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Facts about the so-called Skelton political party

Heavy speculation has surrounded one of the territory’s newest political organisations which, according to reports, is under the leadership of the Minister of Health in the Smith administration, Ronnie Skelton.

While news about the party is few and far between, one of the things that can be confirmed is the name of the up-and-coming organisation — the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM).

BVI News can also confirm that PVIM has 25 founding members to include the Skeltons and the Turnbulls.

Up to recently, the party had already procured 10 candidates to contest the next General Elections which are constitutionally due by the summer of 2019.

Those 10 members currently consist of seven males and three females. Inside party sources have told BVI News that roughly six have never held political office.

Though there is no official word yet on whether Skelton is indeed Chairman of the PVIM, sources within the party, BVI News understands, have supported Skelton as their prefered leader.

PVIM is expected to officially launch soon.

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  1. Lol says:

    DSame s**t different toilet

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    • Not2Sure says:

      I guess “sore loser party” was already taken? Did Fraser get to that name first?

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      • Jericho says:

        Skelton and Romney are two names I would not let lead this country. I surprise Cl— S—-n ——- going run with them cause I know he will jump ship with R—. Shame on the Turnbulls. All of this for power. Wake up Bvi I.

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        • Jokes says:

          Are you kidding? CB Romney did more for this territory than anyone, tourism and finance now enjoyed by all. Do some research before you bawl out your hate.

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          • Um says:

            Whilst making sure — was financially profiting from it and making it hard for others to get a look in on some industries..

          • please says:

            That does not mean we have to let them run the country. They are not nice people. They will definitely be the TRUMP of this country if allowed to lead it.

  2. Luvz says:

    Wow! Election fever. Can’t wait to read their manifesto and listening to the speeches when the actual campaigning of the various parties begin. It should be interesting!

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  3. Not holding my breath says:

    Director of HR was quick to give VIP Candidates letters asking them to resign so I hope the Com———– of C—- get one too since he is making phone calls to District 5 voters telling them that he is running with PVIA and asking for their support. Up to the afternoon he was doing house to house in the Ghut. I’m waiting and listening. But then again the principal ain’t get no letter and her colleague ain’t get pushed off the Port Board but other got pushed off PSC. One think I know is that it has a God.

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    • lol says:

      Who told them to make a public announcement? Listen I didn’t hear the others make any public confirmations. They thought of the consequence before you spoke that’s strategic thinking.

  4. Dutty Dawg says:

    I would need to know who the major sponsors and donors of the party are before I give them my vote. I Dont want to get bamboozled into voting for NDP part deux. If King Crab and the Club endorsing these guys I rather waste my X on the Sunflowers.

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  5. Hmmm says:

    Here we go again. The four that held public office are:

    1. Hon Mitch
    2. Hon Skelton
    3. Hon Pickering
    4. Hon Christian

    Don’t be surprise if tomorrow you wake up to the news that Mitch resigned from NDP.

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  6. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The NDP government is in disarray and in a dysfunctional state. This whole thing is charade, make believe, Brer Nancy tory. The BVI needs and deserves a functional and stable government. The dysfunction is adversely impacting residents lives and slowing the recovery effort. All these alphabet soup parties, ie, VIP, NDP, PVIM, PUP, UP, PEP, ABC….etc are not moving anything off top dead centre. Residents need action and need it now. So Dr. Hon Premier D. Orlando dissolve the HOA and set an election date soonest so that the people can exercise their constitutional right—the right and choice to vote. There is a fierce urgency of now. Lets put country first, not self. Delaying the election unnecessarily makes it seems about self, not country.

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    • August Monday says:

      We will have the elections on August Friday, 2019 when all the school children are home. We will campaign on August Monday in the parade with a Troupe; we will do campaigning on August Tuesday at Horse Race; we will put our party banner on a horse; August Wednesday, we will campaign again at Jouvert in East End; August Thursday we will do the last lap campaign at the Carrot Bay Fiesta.
      Next day, Friday, to the pools we go — if any party still standing by then, vote for 13 good men or women. Down the road!!

      • Brad Boynes says:

        @Political Observer(PO)..I’ll take off my shoes. Get out in the street. Pound on a drum. Jump up to the beat. Grab on a woman, anyone ah meet. Look at she man coming down the street when the band just play a happy tune.

    • @ Political Observer says:

      We need to add one more party – H.E.L.P. Need I say more.

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  7. Exit says:

    At least Ronnie finally came a Chairman without an election. He lost the NdP election for chairman and took up his marbles and ran home. The behavior of Ronnie and his whole clan is shameful and shows a lack of respect for their own NdP supporters. If you had big problems with the NDP you were aupppsed to leave long time. Not run for an election and lose and then go because you lost. It’s selfishness. Both Ronnie and Mitch should be ashamed.
    Also do you all remember Ronnie back in 2003 when he had a little power as finance minister. The people could t wait to get him out of power and we sent him home. Myron, Marlon and all the new persons who joined the party breathe new life into that group and bring back people like him and Archie. Look at their behavior now.

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    • What are you saying! says:

      It’s very clear that you are a strong supporter of corruption! Divisive behavior and name shaming!

      The party in fighting has to do with power! And who can steal from tax payers! Why is it ok for Myrun to have already picked candidates ( Speaker, ESHS, Festival) and he didn’t discuss with his own members of his intentions! Where would they have gone, when he as leader already started to organize who is going to work for him?

      People wake the hell up, his dictatorship will surely if elected as premier come to bite you in the rear!

      Also to the new party, your views and behavior will not be much different from what we have now… it’s the same intellectuals with the same vision that is killing the country!

      People wake up!

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      • Love for My Country says:

        To Exit: It seems that I certainly live in a different country to where you are living. Ronnie was one of the best Minister of
        Finance that this country has had. Because of him all of us can enjoy the first $10,000.00 tax free! Because of him the taxi drivers got incentives such as tax breaks to buy their taxis! That was a Minister who knew what he was doing. Lots of the greedy ones did not like him because they said that he was too tight with the country’s monies. If he was Minister of Finance we would not have been in the mess we are in today financially, caused by some of the same who you say are breaths of fresh air. Facts are already out there.

        This country needs steady heads and hands to keep us afloat and certainly those whom you are looking to cannot do it. Who would give out contracts without trade licences and pay people when the work has not been completed? Is that good for this country? A lot more can be said but I cannot talk all now.

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  8. Reality says:

    Perhaps better to call it the Stuff Hope Integrity and Transparency party!!! None of these mis fits care about loyalty, honesty and transparency – just out for themselves and jealous of Myrons success so have gone off in a sulk – I wouldn’t trust any of them….

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  9. Skelton says:

    and his co—–t gang of politicians..

  10. Come Again says:

    Sounds like NDP reloading. Most of the names I am hearing are hot heads. They don’t listen to no one. So they will not listen after they get elected. Been there done that. Can’t make that mistake again.

    VIP not my first choice at a
    all but looking like the best choice right now.

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  11. Just ice says:

    just an example of
    incompetence and laziness unfit for office

  12. @What are you saying says:

    Why would he discuss anything with persons who had plans of forming their own party all along and were just around for information? You guys are upset because Walwyn figured out the plan before you could destroy him. The man is a strategist and 100 miles ahead of you and it will be proven on the campaign trail.

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    • What are you saying! says:

      Tell me how has your life improve in the 8 years Myrun has been in office? Do you have a car? Do you own your own home? Do you have a business? Ohhh Yeahhhhhhh you’re one of them that helps — steal tax payers money… you getting you’re share now so — is always right….let’s be more strategic — calls you in to do jobs you never bid for but you get the job anyways so — could get — cut out of the grand scheme of the pie!!!’nn yes I understand why there was no need for discussions because he always has a grand scheme!

      You better wake up! Today for me tomorrow for you!

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  13. BEWARE says:

    The backers of this particular party made all the money for building the hospitals, supplying the hospital, cleaning up the majority of the garbage after the hurricane etc. This klan is well connected because miss smith is always project manager for this particular minister. White head takes care of the majority of health work. James z build all the buildings while the klines furnish them. That particular custom man will be one of the biggest stooge that we ever will see

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  14. Voter says:

    If Myron is so toxic then why is Alvera, Marlon, Hubert and the base of NDP still with him? The NDP voted for a new leader and only after the results and because it didn’t go their way, we here all these cries about unfairness. When these same people were secretly plotting to remove Dr Smith from office where were the cries of unfairness then? If you look at the persons that have left or are leaving there is a reoccurring theme, i.e. these are persons that always had a problem with Walwyn but they never mind using him for 2011 and 2015 campaigns. Strange.

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    • smh says:

      Alvera, Marlon and Hubert??? The back benchers and the WEAKEST of the lot? Please!!!! They are sticking with him because they need a coat tail and they are hoping his is long enough.

      Walwyn is NOT for the BVI. Time to move on.

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  15. no not for premier says:

    wallwind is not a member of them investment klub

  16. There you go says:

    @Voter, so correct, can you trust people like that? Not at all. I don’t care what they say, I’m sticking with Myron.

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  17. Cromwell says:

    The sad reality is these individuals have been in power during the period everything went wrong, no government audit, Pier Park fiasco etc etc. Now it would appear that by running away they think they can distance themselves from the mess they have created, wake up voters.

  18. Chips says:

    The do nothings are running from the guy that has proven to be the hardest working Minister over the past two NDP Administrations. Like him or not, look at the record at his Ministry and it is very clear. To say this move is about country is very untrue because despite all that was said about Dr. Smith as Premier, nobody left, even after over 7 million was given away to some broke pretend investors but now you have a young vibrant leader who has proven to be a successful Minister over the past 7 years, you leave because you have the country at heart? Nobody left because of 7 million spent on an Airline that never flew, millions on green houses that haven’t produced a single tomato, no audited reports for years, 4 million + on Brandywine which is going nowhere, but we should be extremely concerned about the high school wall? I am very confused.

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    • Caramel Diva says:

      I Agree

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    • Be Warned says:

      Look at how readily you throw Doc under the bus.

      Thrown under the bus to protect and promote someone who never cared anything about the NDP or the public. Walwyn only cares about himself and his ambitions. He will run a ruthless and dirty campaign and destroy the party and everyone who continues to associate with it. Be warned.

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    • @Chips says:

      Let me shake your hand! I will take my chances with W.

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  19. Realist says:

    Just last week in Las Vegas a well known pimp and owner of the Bunny Ranch won an election with 77 % of the vote. This despite having died in the saddle 3 weeks earlier while celebrating his 72 nd birthday with some of his “Ranch “employees . People felt they were going to get screwed by any politition who won the election so they may as well elect a pimp anyway , dead or not.
    This is our same situation in the BVI where we know that whoever we elect is going to rip off the public money . We also know they will lie about it. I think it is time to re-elect Omar “the Cookie Monster ” at least he is the only politition who was honest about his intentions . Also since he is dead he wont be able to steal as much as the rest of them .

  20. VG Resident says:

    Myron is the man! No matter who run away, he is here to stay!

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    • Yes and yes says:

      @VG Resident, and you know it.Honestly, the rats that left was a thirsty bunch of wannabes looking for a come up in the political arena. Sorry rats you are not built for politics.

  21. WoW says:

    I with u Myron don’t mind the noise them want power them weak a**.

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  22. Quietly Listening says:

    I am reading the blogs and smiling to myself. This election is sure going to be a big surprise if the bloggers on these sites believe that they can make us believe that Hon. Skelton as Premier, Finance Minister, of this country is a bad idea. Frankly, I don’t care what named party he is a part of, whether he doesn’t want to work with Hon. Walwyn or anyone else in the NDP party. It will be a breath of fresh air because he is not for sale. He cannot be coerced into doing anything on any level that will not be good for this country. He is an independent thinker who does not need to be lead by anyone. Look at his track record. Find a fault with him as a leader and as a person who can manage our finances and stop playing the “everybody leaving NDP card”. Who gives a hoot. Hon. Walwyn is still in NDP. If you guys love him so much, vote for him. I will not be voting for anybody but Mr. Skelton and his new movement. He is quite deserving of all my five votes. Now nobody is perfect, but I lined Hon. Walwyn, Hon. Skelton and Hon. Fahie up in my mind and all by myself listed their strengths and weaknesses and I can go to bed and stop reading piddle because Hon. Skelton is the best man for the job.

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  23. VG Resident says:

    Yes we are all going to vote for who we want because that is our right as citizens of this country. It is strange though, that suddenly Hon. Skelton is so healthy and strong that he is vigorously seeking to lead a new political party and definitely has his eye on the Premiership. I find it mind boggling that he has instantly gained such fortitude! Just my thought on the matter. I sincerely hope all of the new grasshoppers (there were many before them) know where they are jumping and do not jump to their political demise!

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  24. tolian says:

    Just Wondering, will the whole party be as b*****d as Ronnie ?

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