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eVisa border system to be installed at local ports of entry next week

The territory’s main airport on Beef Island.

The process to install government’s proposed Border Management & Electronic Visa System across various ports of entry throughout the British Virgin Islands is scheduled to start next Monday, January 13.

This is according to the Ministry of Labour & Immigration who said a team from information system developers, Canadian Bank Note (CBN) Company Ltd, will be conducting the installation.

Minister responsible for Labour and Immigration Vincent Wheatley said he welcomes the project and looks forward to reaping fruitful results once fully implemented.

“This historic initiative … will change the way we think about the borders of the British Virgin Islands and how we protect them,” Minister Wheatley said.

“As I previously stated, I think this project is very important for the Immigration Department and for the territory as a whole,” he added.

System to push BVI among the best in the world

Premier Andrew Fahie said the new Immigration technology will help to put the BVI amongst the best in the world, and thanked the members of CBN for developing the system to the requested standards of local government.

The project team includes Director of Business Development Fuencisla Leal-Santiago, Account Manager Patrick Crotteau, Project Manager Anamaria Dogar, and Business Analyst Hyo-Min Lee.

They are expected to meet with a number of key departments and personnel to ensure the implementation of the full Border Management & Electronic Visa System is completed seamlessly.

Once the new system — which costs more than $6 million — has been implemented, transactions at the ports of entry are expected to be conducted swiftly and will allow authorities through the real-time technology, to properly prepare for persons such as celebrities or criminals coming into the territory.

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  1. yeah says:

    keep most of dem ilos out

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    • @yeah says:

      If only the US will keep all yuh out. The BVI is an island just in case you didn’t go to school. An in fact it’s a very small dot island. Stop the discrimination

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  2. TurtleDove says:

    System to push BVI among the best in the world…Really? ..did you mean catch up with rest of the world….It’s a good thing but come on man…..

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  3. Asking for a Friend says:

    How does this system work? What does it do?

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    • You think says:

      You think they know? This will be a nightmare for the next year as they try and figure out how to operate the system. The brain trust on the island is limited so this should be interesting. I say the system crashes within 2 weeks of going live and then back to the old ways. The $6 mil can sit next to BVI Airways $7 mil debacle as another great endeavor by the government

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      • CW says:

        With your bad attitude and STRUPE COMMENTS it is all but assured

      • ?? says:

        @ you think.

        The snide remarks do not help.

        Have you heard about the BOSS system?

        It was developed locally with the assistance of external help which now tracks the ultimate Beneficial Ownership of all companies registered at Financial Services Commission (FSC).

        With every new system developed, there will be initial problems. Apparently the BOSS system is working out and other countries are waiting in line to purchase it to do similar work. This means some coins for BVI Treasury.

        Similarly, if the eVisa system was from scratch or was modification with special features for the BVI, the eVisa system will become the envy of BVI. Again BVI will be the trail blazer. I must quickly add that I do not know if this eVisa system is developed from scratch or modification of an already built one.

        However, the eVisa system will be connected to the new immigration and labour border system. The new immigration and labour border system will monitor the traffic of persons to the BVI for pleasure, business, work, study, external travel to elsewhere and potential deportees for having violating nationality, immigration and labour permits and other crimes here; and such monitoring and exchange of information with other law enforcement agencies globally are standard reasons for developing a comprehensive electronic system.

      • Magoo says:

        Speak of witch where dat 7.2 report. Why them sitting on the report. We gots to know

      • Lodger says:

        You took the money words right out of my mouth. Is the cost in the budget? We were recently told that the airport was in a terrible state and needed $5m to fix it. Shouldnt they do that first. Unless plane, and later boat, manifests are sent to us from the departure port we wont have any idea who is coming until they get here, so how can we know who criminals, stars and vips are until they have been clocked in previously?

  4. Norris Turnbull says:

    Visa Fraud will be the game of the day.corrupt immigration leadership will not help protect the borders of the bvi.

  5. WOW says:

    Great initiative by the Government

  6. Lawyer says:

    Great initiative!! Even if the system crashes that would be minor for the talented IT personnel we have. I got stuck in st.Johns once I had to catch a flight and I made the flight because the whole system was down at all the ports (including the airport). So nothing moved. The system was restored and business went on as usual. So let us embrace the advancement of our immigration service even though we are catching up with the times. Better security for all is great for the country!!

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