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Fahie remains vigilant for Malone

Guy Malone on the job

Guy Malone on the job

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Frahie has told the government publicly that he is watching closely to see if an employment contract for Guy Malone will be extended for him to serve about two-and-a-half more years as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC).

At the time Fahie made his vigilance known, minister responsible for telecommunications Mark Vanterpool  was successfully moving a motion in the House of Assembly for the contract of TRC Chairman Clarence Michael Thomas to be extended for two-and-a-half years.

Fahie, while contributing to a debate on the motion, said he wants the current Chairman and the CEO to have their respective contracts extended for about the same amount of time.

Malone’s contract will expire soon.

“I will be checking to see if the CEO extension of time is about the same as the Chairman, and to see how we can do amendments,” Fahie said, adding that the minister had told him that the House of Assembly’s approval is not needed to extend the CEO’s contract.

Fahie said both the TRC Chairman and CEO have been doing a good job together, and he would like to see them continue to work with each other.

“From my investigation, both of them are [hitting the required targets], and they are both good negotiators, and I really commend them,” Fahie told the House.

He added, “I see where the Chairman is gonna be [further] appointed for two-and-a-half years so that they can continue the work that they have already started together. If the consideration could be also the same time-frame for the Chief Executive Officer, I think that would be a good transition period for both of them to finish carry out the work together that have started.”

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