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Fahie: Walwyn signed fake contracts, breaks law


First District Representative and Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie has accused Education Minister Myron Walwyn of breaking the law.

The Opposition Leader claimed Walwyn signed ‘phoney contracts’ to repair Leonora Delville Primary School, which is located in Fahie’s constituency.

He said Walwyn signed the fake contracts to mislead the public.

“In December 2017, the minister — despite knowing that no funds were allocated and that no funds were available — reportedly signed contracts for the repairs of the school. A noble act, but illegal,” Fahie said in a media release on Thursday, April 26.

Fahie then claimed Minister Walwyn signed the real contracts in February 2018.

“However, I am pleased to note that after four months of the first announcement of the signing of the fake contracts in December 2017 that the works has commenced,” Fahie said.

Current situation uncomfortable

Fahie said Walwyn seems ‘not to fully understand the horrible situation that exists’ at the educational facility, which was ravaged during the September 2017 hurricanes.

He said students, teachers, administrators and parents continue to express disappointment about ever-changing timelines for repairs or alternate accommodations.

The Opposition Leader said these individuals are still being housed under tents, and are constantly exposed to bouts of extreme weather.

“It is not a stretch to state or to conclude that if more efforts are placed in solving the issues and not in ‘marketing the solution’, we will all have an early [resolution] of the situation at the Leonora Delville Primary School,” he said.

“No more marketing, no more gimmicks, straight talk. More action is what is expected. If nothing better can be done then tell us.”

Walwyn responds: ‘Fahie has tenuous relationship with truth’

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  1. BVI lawyer says:

    Fahie needs to be very, very careful making comments like that. If they are not 100% true he creates a serious risk of being sued for defamation. Walwyn is a lawyer, so he knows that as well as anyone.

    • Lordie says:

      But wait! Who do you think afraid of Walwyn?

      Walwyn better take a chill pill cauae soon he will be gone with the wind.

    • Sam the man says:

      I wouldn’t trust a thing any NDP politician says apart from M but he is just too young, naive and easily dictated too by others….

  2. Law who? says:

    Too many bush lawyers around here. Fahie needs not to fear defamation as its on public record by the said minister’s own spoken words. That is why Mr. Fahie could be so bold in his opinion. Signing a contract without any funds or intent to start on the date applicable with the requisite mobilization funds is borderline fr— imo. So what did really go down then? Is there merit in what Fahie is saying? You be the judge.

    • LOL says:

      The Government is never broke and can sign contracts with whoever they want, you guys serious? I could understand if they had signed contracts with individuals as a sham and then the real contracts were then signed with others, then that would be something to talk about. The same people that had the earlier contracts got the same contracts renewed to start works so where is the fraud in that? What am I missing?

  3. Wow says:

    There is no such thing as a fake contract and Fahie knows better. Man I thought these guys couldn’t go any lower with the political BS and boy was I wrong. Fake contracts? Really now? Come on Fahie, COME ON!

    • To WOW says:

      If there are no fake contracts then what you call when a Minister signs contracts where there are no funds available to carry out the contracted works? That is illegal and those contracts are fake contracts. Our children at LDPS have been taken for a ride by the …

  4. My 2 cents says:

    My peace these politicians need to stop already. We are TIRED of the bickering. Work together for the sake of the country. Hasn’t Irma taught us anything. Walwyn is doing his best. He isn’t God he can’t do everything. If is one person who doesn’t have a hidden agenda is walwyn. He is working his butt off. Instead of helping, Mr Fahie you are h——–.

    • To My 2 cents says:

      Stop talking piddle. The facts are the facts, if you don’t have the funds to do the works then do not sign government contracts, it is illegal.

  5. Political Observer (PO) says:

    It is a good best management practice for government not to exercise the contract and bidding community . A contract should not be advertised/negotiated unless the funding has already been secured to award the contract. Typically, funding for recurring expenses must be expense before the end of fiscal or calendar year. Nonetheless, a contract executed before the end of a fiscal/calendar year is an expenditure before the end of the year. On the other hand, construction and other capital projects are multi-year contracts that can crossed fiscal/calendar years. The bottom line is that there should be need for a contract and that funding is available and secured before hand to award a contract.

    Moreover, since MEC funds were used to fund cleanup, why can’t CDB loan fund be used to reimburse the MEC fund. Why does the CDB funding has to be repurposed? It seems as if the purpose for funds has not changed, did it?

  6. My say says:

    Why would a well established attorney sign fake contracts when he knows it is illegal. Nawwww, I don’t believe Myron would do that.

  7. Wes says:

    Somebody has a court suit, lawyer, and bank account ready to make some payments.

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