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Fahie condemns bogus euro-news article targeting BVI’s reputation

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has debunked reports published by what is believed to be a fictitious European news agency claiming that his government developed a dubious cryptocurrency platform that has earned him and other BVI citizens “millions of dollars”.

The article reportedly carries the headline FINANCIAL INSPECTION: Andrew Fahie risks 10 years in prison for Virgin Islanders using his new app to “get rich too fast” and is said to be be circulating on social media.

BVI News has not had sight of the article in question but according to the Premier, it contains several links, “which, if clicked upon, are likely linked to malware” that can compromise a user’s personal information by infecting their computers, mobile phones and other devices.

And in listing “the falsities contained in the text of the publication”, Fahie stated the following:

1. There is no Body in the Virgin Islands named the “Virgin Islander Financial Supervisory Body”, as quoted and referenced in the false-news publication.

2. There is no bitcoin or other crypto platform in the Virgin Islands called “Bitcoin Revolution”, as quoted and referenced in the false-news publication.

3. Since this platform does not exist, it follows that claims that myself and “thousands of Virgin Islanders” have become sudden millionaires or are earning large amounts of money from this fictitious platform are false.

4. Neither in my personal capacity nor as Premier have I facilitated any interview with this fake-news website, and any and all statements attributed to coming from me – especially from any kind of interview – are 100 percent fabrications.

5. There is no media organisation in the Virgin Islands by the name “Virgin Islands Radio,” as quoted and referenced in the false-news publication. This is a well-known fact to everyone.

The Premier described the report as further proof that Virgin Islanders and thier reputations continue to be targeted by malicious acts.

He raised that concern against the backdrop of a similar incident he said happened 11 months ago whereby “a slew of similar fake-news publications were circulated on the internet and social media, which made similar outrageous and fabricated claims”.

“That this latest round of attack against me as the elected leader of the Virgin Islands, and also against the wider Virgin Islands public – and our Territory’s international reputation, has come in the midst of a Commission of Inquiry in which the Virgin Islands’ political status hangs in the balance, is very curious, and we condemn it.”

As a politician of more than two decades, Fahie has faced rumours of this kind for years.

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  1. UK Own says:

    Where can This Article be Found?

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  2. Tim says:

    come on, give the guy a break …

    if you knew anything about the premier you would know there is no way he can develop such a plan …

    He cant even open the BVI without charging needless fees on testing… you want him to develop a cryptocurrency platform?

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  3. heckler says:

    Some how i don’t believe a word this guy says

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  4. @ TIM says:

    Well he is supposed to be the savior of The BVI / I hope he don’t put on his boxing gloves or somebody could hurt / especially if he slip in that overdrive 🤔

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  5. Do we remember says:

    Life Token, the BVI digital currency.

    And a quote attributed the Premier.

    Premier Andrew Fahie stated: “The importance of blockchain technology and the significant benefits it offers the BVI are paramount to the Territory. We welcome this innovation with open arms. Our partner, LIFElabs, has demonstrated with their proven track record that their ideology is not just mere words, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them on the rollout of BVI~LIFE, our digital currency.”

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  6. Lodger says:

    It is common for scammers to attribute their schemes to well known people. Today the UK reported that the most used are Sir Richard Branson and Martin Lewis a well known UK financial guru.

  7. Them same white says:

    Friends watch them….bvi

  8. One thing seems true.. says:

    The boss and cronies become instant millionaires..Somebody knows something most of us dont know and some of us believe…

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  9. BeProud- says:

    VI-landers, for all the criticism some deserved, should feel proud of who we are at the core, what we were able to accomplish in such a small country. We should never allow outsiders to question who we are and what we have done to move this nation fwd.

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  10. Shut up! says:

    Fahie is simply getting a dose of his own medicine on a much larger scale. He enjoyed sullying people’s name with untruths for his own selfish gain. Take your reward and shut up! What you bawling for? You have lot more to get. No good self

  11. @ uncle ANDY says:

    I said it before / the guy is slick AM sure that fellow From the 3rd district got the message /I other words ( him got schooled )

  12. Again says:

    Every time Fahie open his mouth another l** jump out.

  13. This man is a clown * says:

    You destroying the bvi reputation so stop blaming others
    That’s all you ppl in the bvi good at blaming others for ayo wicked deeds
    By the way what reputation you talking about cause the way I see it some of you get none

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