills preaching

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