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Fahie files motion to dismiss US Attorney’s appeal against bail

Premier Andrew Fahie

The attorney representing former Premier Andrew Fahie has filed a motion to dismiss the US Prosecution’s appeal of the bail bond previously offered by the Miami District Court.

Judge Alicia Otazo-Reyes had granted Fahie a $500,000 corporate surety bond with several strict conditions as he faces drug and money laundering charges. But the US Attorney’s Office appealed the ruling causing the disgraced former Premier to remain in federal custody until the appeal process is concluded.

Fahie’s lawyer Theresa Van Vliet noted that US Attorney’s Office had filed its Notice of Appeal (NOA) on May 5 — one day after Fahie was offered bail — and said they were in the process of obtaining the transcript from that court hearing. Van Vliet further said the prosecutors indicated that they would prepare a more thorough motion for revocation of the bail bond upon receipt.

However, Fahie’s attorney indicated that the US prosecutor’s attempts to secure the transcript have been slow. Van Vliet said the court clerk’s failure to provide the document to the government counsel had impeded the process of her client’s appeal and as a result, he is still in custody.

“While the delay is not believed to be of the government’s doing, the plain fact is that Mr Fahie’s bond status has fallen victim to a lack of compliance with the mandatory rules of this Court and more broadly to the statutory and constitutional right to a prompt bond process,” Fahie’s attorney said in the motion to dismiss.

“Mr Fahie was entitled to have this appeal well along its way by now. Through no fault of his own, that is not the case, and he continues to sit in detention despite a finding by a Magistrate Judge that there are conditions of release that will ensure his appearance,” the document said.

“Given that the 48-hour window closed almost four days past, Mr Fahie respectfully requests that the Government’s NOA be dismissed or, alternatively, that the stay of bond be lifted or denied to the extent is sought to be renewed and that he be permitted to post the bond set by Magistrate Judge Otazo-Reyes on May 4, 2022,” the motion continued.

The United States prosecution has since filed a response to the motion to dismiss the appeal stating that Fahie’s request is without basis inside the law and should be denied in front of the court.


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  1. The Reaper says:

    Look what you have gotten we into. BvI. Will never be the same. Shame on we..

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    • SIGH says:

      Shame on ‘us’ ‘us’ not ‘we’. There lies a bigger shame.

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    • Local says:

      @The Reaper we you say ,not me my head high.

    • Devon Haughton says:

      People. It’s not hard to see the obvious. TAmerica has a strong case against him and the others. Don’t matter how hard he tries to prove his innocence, the allegations are stacked against him.

      Now he’s gotta come up with $500,000 legit money for bail, then another $2-3 Million for lawyer fees and in the end he will be convicted and given a long prison sentence.

      It is wise for him to make a deal with the US, get a reduce sentence and go live in the shadows for the next 20 years rather than spending the next 40 years in prison.

      The evidence is too much against him. I’m a Jamaican, and that’s what I would tell another Jamaican.

  2. Madea says:

    Where he going to get clean $500k from?

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  3. Not defending his alleged actions. says:

    However, I do think he should get bail. The government has his travel documents already and the judge has already set out bail conditions including travel restrictions on his family. I do not see him as a flight risk under these conditions as the prosecution is alleging.

    Where is he going to run to? Back to Tortola into the UK hands? To an other state outside Florida? Highly unlikely.

    He deserves due process like any other similarly accused.

    He will have his day in court, and its most likely he will be doing significant time if convicted based on what we know, but in the interim, I see no justifiable reason he should be denied bail.

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    • Resident says:

      Bail!!!!! he is going to be out of the US on a boat to Bahamas before the sun has set.
      Travel papers????? he can just print more back here. and how many passports does he have.
      i dont think it will harm him to sit in jail like ordinary folk that cant borrow 500K.

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      • Sally says:

        You are so right he will skip Florida he has the money to get anything he will pay some one to take him to the Bahamas common sense stop playing blind people

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    • @ not defending... says:

      We all know if Fahie is let out of prison he will attempt to improperly influence any and everyone who plays a role in this fiasco. Be it by threats, obeah or otherwise.

      He is a controller.

      He will do anything to get out of this. And it doesn’t matter who he brings down in the process.

      He should remain in prison. Period.

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    • Really says:

      A fast boat from Miami to the Bahamas with his entire family and then off to Haiti. 30 minutes and he’s in the Bahamas. He’ll be there before the Feds can react and locate him. Not a flight risk? Get on with yourself. He certainly is and if he is released he will be gone. Whether he remains alive after that we will have to see.

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    • i agree says:

      totally with you 100%. If his documents for travelling have been taken from him. Being a past Premier and trying to fight for his innocents. I truly do think he will be a flight risk.

      So it’s either the USA truly do not a solid reason to hold him. And it’s truly Entrapment or other

      Now before you all get off on me. Yes i know all the evidence are there. But we all can not be that cold hearted and not give the man HIS due process in court.

      The judge do not see him as a flight risk. Nor do I. And i know, respected, and had and still do admire Mr. Fahie. We can not deny knowing his was messed up. He did do a lot for the territory.

      BUT Lauren Hill and other said “Two wrongs do not make it right”

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      • Father Time says:

        @ i agree

        This IS his due process. He is getting the same treatment as any other international criminal. Why is it so hard for you people to open your eyes to the harsh but necessary truth that this man has been a glorified amateur drug pusher?

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    • Bystander says:

      I think he’s a big flight risk to Cuba, Santo Domingo or one of the South American countries. If convicted he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison, so he has a motive to run, and none of those countries are easy to get extraditions from.

      I would also think he can be protected better remanded in prison. He must be at real risk of murder to keep him silent.

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    • Moses says:

      If he escapes back to Tortola what assurance would the US Courts have on him being extradited back to Miami? Have you forgotten the shameful episode involving H****? The US’s request for the extradition of that DrugLord was dismissed in the BVI Courts on the basis that * wouldn’t receive a fair trial in the US.

      The first step in moving forward is acceptance. We mush accept the fact that our country has been mismanaged be it through criminal activities such as which Fahie has been accused of or through grotesque mismanagement as witnessed by the lack of due diligence on the airline, the overspending on the Pier Park, the School Wall, the burning dump, etc etc. We deserve better.

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    • Not defending his alleged actions. says:

      I have read your responses to my post and respect your opinions; however, I remain unconvinced that the former disgraced Premier is a flight risk.

      As someone familiar with bail conditions such as his, it will be no easy feat for Mr. Fahie to abscond. Running off to Mexico or on some speedboat to the Bahamas, while possible will be no easy task for him nor his family. It will not be that easy and he would not get far.

      Furthermore I do not see Fahie as trying to run anywhere without or with his family assuming they were willing to go along with the plan. Its hard enough to abscond on your own more so with family in tow.

      I see Mr Fahie heart in the BVi. He knows nothing else, and I don’t see him running off to parts unknown. He is still processing what happened to him.

      He may have been very stupid getting himself tangled up in this mess, but I don’t think he is crazy enough to abscond. I think he is more likely to sink into a deep depression with suicidal ideation than do something crazy like you are suggesting which would only complicate/lengthen his anticipated time in jail.

      He is not that stupid imo.

      I realize many of us are really mad at him right now and wish him the worse. I understand. Im mad at him too along with the others. However, my feelings does not trump a reasonable opinion on his qualification for bail.

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  4. Granny says:

    As my granny would say, public a**!

  5. all the best Fahie says:

    The entire BVI already turned their back on you and the now so-called Premier hijacked the VIP party and gotten rid of most of the senior grassroot members.

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    • @ all the best Fahie says:

      You can’t be good in your head??!!!!


      He was a part of drugs, guns, and laundering money.

      He always talking about Prayer and Repentance service but pleading Not Guilty.

      This man still mocking God and still ain’t learn.

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  6. Too risky says:

    You may not see him as a flight risk but he clearly is. He could go anywhere and never be seen again. He is an alleged criminal who has contacts in the under world. He does not need a passport to get out of the states illegally and run. Very easy to do. It’s done every day from Mexico into the states and just as easy the other way around.

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  7. run run run says:

    If inmate Fahie is released on bail he will be on the run from several cartel assassins for the rest of his shortened life!

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  8. Espionage says:

    I cried when I heard the US and British Governments engaged and coordinated the removal of a head of state in VI!

    This I find abhorrent and nasty! An act of war at the highest level!

    My people you all are going back into servitude and indentured labor. NWO has taken your leader like they took co Gadafe. Wake up, no more warnings for people of bvi .. either you fight and go to war or be bonded!

    The Brits are not your friends, should not have gone against Russia with your sanctions, and you owe the Russian investors 30 Billion Rubles.

    BVI is a high state target to the world. Bad deals and DEA SELL OUT!

    Say no to federal agents on your soil, bvi should investigate all matters independently!

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    • @ Espionage says:


      This was long OVERDUE!!!!!!

      He believed he was untouchable while the country’s purse was robbed, money laundering, guns, and cocaine, murders all due his criminal ring.

      Act like you have some sense from talking fraught.

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    • lol says:

      @ espionage – Respectfully, you’re an idiot.

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    • Crazy Joe says:

      Ok then. Get your illegal gun out and stand and fight the SAS.

      What flowers do you like?

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    • UNKNOWN says:


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    • Amos says:

      Did you cry when Scotland Yard and the US DEA came to the Bvi to arrest h0dg3? They had evidence that far surpassed The. honorable Fahie’s conspiracy. The H0dg3 was arrested but the local judge let him go because “he wouldn’t get a fair trial in the USA.” So if Fahie’s drug lord, Lebanese Hezbollah, rodeo-co conspirators shuffle him out of Miami on one of their many new go fast boats back to the BVI will our courts extradite him?

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    • BOFL says:

      Let he take tha he too greedy… but i do agree that the Brit’s are not our friends. Thing is, our friends not our friends either else they wouldn’t be running the country into the ground.

    • @ Espionage says:

      You have tears to waste! Bout you cry.
      What you need to cry about is how our territory has been brought to its knees at the hands of our then leader who suppose to put all measures in place to protect our borders from illicit activities.

  9. most of all who you give stimulus and belongers says:

    Boy Andrew I wish you could’ve heard all these Judases down here now stabbing you in the back

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    • Yes... says:

      Fahie tried to the people with money and favors. But they were too smart for that.

      Corruption and crime does not pay.

      He made this bed alone. Now he should Lie in it.

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  10. The BVI people failed you . says:

    If they had put the same energy, passion and interest into stopping you with big Marches like they are doing now We would have already gotten rid of him from power, If the other members had stood up, he would have checked himself…When Heritage, Cindy and a few others were protesting against the corruption and oppression these people who protesting now were mocking them…This march they are now doing has no credibility, if they had march with Cindy and Heritage this March they are doing now would have credibility..Sad to say. This march is without credibility all about personal agendas…

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  11. Straight ballin says:

    Greed is what put he there.

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  12. Father Time says:

    @ i agree

    This IS his due process. He is getting the same treatment as any other international criminal. Why is it so hard for you people to open your eyes to the harsh but necessary truth that this man has been a glorified amateur drug pusher?

  13. Safer in Jail says:

    The Venezuelan drug smugglers that own him will get rid of him before he rats them out (which of course he will!) Safer in jail.

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  14. Side track says:

    It is amazing how the outstanding . So called people of integrity in this country is lambasting the UK and taking the spotlight off of the fact
    1. Premier called in the COI
    2. COi investigated and found wrong doing
    3. UK make recommendations
    4. Premier openly taped and video about criminal , illegal activities, involvement in Obeah
    We turn around now as a country
    1. We stabbing the premier in the back
    2. The NUG now leader couldn’t wait to take over
    3. UK want to destroy us
    4. Looking support from other Caribbean countries
    Not dealing with the real issue

    What kind of people are we … why are we not calling out wrong … glossing over , justifying, blaming …. We are in serious crisis of integrity

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  15. @side track says:

    It looks like side track to you but these hungry politicians are all about power and greed until they die. None of them have any morals or integrity. Take everything they say with a suck of salt. My reaction to seeing a can of worm would be greater than seeing one of those despicable predators. These ones are horrible people to run the country. The BVI will be no better under them.

  16. Emanuel says:

    Are we still trying to figure out where all the weapons on the Island coming from. That man has been destroying the country for greed a country he swore to protect

  17. All them corrupt leaders should be burnt... says:

    I can’t wait to see when Dominica’s pm turn comes.
    It will be such a joy.
    A set of drug dealers and gun slingers.
    A set of leaders that using Obeah to undermine the livelihood of their own people..

    Fyah burn them!!

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