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Failure to adhere to Beach Monitoring Task Force may result in further closures — Wheatley

More than 100 beachgoers spotted at Smugglers Cove when beaches reopened for the first time in weeks on Sunday, May 10. (BVI News photo)

Natural Resources Minister Vincent Wheatley has reminded the general public that failure to adhere to the instructions of the Beach Monitoring Task Force could result in the beaches being closed to the public once more.

Wheatley’s remarks were made on Monday, during a training session for members of the newly formed task force at the Central Admin Complex in Road Town, a government-commissioned release said.

“Our aim is to ensure that beachgoers can enjoy these precious assets in a safe way,” he stated.

“I want to remind the public to follow the instructions of the Beach Wardens. If the social distancing guidelines set out by the Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) are not followed then beaches may be closed,” the minister further said.

All beaches except The Baths and Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda were opened for the first time on Sunday, since the importation of COVID-19 in the territory.


In the meantime, some 15 persons were trained on the new health and safety protocols that would take effect across the territory’s beaches, the release stated.

“The training session catered to public officers from the Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour & Immigration; the Ministry of Transportation, Works & Utilities; and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, Agriculture and Fisheries,” it said.

Persons from the sister islands are expected to be next in line for training.

Chief Environmental Health Officer Lionel Michael, who conducted the training, stated that the emphasis was for the safety of the general public in light of the COVID-19.

“It is expected to build on similar efforts to ensure that physical distancing measures are observed by the visiting public at beaches to control the spread of COVID-19,” Michael added.

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  1. See says:

    More dogs on CGB beach again today … complete with dog s**t .

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  2. Plenty laws says:

    No enforcement, welcome to the BVI!

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  3. Observer says:

    This going on for donkey year minister think he can just drop out of nowhere and say no animals on beach it will never stop. Look about the problem you have with people not employed and can’t afford to pay there bills that you encouraging to remain the beach no killing us you are right now.

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  4. Aqua Force T Hunger Strike! says:

    Real set of jokers

    Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad on patrol

    Yet they couldn’t find the money to pay for professional life guards on every beach to protect swimmers from drowning.

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    • Hmm says:

      If there were life guards already employed they could have provided this service without pulling amateurs from

      Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour & Immigration; the Ministry of Transportation, Works & Utilities; and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, Agriculture and Fisheries

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  5. Gdoh says:

    Well we can’t be taxed, but we can be fined. So expect the harassment at the beach.

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  6. Concern says:

    How can we allowed dogs on beaches?? All they do is s**t and p*+s on the beach and this is the same beaches that we are advertising to lure tourist to come to. Something has to be done sooner rather than later. I saw visitors spread their towel directly on a load of dog s**t at beef island beach unintentional. It was her worst day and she was complaining trying to find out why it happen to her. We cannot be promoting these beaches that full of dog crap. This is happening on all beaches in the bvi. Time to end more dogs on beaches.

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    • Stewps says:

      You’re worried about a few dogs?
      Here’s a news flash for you: Humans are animals too.
      And humans are a crapping and pissing all over the place. Even the stuff that gets flushed down a toilet ends up in the sea. And what about all the trash left by humans. And the diseases being spread from human too human. Ever heard of STIs?
      Not to mention all the rapes and murders and thefts committed by humans. And you still want to worry about a few dogs?

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  7. Common sense says:

    I was at Smugglers and everyone was spaced appropriately. I counted about 60 people and it WAS NOT crowded. I wish people would stop trying to create drama. And well trained and supervised dogs are not a problem. It takes a lot of effort to have a well trained dog. They should not be lumped together with untrained dogs or stray dogs. I’ve seen beautiful well trained dogs at the beach that are a joy to watch. They are obedient, mannerly and supervised.

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  8. Buy A Clue says:

    It’s not the dogs that the problem. It’s the dog owners. Clean up your dog s**t. Problem solved. Stupid humans always blame animals.

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  9. Westman says:

    Its a 1000 pound fine for not cleaning up your dogs mess in UK.They folks from UK..states..zEu..don’t even go walk the dog(s)without the full kit poop bags etc.stop taking the piss.

  10. Topic says:

    Wow. Close beach if people are not compliant. How about banning loud motocycles?

  11. Kiana says:

    SIMPLE! No dogs allowed on any beaches, period. We are trying to live and enjoy our beaches. Tell these blasted dog owner that their dogs are not more important than we are! Let them get off their lazy behinds, walk their dogs where they live, carry a bag to put THEIR dog mess in and throw it away properly. The reason they want their dogs to run free to piss and crap all over is because they are self righteous lazy behind people! I will not give up my right to go to the beach freely, just to step in dog mess. I will video tape any of them and call the police. I am so tired of these people thinking they are the elite and can do whatever the hell they please and ignore the laws.

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