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Fahie still being paid as D1 Rep but should focus on his case — Premier

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has confirmed that disgraced former Premier, Andrew Fahie — who is now to be tried after pleading not guilty to charges of conspiring to launder money and import cocaine into the United States — is still being paid a salary by the BVI government.
There has been widespread public speculation on whether Fahie is still collecting paycheques despite being in US Federal detention for a little more than a month now. However, Dr Wheatley put to bed the speculations during a press conference late Friday afternoon.

“He is still the Representative for the First District so he would still be paid as Representative of the First District. Until he is no longer the Representative of the First District, he will continue to be paid,” Premier Wheatley explained.

During the early stages of the pandemic and up to earlier this year, the House of Assembly (HOA) made provisions for members to attend sitting virtually because of the threat of COVID-19. Dr Wheatley was asked if he anticipates Fahie would try to attend sittings virtually and if the HOA would facilitate him since he was recently offered bail in a Florida Federal Court.

Focus on the case

However, the current Premier said he does not anticipate that there will be any virtual sittings of the House anytime soon. He also made his feelings clear on what he thinks Fahie — who has been First District Representative since 1999 — should do.

“It is my view that he should focus on his defence. He has a difficult case and task ahead of him and that his where his focus should be,” Dr Wheatley said while referring to the former Premier.

He noted that while First District residents are without their elected representative, the Territorial At-Large representative are endeavouring to ensure those constituents are not void of representation in the House of Assembly.

“Of course, we have said that we have At-Large Representatives; namely Honourable Carvin Malone who has been paying particular attention to the First District constituency to make sure that their voices are being heard. And of course, the At-Large representatives are representatives of every district; First District included,” Dr Wheatley said.

“They have a responsibility to ensure the voices are being heard in the First District and we are confident that they will be able to do that continued until there is a resolution pertaining to the First District representation,” the Premier continued.


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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    Of course they are still paying him. He is probably still running the useless bunch of poodles that are the one party state Government of National Unity.

    Only in BVI.

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    • Well Well says:

      I don`t understand this stupidness. Premier said that Fahie is still the rep for D1. He also said that D1 does not have a rep> He also said that Malone is appointed to look out for that District. He also said that Fahie should not be bothered about D1, But just focus on his case.
      He also said that this is the reason, I as the Premier will continue to pay Fahie.
      mmmmmmmmmmmm Did I miss something here?,,,

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Maybe that Slow is as dumb as a rock .

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      • @well well says:

        lolololol…this really cracked me up, but you are so right

      • Dum Dum says:

        The question is, who will have the balls to arrest him if and when he returns to BVI for the crimes he allegedly committed while in the BVI and against the people of the BVI? It is clear that if he is still on the payroll, the people currently in charge are also “on the payroll”.

    • PROTEST AGAINST THIS!!!!!!! says:


      Why are you paying someone who is behind bars whether he gets bail or not???!!!???!!!

      He is out of the Territory and expected to be for an extended time and cannot run his district as he would NOT be allowed to sign or do ANYTHING on behalf of the government.

      They must really want the UK to implement DIRECT RULE!


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      • belonger says:

        You aint see they basically helping him with legal money for his bail bond

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      • Friend of the BVI says:

        Let us be fair to the Premier Wheatley, the Constitution dictates that Fahie must be paid as the Representative of the people. Unless he resigns or the Governor suspends the Constitution Fahie must be paid. It is grossly unfair to let it seem as if the present Premier is the one who can make the decision for him to receive his salary or not.

        • Wow says:

          I had a friend who was a public servant who got into some trouble. They send hi a letter stating that he is suspended without pay untill the case says he is not guilty… So what crap Natalio saying. I guess this is a good time for my friend to sue the government.

    • Follow the constitution says:

      Constitutionally, Fahie cannot be removed by the sitting Premier, Government or Speaker. There is a constitution in place and laws on the books. These must be followed. I understand that Fahie must go, but it has to be done properly. Why Sowande being blamed?

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      • COI lessons says:

        Exactly. They just cannot understand. Don’t waste your energy. We all agree he should not be paid but then there are laws. We need to put energy into changing the laws. Simple.

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      • rastarite says:

        The governor must step in and remove him. Why should taxpayers keep paying an alleged dangerous criminal in jail and unable to do his job. OK, so he’s innocent until proven guilty – But his salary should be put into escrow until he’s proven innocent/guilty. If innocent he gets paid – if not the money goes back into the public purse.

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      What is Natalio waiting on.

      All he needs is a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE.

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    • @Rubber Duck -2 says:

      Just an addition to your part. Does anyone else, but me, think that, what was just dictated as some kind of Rule, is lunacy. Govern from jail? Zoom Appearance. No, he has to prepare for his defense? An that’s what it’s gonna be? I’m speechless. You just can’t make this stuff up. Does any of that make sense to them, the government leaders? I guess when you plead Not Guilty, you can maintain your space. That’s all that comes to mind. And in response to your comment, I guess that’s the way he gets to maintain control of everything. Slick. I get it now.

  2. Crazy Joe says:

    King Rat still runs the cheese shop.

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  3. Jim says:


    We are buffoons. The laughing stock of the world. We pay our criminal politicians, even we they are arrested.


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    • Poli.Farmer says:

      Setta buffoons we are indeed! It should us how deeply messed up our laws are to the fact that an elected public servant caught up in such a scandal is still rendered legally employees. The Governor and the Office of the House of Assembly is to be at SHAME, for leading the INTEGRITY of our Honorable House down a degrading spiral!

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  4. Reform says:

    As you go through reform, ensure that any other politician arrested in future cases, automatically loses their salary.

    He’s a disgraced jail bird who has dragged the country’s name through the mud..where was his smokescreen #bvilove?
    Politicians should be standard bearers of the laws they make not becoming rogues…but then, it’s a known fact that he was crooked….now he’s been caught…

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  5. Wake up people says:

    Representative for what first district??…. Well h**l…… he ain’t representing me …and I live in and vote in the 1st. I am so so sick of this story right now. Some of us in the 1st still have our heads in the sand…. just cannot accept reality. such a sad moment!!!!

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  6. Stop the Steal says:

    Inmate Fahie is now stealing money from the BVI Treasury and tax payers. He is incarcerated and cannot represent his D1 constituency in any way, shape or form. Stop all payments to this crook ASAP.

    If the Unity HOA won’t stop this steal then the UK sure will stop it along with other salaries in the HOA!

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  7. Please help us UK says:

    When does this madness stop? Please takeover UK and stop being so soft on these crooks.

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    • Please says:

      help us help ourselves…. Colonialism, neocolonialism and imperialism has never helped those under its boot.

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      • Except… says:

        …for, the democratic systems, human rights, modern medicines, education, water systems efficient agriculture …
        Et etc

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        • Anonymous says:

          Ha haaa!! Most to all those are Black inventions. Of course the white unknowledgeable, supremist and racist would suggest otherwise.

          What’s new?

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        • ... says:

          democratic systems – regularly used as a farce by Caucasian dominated super powers to meddle in foreign affairs.

          Human rights – Regularly abused by Caucasian dominated super powers to meddle in foreign affairs, while shielding themselves from standing trial for war crimes.

          Modern medicines – After willfully spreading diseases and decimating native populations of aboriginals & native Americans… hurray for Modern medicine. Let’s give all the credit for turning plants into pills, & capitalizing healthcare to the colonials & imperialist that you suggest are responsible for modern medicine.

          Education – Are you seriously suggesting colonialism brought about education? I laugh at such a thought though it is not funny the knowledge that was lost & purposefully destroyed. The Mayan calendar has 365 days go figure.

          Water systems – ah yes look at Libya’s water system.

          Efficient agriculture – unless your talking about slavery, it was the industrial revolution that brought about ‘efficient agriculture’.

          Beside that traditional agriculture is efficient, it brought us humans into 2022.

          Acknowledge the barbaric warmongering history we’re rising out of & surrounded by, or continue believing the knight in shining armor fairy tail in the finger pointing dance of war crimes & human right abuses.

          Black men in America being gun down by police on a whim or being perceived as more dangerous ‘super predators’ (Joe Biden) is a lasting legacy of global history.

          Colonialism, Imperialism and Neocolonialism, those topics are undeniably indefensible without lacking human decency.

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    • @Please help us UK says:

      To all who are daily advocating for the downfall of the Black Virgin Islander.

      Man, out of his mind, has produced and continues to create and produce weapons of all kinds and lethality for mass life’s’ destruction.

      When will he create weapons to destroy hate, prejudice and racism? When will he produce in his mind weapons for life preservation? Will he ever evolve for the greater good?

      How would/will UK take over help the greater good of Black Virgin Islanders and their future generations? Please explain.

      History continue to show otherwise.

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      • Really says:

        Sit down with your racism.

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        • Anonymous says:

          No surprise there. Yet to meet one white that accepts such truths.

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        • @really says:

          How is this racist? The person wrote facts and asked a question.

          When the hippies were starry eyed and in love chanting down the Vietnam war “hey hey how many kids you you kill today!” it took a figurative few minutes to find something to start locking them up for. Get them to shut up about that love and peace stupidness, and have their kids fighting in places like Afghanistan. They cant have a generation of pacifist, its bad for business.

          Facts so hard its sickening. Facts so hard they cant handle it.

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      • Well sir… says:

        As you are fond of saying to the down islanders..

        If you don’t like it , leave.

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        • so says:

          shallow. We have been here for centuries working for free, which made your kind rich and powerful. Now you got the nerve to open your ungtrateful mind and ask us to leave?

          Pay us all that is owed, then we will consider leaving. Until that is done, you have no moral right, authority or ground to stand on.

    • Mandaschool says:

      Unless there is a bi-election, Andrew remains the representative for District 1. You want him gone faster, tell the Governor to exercise his reserved powers under Section 81 of Constitution and fire him, stating he has not upheld the oath of office, that he would bear true allegiance to HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH,who has done nothing for these Virgin Islands. Name 1 thing. Set of African-rake-scrapes.

  8. Belonger says:

    This the type Of b*llsh*t the bvi would always be known for… B*llsh*t.. Cause that all the government continues to do… he should be stripped of that title I don’t care how long he been a representative. A man who have cause gun crime, drugs and other criminals activities to go on for so longgggggg in this small little island?

    Like yall not shame.. He probably got that obeah man on yall head cause yall ain’t thinking straight at all.

    Lord have mercy…. Ayo don’t learn?!?!!!SMH

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  9. Resident says:

    The BVI way. He was being paid as D1 Rep and Premier when he was allegedly meeting the DEA in Tortola, and on his alleged trip to Florida when he was arrested.

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  10. da man says:

    Who be paying for the bodyguards? If them introduce Hezbollah to head coach why they arent them being instigate.

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  11. here we go again..... says:

    It is my understanding that if a government worker finds him/herself in trouble with the law that employee is sent on administrative leave without pay. In the event that they are vindicated, the necessary retrospective payments will be made and they resume their duties.

    While I do understand that there might not be any precedence in this particular case why not take the same approach that would have been taken for government employees?

    The now Premier needs to be very careful the type of message this decision is likely to send. The Premier is also of the opinion that Fahie should focus on his case. What about the people of the first district? The people to whom he is been paid a monthly salary to represent.

    So why was Fahie only removed as Premier and not the representative of the 1st District? If he is not fit to lead the BVI why is he fit to lead the 1st district? Is it because there wouldn’t be 13 elected members in the house and we would have to go back to the poll? I see self interest written all over this foolishness. I hope the UK is reading through the lines.

    If this does not underscore the need for the UK to close down this circus with some level of urgency, I don’t know what else would.

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    • Son of soil says:

      The fact that election wod be constitutionally due sooner than later I guess a by-election wouldn’t be the best thing or simple dissolve the house and call the election even if they fire him still a by election needs to be had to full the void removing him from premier was within the party delegates but to replace him as district rep its a bit more technical.

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      • @son of the soil says:

        Then let’s deal with the technicalities in the spirit of good governance but to have him still sit as the 1st district representatives is disrepectful those that voted for me.

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    • You don’t get it do you.. says:

      ..this bunch of clowns is still run by Fahie and his drug dealing friends. They do exactly what he tells them to do.

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  12. Ridiculous.... says:

    He is ABSOLUTELY unable to perform his duties as first district representative. The current government needs to arrange a 1st district election immediately OR appoint a replacement immediately. Though it may be commonplace in most government departments, paying someone for doing NOTHING is not acceptable.

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  13. Please says:

    Rules need to change. If he is out of the territory for a specified period he should be fired unless on official or approved travel. District 1 is entitled to a bi election

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  14. 0% says:

    Corruption is the order of the day in BVI. Where in the world can a leader bw arrested and jailed but continue to be paid? What is Andrew Ffahie being paid for? Can he represent his people from jail? Can he participate in Legislative Council meetings? Oh, maybe he is still leading his band of blind mice which make up the fake Unity Government. Same s**t, different day.

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  15. Roger Burnett says:

    Beyond the immediate issue…

    If all elected members stood as independents, it would help to safeguard against the beholdenment curse of party politics.

    If cronyism could also be eliminated – and given the close structure of families in the BVI that’s a big IF – elected members might then have the courage to stand firm against corruption.

    • OMG says:

      The interwoven corruption of the old and new continues. What’s next unity Gov! Such a huge joke and laughing stock of the world.

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  16. SMH says:

    MEHSON all you bets get the 1ST District People to have a Special Election. What kind of BS is this? Persons working at BVIHSA and cannot get paid, but yet a man held under house arrest, facing criminal charges in another man’s land is collecting a salary. Come on! Cease and desist immediately! This Premier needs to get serious and stomp his darn foot.

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  17. Carrot Bay says:

    This judas and the turtles with them heads in the sand 1st district voters and he cronies. The crown need to siege them bank accounts and put back in the treasury. As for the so call candle visual in the district, people be careful you invoke them voodoo jumbiesbin the green cloth around them lamp post. PERIODT!!

  18. Yolo says:

    He is innocent until proving guilty so he must still get paid. Dont forget vacation leaves. Lick leaves. And leave without pay. I going base on government rules and law….there is a next one walk of the job. If you dont show up work for 5 day without telling no one

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  19. OMG says:

    Lord have Mercy on the BVI… Where else on the planet would this happen and be condoned by the NEW GOVERNMENT… Such a set of _ _ _ _’s. Just over the top idiocracy.

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  20. Due Haste says:

    Big RedFlag to UK for takeover immediately!!!www3

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  21. UK says:

    Monkeys, he man is he constitutionally elected D1 rep, he must be paid until his tenure outs.

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  22. Really?? says: are incompetent! Not sure how you got this role..but you are unbecoming

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  23. BVI Future says:

    Fahie needs a salary so he can prove the legitimacy of his bail money. Also, Fahie has the opportunity and ability to call names on those who are involve with this corruption; therefore, a lot of people will continue to appease Fahie.

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    • Exactly says:

      He has the dirt on everyone else, so he needs to get paid to keep quiet. Still no Government Employee #1 revealed.

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  24. Prior BVI Islander says:

    You guys are the laughing stock of the whole Caribbean community here in Miami and NY.

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  25. resident says:

    It would help by interrupting the current incompetent and corrupt arrangements which have resulted in the BVI having almost literally nothing to show for the hundreds of millions in government revenue earned and spent since 1985 or so. Terrible schools, poor healthcare, terrible roads, and raw sewage in Road Town.

    It would give an opportunity for some of the guilty to be investigated and punished, and for a new constitutional settlement which would reduce the scope for patronage and corruption. That is apart from the systemic drug related crime and corruption, which also needs to be addressed, and can’t be by the local cabal, because it’s too entrenched.

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  26. How common is our sense says:

    Please, stop and think what you people are talking. Don’t you see all over is having political problems. In due course things will be sorted and let the people do their best to bring the bvi back to where it needs to go.
    Stop this criticism, every thing has a law and the government is following the law, until is changed. Where were our constitution written? So please stop you all don’t understand what you are asking for.

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    • @ How Common is your sense says:

      You obviously lack basic common sense than to write what you don’t know.

      Natalio as Premier CAN REMOVE FAHIE AS DISTRICT REP!

      As taken from the Constitution:

      (4) A Minister other than the Premier shall also vacate his or her office if—
      (a) the Premier vacates his or her office; or
      (b) his or her appointment is revoked by the Governor, acting in accordance with the advice of the Premier, by instrument under the public seal.

    • If course, but... says:

      If Albert had a conscience, he would have resigned. Confirms what kind of person he is.

  27. Man from the 4th says:

    The 4th has been without representation for years and ain’t no one kicking up about that.

  28. Hey ? says:

    Can we just focus on real things,like FIXING THE DUMP.instead of focusing on someone in jail for life( I hope)

  29. Simplicity says:

    Just as anyone else who gets into problems with the law, shouldn’t he be on half salary until or if he gets over this hurdle in court? Or is it the fact the it only applies to the little ppl?

  30. The Reaper says:

    All of you need too be fired ….The Governor is a smart man just reading all these comments ….Stop playing with him…He isn’t a fool….It’s a Take over,England is in the Country,St kitts,or Antigua for me am welcome….Two Roots

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  31. Simplicity says:

    I guess they still paying Maynard to.

  32. Cry for the BVI says:

    The Battle for the BVI

    There is a Battle for the BVI
    Cause our Leaders have gone astray
    And have left the Nation reeling
    In Corruption and Dismay.

    Our Former Leader is in Prison
    For the alleged wrong he had done
    And the Parties that were reigning
    Have crumbled to the ground.

    We all are shocked, and sadden
    And feeling quite ashamed
    But we all have failed to cry out
    So we all must bear the blame.

    The Commissioner of Inquiry
    Has release a sad report
    And the information there in
    Burns with fire and with smoke.

    There’s many recommendations
    We are commanded now to do
    And all will be affected
    As the process comes in view.

    The UK hammer hangs over our heads
    With drastic investigations
    And threat of DIRECT RULE
    Is hanging o’ the Nation.

    Look at how the people
    And the Country have been fooled
    And now we all are threatened
    By the UK Direct Rule.

    Our Nation is in trouble
    And is fighting to survive
    And there is a Battle Raging
    It’s for the BVI.

    May God help this little Nation
    From this blow, it will revive
    This is “Nature Little Secret”
    The Battle for the BVI.

    Poem: By Phyllis I. Mercer

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  33. Lalow says:

    What I can tell you is that he didn’t resigned as the premier of the bvi nighter was he resigned himself from the first district
    If he should win his case hypothetical speaking he could he is entitled to all his benefits including his full pay as premier first district rep and ministerial position
    And don’t be surprised if taxpayers money pays for his legal fees…

    • @ Lalow says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    He is on leave with pay, just like anyone else.

  35. Me says:

    My question is the elected members salary is decided?If an elected member then become a Minister his-her is increased?We have Carvin&Vincent removed from minister’s post,is their salary the same?Carvin was elected.atlarge Vincent was elected as district rep.pls someone give me some clarity.

  36. Pay Attention says:

    Why should we be paying this absentee premier or prisoner, after he abandoned us and went searching for sudden riches? By his choosing, he is not here, are we sending the right message to our youths by paying him for not working? At what stage will we cut supporting his defense? Do we owe him a legal duty? Will he get a pension if he is sentenced to 30 years?

  37. Need to Know says:

    Does the constitution makes provision for 2 premiers? If not, why is TWISTED been paid? What is his salary?

    • Lisa says:

      Who is running the government? The former premier is in prison in the USA for a drug crime and he is still on the are paying two salaries for one job. You people are so backwards the ,,,UK should take over running the government.
      In other words a man or woman can rob, steal kill disgrace his office and country live in a US prison and collect a salary from BVI government. Do you know how idiotic this is?
      You people are a laughing stock.

  38. Lisa says:

    Who is running the government? The former premier is in prison in the USA for a drug crime and he is still on the are paying two salaries for one job. You people are so backwards the ,,,UK should take over running the government.
    In other words a man or woman can rob, steal kill disgrace his office and country live in a US prison and collect a salary from BVI government. Do you know how idiotic this is?
    You people are a laughing stock.

  39. Pure crap says:

    So you telling me no money for increments but you have money to pay someone that is in a jail cell sitting down for more than a month. If it was another public servant they would have suspend that person without pay. Politicians need to stop this crap. Stop paying his salary until he is proven not guilty. What kinda one sided thing this is. He should.not still be the district representative. He committed an “crime”. You all politicians sickening…IlUk need to clean up this mess right away. I have to work 25 to 33 1/3 years for pension. They have to work 4 years….no balance….I have to use NHI that keep refusing to cover things that I would need for life….they get 5 years of different insurance for them and their family paid by the government…no balance…We definitely unable to police ourselves…I am sick and fed up.

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