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Eyesore to attraction | Community repairs East End court

The East End basketball court has been repaired. (Photo Credit: Marlon Penn’s Facebook)

For five weeks, residents in East End laboured to transform a community eyesore into an inviting basketball court for residents to enjoy.

Before works began, the basketball court was vastly decrepit with an uneven and broken surface as well as obscured markings. The material supporting the hoop was also badly in need of repair.

Today, residents now have an upgraded court which has been newly-resurfaced and coloured with a fresh touch of paint.

With the paint barely dry, the residents are already beginning to make plans to complete the gazebo and boardwalk in the area.

Commenting on the initiative, Eighth District Representative Marlon Penn said: “This should be – and I hope it will be – the catalyst where the communities become more involved in the … rebuilding of the communities.”

Praises for Frett

Lloyd ‘Akbar’ Frett came under high praise for spearheading the project, which he was able to finance by seeking assistance from a number of individuals and groups, including the business community.

“It is said that community is much more than belonging to something, but it’s doing something together that makes belonging matter,” Penn said on social media site Facebook.

He said politics had begun to creep into the communities and divide its residents. However, the Eighth District representative said he was happy to see the community spirit revived. He said it is this spirit that will help rebuild the territory.

“For once, we are united as a people, the sky is the limit for our success.” Penn further said, because of the undertaking, persons within that area can now socialize and play in a safe place.

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  1. wow says:

    good things

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  2. Swine says:

    You did nothing for the district boy.. Not another vote to waste.

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    • In the land of the Blind, the one eye man is king says:

      You obviously haven’t been to District 8 prior to 2011. From Trellis Bay to hope hill the improvements are evident. For anyone to say that Hon. Penn has done nothing in District 8 must believe that all of us in D8 is blind infact the rest of the Virgin Islands. Stop being blinded by hate and political jealously and be fair with our criticism. You certainly don’t speak for the voters of D8.

      I see Marlon as someone that has the ability to get things done and work well with others. He proved this with this project, Red Bay Dock project and the partnership with FIFA. He’s also a intelligent young Virgin Islander, one of the minds we need for the journey a head for our country. Moving the Virgin Islands forward should be our focus not to further destroy it.

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      • Aye says:

        Low hanging fruit are easier to pick! FIFA had intent to build that field long before D8 rep was elected. You said from Trelllis to Hope Hill he change is evident; where may I ask is the dramatic change? Georgie Hill road was an utter disaster/failure. The road works that we’re done was for the governor when he arrived and rushed by PWD. Just another one whom had the potential but rubber-stamped everything and is now quite thirsty for more of yet power kool-aid. You sound like one of those that got/gets the works ALL the time as is the case with ALL NDP incumbents. He’s no different from the rest of the pack of wolves he’s running with! Put that in yah Sewerage pipe up East and see how far that s.!. flows!

        • @Aye says:

          That’s misinformation, i have no dog in the fight I just believe in facts over misinformation. I live in Greenland and I know what Georgie hill was like for years before Marlon came and did something. It was a death trap with multiple accidents where people almost lost there lives. The process would always be debatable. Again we had shit running in the street in Greenland for years and he came and did something about it.

          As for the FIFA having intent and getting something done is 2 different things. The fact that it was on the table for more than 16 yrs and none of the previous representatives couldn’t get it done and he got it done speaks volumes to his ability to deliver.

          Your other rants about contracts and power hunger seems personal and you need to take that up with Hon. Penn or to the lord in prayer. All I know is what I see and that is progress on the issues that have plagued us for years. I would say however more work needs to be done with the sewage. That’s my loan disappointment. I am happy that’s he’s committed to following through to make it a reality.

      • Anonymous says:

        Give me a break. Marlon has done very little in this district. The projects which you have listed were more than likely worked on during his first term when he was trying to guarantee a second term. What has he done in the district since then? NOTHING!!!!!!

        • Take a chill Pill @Anonymous says:

          You obviously don’t live the same place other people in D8 live your lil click is trying hard to discredit smurf but the proof in the pudding is in the eating.

          Your hatred and disdaine won’t get you far, I see his commitment to our community and will continue to progress and that will continue to eat you guys alive.

          Chose love not hate. ????✌????

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  3. David will defeat goliath says:

    Marlun gotta go

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  4. Hush says:

    He got to go because he ain’t lining aryou pockets, he putting it in the communit. Go sit down you Swine and Marlun gotta go.

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