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COVID cases cause halt in all face-to-face classes at ESHS junior school

BVI News captured this image of ESHS’s empty Lower Estate campus around minutes to 8am on Monday, November 29.

This article has been updated

Information reaching our news centre is that the junior campus of Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) has been closed because of a COVID-19 incident at the educational facility.

BVI News understands that at least two students at the school tested positive for COVID-19.

As such, education officials have decided to switch the entire junior school back to online learning effective today, Monday, November 29.

Highly-placed sources told our news centre that this is to avoid any potential spread of the virus.

The Road Town campus was visibly empty when BVI News visited the location around 7:50 am Monday morning. On a normal day of school, students and teachers would have already been arriving at that hour.

While confirming the reports this morning, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley told our news centre, “we will be online for a few days to ensure safety”.


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  1. who don't hear will feel says:

    Ayo listen out and wait on the lobster fest aftermath results

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  2. HOW ABOUT says:

    Vaccinating the rest (50%) of the local population?

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  3. Secret Bear says:

    Two positive cases and the entire junior school gets sent home? Ridiculous. We can do better than this. Remote learning is not real learning. Kids will suffer from this.

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  4. Lb says:

    We still closing places as the first response to a covid case? Pure BS! This is going to be the reaction for every case or two? No leadership.

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  5. All lives matter says:

    How about you speaking for yourself? Many of the persons who are now testing positive have been fully vaccinated. So how will that help? They are passing it on to each other.

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  6. What!!!! says:

    just to be expected after the fish fry party,
    everyone crowded together at the festival grounds with not a mask in sight.

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  7. Just so you know says:

    I am assuming that the flu season has started, otherwise the 50 persons I counted with flu like symptoms at the school on VG all have covid. Please check into this ASAP!!!!!

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  8. lol says:

    2 years and no contingency plan at ESHS? Other schools just close a class.

  9. Let us reason together says:

    I bet if all school children were given a covid test this week, you will find that the number of positive cases are alarming. Unless you are very sick, NO ONE will go and have a covid test done. They will just assume that it is either the common cold or just the flu. Hopefully, if this is the case, then we pray that they stay home and follow protocols just as if you were told that you had covid. I hope we do not get an outbreak but sadly our government “spat it the sky” so you know what happens next.

  10. Let's Reason Together With The Heath Ministry says:

    Since the news broke months ago that the PCR Test contains E/O Ethlyne Oxide (which has been proven to be a dangerous Chemical) and this has been digging beyond peoples nose bridge close to your brain on a continuous basis,What effects will it have on the persons body in the future.
    Research and get back to the public if you care.

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