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Ex-con recently released for attempted murder now nabbed on major drug charges

Less than a year after receiving an early prison release for attempted murder, 48-year-old Devon Dawson has been brought back before the court on major drug-related charges.

The accused ex-convict from Pleasant Valley was allegedly found with more than 800 grams of cocaine, 141.17 grams of cannabis, and more than $30,000 in cash. 

He was, therefore, charged with of six counts of possession of a controlled drug, three counts of possession with intent to supply, cultivation of cannabis, and possession of proceeds of criminal conduct.

He pleaded not guilty to all the charges.


The court heard that on June 13, armed police officers were conducting traffic stops, when they observed a vehicle reversing in traffic.

The court heard that the police officers approached the vehicle at which point Dawson exited and attempted to flee with a backpack.

The officers gave chase and caught the accused who then hurled the backpack behind a nearby wall.

After retrieving the bag, police allegedly uncovered several transparent plastic bags, some of which contained green vegetable matter suspected to be cannabis.

One of the transparent bags also contained a white powdery substance, suspected to be cocaine, while another contained a rocky cream substance suspected to be crack cocaine.


The court heard that when police asked the accused about the find, he reportedly said: “They belong to me. Can I have a break?”

He was subsequently arrested and transported to Road Town Police Station where the items were weighed in his presence.

One bag contained 41.7 grams of cannabis with an estimated street value of $417, while the white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine weighed 43.6 grams with an estimated street value of $4,360.

The cream-coloured rocky substance suspected to be crack-cocaine weighed 5.7 grams with a street value of $570.

House search

Police subsequently obtained a search warrant for Dawson’s residence, which he shared with his mother and other immediate family members.

The court heard that the accused occupied a locked bedroom where more drugs and $31,300 cash in various denominations were found.

Police allegedly uncovered more cocaine weighing 75 grams and having with a street value of $7,500. They also found another 720 grams of crack-cocaine with a street value of $72,000.

Dried and live plants suspected to be cannabis were also found at the residence. Following the findings, Dawson allegedly told police: “Everything in the yard and in the room I own up to.”

However, when he was invited to participate in an audiovisual interview, he refused.


In court, the Crown objected to bail, noting the seriousness of the offences, the possibility that he may not attend court, and the likelihood that he may re-offend considering he is unemployed.

“We feel that detention is necessary in this respect, not only for the defendant himself but for the public at large. Our borders are porous, somewhat open, and he is in a position to move as he feels,” the Crown argued.

Dawson’s attorney, Stephen Daniels, however, said he believes his client is ‘a suitable candidate for bail”. He said Dawson is not a flight risk and stated that there were suitable conditions that the court could impose for his client to be granted bail.

“Mr Dawson has nowhere to go. He does not own a second passport,” Daniels said.

Following inquiries from Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards, the court learnt that Dawson had been sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder and damaging property back in 2006.

However, he was released last August after spending two-thirds of his sentence, the court heard.

The magistrate subsequently ruled that the ex-con be placed on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison. The matter was then adjourned to July 22.

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  1. Clown says:

    Don’t s**t where you lay your head, just another reoffender with no sense ain’t learn ntn in jail

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    • Bail says:

      This worthless piece of s**t is given bail he’s gone. But then again all Belongers commit crimes, get bail, commit more crimes and no prison. Crime does pay in the BVI.

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  2. Well, well says:

    They never seem to learn.

  3. Martin says:

    Thing like he need to be a permanent resident at Balsam Ghut. Some criminals are beyond rehabilitation. The debacle was to allow him early release in the first place.

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  4. Wow says:

    While so many, many, many with degrees, additional multiple years of devotion to career, intellectual, professional academic advancement and self development and decades of devoted years of service still aren’t making that sum of income per year.

    What a waste of human effort and a wisuse and destruction of human resources!

  5. true says:

    he should now be sent back to jail to finish the 20yr sentence and then add on the drug charges.

  6. Another one on the street says:

    There’s another one out on bail who masterminded an armed attempt to kidnap her own nephew and do god knows what .

  7. Forward ever Backward never says:

    How the h**l do you get early release from jail and charged with attempted murder. The people responsible for releasing him thought that he was transformed to a Priest? Well he showed them who he still is, “A Criminal “.

  8. realist says:

    Can’t blame him, no jobs availablein the place plus lockdown, government not providing stimulus or support, he have to support himself so … not saying I condone it but i understand

  9. Norris Turnbull says:

    Come on Devon!!!. Grow to hell up and fix your deformed life. Geez man.

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