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Ex-lovers plead guilty to criminal damage

A man and a woman who were in a relationship have been slapped with three charges each, after they allegedly assaulted and threw items – including a can of insecticide – at the each other.

Dwight Callwood is charged with common assault, being armed with an offensive weapon, and criminal damage. He pleaded not guilty to the assault charge but guilty to the other offenses. He was granted $20,000 bail.

On the other hand, Callwood’s ex-lover Shanett Browne pleaded guilty to common assault and criminal damage, but not guilty to being armed with an offensive weapon. She was granted $10,000 bail.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo ordered the former couple to get individual counselling.

In the meantime, allegations are that the woman went to Callwood’s Cane Garden Bay residence to visit their child on October 22 last year.

She fell asleep there.

The following morning, she had an argument with Callwood, who asked her to leave the residence.

The woman agreed to leave and started to gather her belongings. Some of her belongings fell, causing a disturbance.

Callwood reportedly became upset because he thought the woman deliberately dropped the items to wake the children.

He retaliated by throwing a can of Bop insecticide at the woman, the court heard.

It is alleged that the woman went outside and threw an item that broke a glass window at the residence.

In response, Callwood reportedly shattered the woman’s vehicle window.

The incident was reported to police some time later and the ex-couple was charged.

The duo will return to court.

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