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Fahie declares: I didn’t diss former candidates

Fahie (right) strikes a pose with VIP members at the 'Mix and Mingle' event

Fahie (right) strikes a pose with VIP members at the ‘Mix and Mingle’ event

While declaring that he did not intend to be offensive, Chairman of the Opposition Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Andrew Fahie this week clarified comments he made recently about wanting ‘viable’ candidates to represent the party in the next general election.

Fahie, during a ‘Mix and Mingle’ event, said persons were offended by the remarks he had made.

“Some people got offended inside the party with this statement – ‘we are gonna look for viable candidates’. Hear me well. That doesn’t mean I disrespected who ran for the Virgin Islands Party before. I don’t have the say [regarding candidate selection]; Congress has the say.”

“But we have to be honest with ourselves. Everywhere you go they are telling me as chairman ‘Fahie; just get a good team’. One thing I don’t do is ignore the voice of the people. So, I am not gonna let personal egos blind me from what we have to do,” Fahie said.

‘Stay in your lane’

The VIP chairman further told party supporters that everyone has a role to play in the quest for victory, and people should ‘stay in their lanes’.

“Everybody going to have their role. But some persons going to just stay in their lane because, when you are running a relay and you come outa your lane, you lose even if you come in first,” Fahie added.

Some former candidates who represented the VIP in the 2015 general election were among persons who attended the ‘Mix and Mingle’ event on Wednesday at R&R Malone Complex in Pockwood Pond. They are: Dr Karl Dawson, Sharie DeCastro, Irene Penn-Oneal, Charmaine Rosan-Bunbury. and Elton Sprauve.

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