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Fahie: VIP won’t be pulled into NDP’s ‘weapons of mass distraction’

Leader of Opposition, Andrew Fahie.

“The Virgin Islands Party (VIP) is laser focused. The VIP will not be pulled into the dual leadership of the National Democratic Party (NDP) tactics of using weapons of mass distraction!”

Those were statements from Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie while firing back at NDP leader Myron Walwyn in relation to the ongoing controversy surrounding Walwyn’s eligibility to sit as a member of the House of Assembly.

Fahie said the VIP’s ‘focus’ is on the issues which he said are plaguing the British Virgin Islands.

“Issues such as restoring the middle class and reestablishing a vibrant economy where all can thrive,” said Fahie.

The Opposition Leader said his party is also fixated on restoring accountability, transparency and good governance through their legislative agenda such as Whistle Blower Legislation for public officers and integrity in public life.

He also mentioned other areas of focus such as making Cabinet decisions public; except for those that have security raise concerns.

Fahie further said the VIP is looking to introduce initiatives such as decentralizing government resources to the respective districts. This, he said, will allow district representatives “more autonomy … where they no longer have to be at the mercy of five ministers”.

“All these and more are the issues that VIP will be pursuing on behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands. The VIP will not allow anyone to pull us into their storm but rather we will pull them into our mission of working towards creating a better Virgin Islands for all,” Fahie said.

Fahie was prompted to issue those assertions after Walwyn named him and other VIP supporters as perpetrators behind a fresh campaign to discredit his political eligibility.

Walwyn said the issue usually resurfaces around the general election season — a tactic he associated with the modus operandi of the VIP.

According to Walwyn, he was born at Peebles Hospital on Tortola on February 22, 1972. He has called for an end to the ‘eligibility witch hunt’.

Since this issue resurrected a few weeks ago, Fahie via a previous statement, said the VIP had no hand in what he referred to as the “NDP fight”.


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  1. Ain’t Misbehaving says:

    Fool me one, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Orlando and his party have taken advantage of us for too long.
    Why won’t he release the audit?
    Why won’t he release the full contract of his $7m investment in that da*n airline?
    Why did the pier project come in so far overbudget and why didn’t he tell us this until after the last election.
    Why did his hospital sit empty for 10 years because of poor design or construction?
    Why are our schools still broken?
    What’s are our roads still broken?
    Why is our water system broken?
    Why is our power system broken?
    Why is our internet so slow?
    Why? Why? Why?

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  2. But.. says:

    …The evidence of VIP being behind the whole eligibility issue is there for all to see! There was email communication between the VIP persons and others and that’s what caused all this noise to start up again. So Fahie will tell us he didn’t get the email and doesn’t know who is really behind this? VIP laser focused on what? Who is Fahie fooling? All VIP has is ignorance and fear mongering, no real solid solutions or plans for this Territory, just trying to fool everyone into believing they’re all victims and VIP has the answers.

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    • @But says:

      The other news site said lawyers who are known supporters from both parties including one that got a contract from Myron’s portfolio.

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  3. venom says:

    This snake in the grass eliminated alvin, dancia and fraser

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  4. Newton says:

    Orlando and his party had their chance to lead us. Now we are left to clean up their mess.
    They did not demonstrate leadership in times of peril. They didn’t demonstrate leadership in steady times.
    There was no planning. There were only undocumented big dreams with shadowy characters standing off stage who ran away with all our money. Who can ever forget their proposed $500 million runway extension? And why did they give away $7 million of our money to an airline that could supposedly land on the existing runway? That’s certainly doesn’t add up. Am I missing something in their airport strategy? Maybe this newspaper can help us discover their logic?

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    • Wow says:

      The airport expansion started under VIP and will be done regardlesss of which party is elected. Stop drinking the koolaid.

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  5. He needs Jesus says:

    Sorry but I cannot believe a word uttered from Hon. Fahie’s mouth. I’m very sorry.

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  6. Apples and Oranges says:

    Dis Walwyn dude need to go sit he little tale behind down and stop making mischief.

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  7. Bailout! says:

    Foyee trying to pull himself out of this melee, but we all know too well that he has been secretly trying to bring down Walwyn because Myron is the leader and highest vote getter for the NDP. Be careful of the stones you throw, Fahie. We know you want win at all cost. You can’t be prayer walking and black-fowl dropping at the same time. Let the voters decide and be sure you have plans for this country. This is not about “I want to get in this time.” We are in a rebuilding crisis. Let me see how you plan to bail us out of this one, Foyee.

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  8. Period says:


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  9. Joseph says:

    It is possible that secretly Fahie might have his “agents” pushing the “anti-Walwyn witch hunt.”

    Nobody owns a witch hunt. But its effects can be dangerous.

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  10. E. Leonard says:

    Politics is not for choir boys or weaklings; it is full of deceit, betrayal and treachery. This political behaviour is not new; look no further than in The Little Handbook on Electioneering (Commentariolum Petitionis). It ( handbook) was supposedly written by Quintus Tullius Cicero to his older brother Marcus Tullius Cicero who was running for Consul in Rome, the highest office in the republic, in 64 BC.

    Moreover, one of the recommendations in the little handbook is Keep Your Friends Close but Keep Your Enemies Closer. Other recommendations are to be a chameleon, employ flattery, promise any and everything, campaign relentlessly with flair, be generous and accuse opponent(s) of almost anything. Elements of the handbook were successfully employed in the 2016 US general election. Tribal politics is a staple in US politics and is filtering into BVI politics. Winning is everything!

    The campaign starting gun has been shot. It is up to voters to demand a clean and above board campaign. Let the campaign be about improving the lives of BVI residents, ie, healthcare, education, economy, infrastructure, social safety nets, environment, cost of living, public safety, reducing crime, consumer protection, civility, self determination, constitutional review, economic diversification…….etc.

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    • Question says:

      We all know politics is a real dirty business and a lot of false behavior happens and people become hungry for power/money – but why in the BVI do we have so many pastors/sons of pastors desperate for political office? I just don’t get it at all…..

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      • @Question says:

        Every qualified Virgin Islander, including pastors/pastors sons, has a constitutional right to partake in politics. Yes, politics is dirty business but other professions are also dirty, ie, law, medicine, law, engineering…..etc; pastors partake in these professions. The electorate has to get engaged and stay engaged to keep politicians on the straight and narrow.

        Politicians have apparent power; people has true power. They are elected to represent people; they are not elected to be accountable only to themselves; they are accountable to the people who elected them. However, too often the electorate let politicians usurp their true power.

    • RealPol says:

      @E.. Leonard, now you enabling more bad behaviour in VI politics based on some ancient philosophy. Lol.

  11. I Know about it. says:

    Fahie needs to shut up about transperancy, look in your house first Mr. Fahie.

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  12. Clearly says:

    Expect more false accusations and confusion because M—- knows how to do nothing else.

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  13. SMDH says:

    The NDP is fighting each other and trying to make it look like it is Fahie and the VIP. SMDH

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  14. danger says:

    This election is going to be worse than Irma Maria and the flood combined. The funny part is…we all going to loose.

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