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Fahie’s attorney wants 10-year minimum sentence

Premier Andrew Fahie

Theresa Van Vliet, the attorney for former Premier Andrew Fahie, urged a Miami court to impose the mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for his involvement in a drug and money laundering scheme.

The recent court filing follows Fahie’s conviction in February, where he was found guilty on multiple counts, including conspiracy to import cocaine and engage in money laundering activities.

Fahie faced serious accusations involving arrangements to use the Tortola port as a transitory point for drugs destined for Miami.

During the trial, the evidence presented depicted Fahie as actively participating in schemes to exploit his political position, allegedly agreeing to allow the narcotics through the BVI in exchange for hefty sums of money, beginning with a $500,000 initial payment.

The agreement was part of a sting operation involving Fahie, former BVI Ports Director Oleanvine Maynard, and her son, Kadeem Maynard, conspiring with an undercover DEA agent.

Despite arguments from the defence about the lack of definitive evidence of cocaine or any substances transported, the jury’s decision led to Fahie’s conviction.

The sentencing, now set for August 2024, has sparked much debate and curiosity locally, including on the involvement of alleged Lebanese Hezbollah operatives in the case, a detail Fahie’s lawyer claims was misrepresented in the prosecution’s narrative.

Van Vliet called for the removal of references to Hezbollah from the pre-sentence report, describing them as “prejudicial and inflammatory”.

The court filing by Van Vliet also pointed to a “side deal” involving over 60 kilograms of cocaine, which Fahie purportedly did not know of.

The defence’s motion for a lesser sentence was rooted in what they describe as Fahie’s limited understanding and minor role in the overall scheme.

Despite the serious nature of the charges, Fahie’s counsel argued that his life’s work and contribution to society, particularly in education and community service in the BVI, should be considered when deciding his fate.


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  1. maria louisa varlack says:

    bvi ministry of finance. the offshore industry. tax haven. tax evaders. all this white collor crime in the british virgin islands. now everybody born in the british virgin islands, we are all going to suffer.

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  2. 10 years?? says:

    10 years minimum? lmfao

    yall had the chance to plea guilty with all that evidence against you and now you want a minimum of 10 years??

    piece of advice head coach: Tie that soap to yuh hand! Big Bruce is waiting

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  3. Kokane says:

    I say give him 5 years cause it was entrapment.

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    • Rose says:

      @Kokane; so what would they give me then? I pleaded guilty and gave evidence against him, remember? He wasted the court’s time and they found him guilty. So I expecting 5, so he could never get the same as me. If they do that, I’ll take them to court and win. I’m serious!

    • @Kokane says:

      Do you know what entrapment is?

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  4. Really? says:

    It is up to the sentencing judge to hand down the sentence not the Attorney. The judge can sentence Fahie to 20 years in jail. Which ever way it goes, fat Albert will be spending a couple of years in Federal prison in the US and will not be coming back to the BVI any time soon.

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    • @Really? says:

      When Fahie returns to the BVI he will be an old broken disgraced fallen from grace man. What a man sow he shall reap…

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  5. Resident says:

    place your bets folks, I say they will want to make an example out of him, he’ll get 20 years because he fought the case and wasted the court’s time

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  6. Feed up says:

    Lock him up and throw away they key, he is a disgrace to himself and the people of the bvi.

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  7. SMH says:

    10yr minimum – meaning she wants him to get more than 10yrs. Big difference between minimum sentencing and maximum sentencing. Let’s see how this one works out.

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    • Junie says:

      Not that she WANTS him to get more than 10 years minimum. She realizes that it’s very likely that he’s looking at plenty more than 10 years as the minimum he must spend before he’s eligible for parole. Based on what I read earlier, the penalty for the most serious of the charges, carries a maximum of life imprisonment.

      So, at this point, she’s arguing for him to have to spend the least number of years. To make it simpler, she wants the sentencing judge to say to her client for eg is ‘Mr Fahie, I hereby sentence you to incarceration for a period of BLANK years to life however, you must serve a minimum of 10 years of incarceration before you are eligible for parole’

      If she’s able to persuade the sentencing judge to see it her way, then head coach will spend 10 years incarcerated before he can apply for parole. If she’s unable to, then the prosecution would be right there waiting to persuade the judge to go for the maximum penalty.
      We’ll continue to await the outcome of this sentencing.

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      • oh boy says:

        Just really sad, the reality is not just kicking in, but you can feel it a bit stronger May God have mercy

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  8. Misunderstood says:

    Mandatory minimum? or Maximum?

  9. FREE THE DREW says:

    He was set up / the devil made him do it , and he promised not to do it again , he was surrounded by the wigged one / the consultant / and a set of puppets/ and the rest is history

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    • Migoman says:

      Youre actually right you know.
      Im starting to sense a pattern..
      Every where Mr. Consultant works, his boss ultimately gets locked up -_-

      • @Migoman says:

        Be very careful when hiring CONSULTANTS especially this particular CONSULTANT or you will get clipped for sure.

  10. Local says:

    Fahie is the one that seal his faith you can’t serve two masters, if you preach it try to live it and if you believe it don’t be fooled by it money is the root of all evil for it is written.

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  11. maria louisa varlack says:

    the drug cartels have destroyed the british virgin islands.

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  12. maria louisa varlack says:

    is the united nations education scientific and cultural organization office in the british virgin islands involved with the drug cartel?

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  13. drew not O beer drew says:

    That lawyer working for her money. You need to get the maximum sentence for that shupidness,but there was no actual drugs, but you went to look at $$$ on private plane ON THEIR SOIL[USA] THATS A CRIME AND CORRUPTION to the core. But that 10yrs would suit you well. #DONTTALKTO$TRANGERS

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  14. No says:

    20 years with no parole until the full sentence is served.

    He was the Premier of a British colony conspiring to break the laws of the USA for drug money. He needs to learn that crime does not pay and 20 years incarceration is the least he should serve!

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    • Federal says:

      no parole

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      • @Federal says:

        The Feds don’t grant parole to anyone. When you are sentenced to serve time in Federal Prison, you are going to serve how many years you are given. The fool should have taken a plea deal and kept it moving.

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  15. FOIL say says:

    It took him 20 years to get to premier post. I think 20years sentence is appropiate** fatfk

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  16. Webster says:

    His team is arguing for 10 years minimum, while the prosecution is probably asking for 25 to life.
    Let’s see who can persuade the sentencing judge to see it their way.
    Good luck to both team.

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  17. Face the Music says:

    If he wasn’t greedy, he would never have been in this nonsense. Let the chips fall where they may. I think that he will get 15 years and Maynard will get a well deserved 10 years.

  18. Florida sentencing 85% says:

    85% of sentence must be served before parole mandatorily Florida state rules

  19. From Florida, USA says:

    His Attorney can ask for a ten year sentence However, it is up to the Judge to impose his sentence. Honestly, The lady is looking at 10 years and he is looking at 15 to 20 years. He can be given 40 years for the four counts that he was found guilty on. Ten years for each count. He can even end up with a life sentence. One more thing, it is time for the head cheerleader and his squad to shut down the FREE THE DREW CAMPAIGN and stop the foolishness and conspiracy theories about the UK and America set up Andrew. Andrew set himself up out of pure GREED. Andrew was being watched by the Feds every time he was in Florida. The night Andrew drove the 3 hours from Miami to Orlando to show concern to the family of the young lady that was missing, the Feds was trailing right behind. lol, poor KR had no idea the car he was riding in with Andrew to Orlando was being followed by the Feds.

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    • @Florida, USA says:

      The Feds knew KR was not involved in anything that was going on. They were watching Andrew each time he was in Miami until the day they snatch him up on the private plane with the Feds marked money.

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  20. Pro Bono advice says:

    Don’t drop on your knees with your hands to the skies MOCKING GOD if you are doing wrong things. Andrew brought all the karma that he is getting. Everyone knew what Andrew was into and doing because HE HAD THE POWER. Now look, the POWER DESTROYED HIM. This Premier better be careful about the way he is flecking his POWER. When one obtained POWER, IT IS TO DO GOOD AND GOOD ONLY.

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    • @pro Bono advise says:

      And guess what, this Premier is running around flexing his power until the power bring his behind down.

  21. ReX FeRaL says:


  22. To all of you says:

    That knew Andrew was a criminal and what his hands were involved in and voted for him to be the leader of the Territory, is just as guilty for having hands in bringing down the Territory and selling the Territory out to the drug cartels.

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    • Thank you says:

      The people that elected Andrew in office as the leader of the Territory knowing what he was doing is very much so responsible for destroying the Territory as well. That lame excuse about the UK and America setting Andrew up is a damn weak lame excuse.No, not at all. The ones that give him the x knowing he was a criminal is part responsible for the destruction of the Territory. I also believe the * should be sitting in jail as well, she knew a lot and benefited. Bet one thing she will not be showing off or benefit from the ugly bunker style looking house which will be overrun by bushes. His picture needs to be remove from the HOA. Who want to be sitting in the HOA and have a convicted criminal staring at them. Complete distraction.

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    • True to that one says:

      The same with the narco king that had the Country in a choke hold that got blown away in his yard that the Feds was trying to extradite to the US for running drugs on US soil and you guys protected and shield him from the US. The US is going to set an example out of Andrew.

    • Which means says:

      The people in D1 have to take responsibility for knowing big papa was a criminal and they are the ones that voted for a criminal to run the Territory. The people of D1 help created the greedy monster that was selling out the Territory to the drug cartel and money laundering. It is like you know a killer is living in your community and the community vote for the killer to run the Territory. D1 you should be ashamed of yourselves. Look at the problems you help created for the Territory.

  23. Hmmmm says:

    Is that minimum or maximum. She needs firing if it is really “minimum”.

  24. Anonymous says:

    He will get the same fate as other world leaders convicted in a US court on drug related charges. Look at Noriega, he got lots of years and so will Mr Fahie. It is sad that it ended like this but the war on drugs is an uphill battle.

    May the good Father above have mercy on him. Let this be a lesson written in BVI books and history! All try to do right, greed is never the answer it will leave you in tears.

    • The games they play. says:

      He is coperating, it’s a deal. He will get the 10 yrs minimum 3 already served, spend 2 in a secure facility like a celebrity then get release on good behavior. Look to see Him back here in 2 yrs. This is all a cover.

  25. BuzzBvi says:

    Can we take all the pictures of him off the HOA walls now, and all the tributes off the Government web sites, or is Natalio still 100% still behind the previous corrupt, convicted criminal leader of the VI. Let us hope, not pray, that we do not have another leader leading us astray.

  26. Send he gal says:

    After the sentencing there will be an appeal. A so me see it.

  27. Gus Jaspert says:

    Mr Andrew Fahie made the territory sad and disgruntled with what he was involved in. He disappointed many and now at his age his freedom lies in the hands of a Miami federal judge.

    I hope he uses his talent and time in prison to change lives for the better but first and foremost, his life must be changed for the better as well.

    May the great God of the universe guide and protect him in his current path and the time given is paid back with forgiveness to the people he hurt and disappointed.

    Justice is served.

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  28. Jail Bud says:

    Appeal that bitch!

    Free the Drew!

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  29. Sing like a canary says:

    He’ll get 13 years.

  30. Foy is a real Gangstar.. says:

    One thing about Foy he taking it like a man, he ain Ratting, nor corporating, if he get 10 yrs he will be back here in 3 yrs. He will be still young. Don’t be surprise if he wins back his district 1 seat.

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  31. …. says:

    Need switch to young thug lawyer

  32. Fat Boys says:

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  33. Channel 11 says:

    Even his lawyer acknowledges that his goose is cooked.

  34. Bad Lawyer says:

    From the gate. This lady was never working for him. Who wouldn’t take an offer of millions of dollars. This guys not a criminal he just dumb. We all have tried a ting for couple dollas. These ppl lined this man. Sad actually.

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  35. lettuce liz says:

    He deserves all he gets for the curfews

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