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False alibi? CCTV footage, witnesses link man to Castro murder

Accused murderer Sean Martin shields his face as he enters the Magistrate’s Court on Monday, August 27.

Eyewitness reports, his own family discrediting his ‘alibi’, and surveillance footage placing him near the murder scene are three alleged factors prosecutors have outlined to link Sean Martin as the gunman responsible for Jerry Castro’s fatal shooting on August 10.

Prosecutors made the claims on Monday during Martin’s first appearance in the Magistrate’s Court for the homicide.

The court was told that on the night in question, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras captured someone robed in a grey hoodie that fit the 27-year-old accused man’s description.

At 7:36 pm that night, CCTV footage allegedly recorded Martin heading towards the apartment complex in Purcell Estate where Castro and his friends were known to congregate.

Castro received a single shot to the back of the head exactly nine minutes later, the court heard.

Friends of the deceased reportedly told the authorities they recalled seeing a slim-built man wearing a pair of shorts and a ‘grey’ hoodie moments before the shooting. He was ‘acting strangely’ at the time, the court heard.

It is alleged that after the shooting, eyewitnesses sighted Martin leaving the area. This time, however, he was not wearing the grey hoodie but was carrying it in hand, prosecutors told the court.

Conflicting stories

When arrested, Martin allegedly told police he was at his Johnson’s Ghut residence at the time of the shooting, and only heard about the murder through his girlfriend.

But the accused man’s family members had reportedly told police that Martin was not home during the time of the incident.

Prosecutors further alleged that some of Martin’s phone calls indicated that he had become ‘paranoid’ after the shooting and thought he was being followed by law enforcers.

In court, Martin was not made to plead because the offence for which he is charged is indictable. That effectively means the matter may be heard at the High Court before a judge and jury.

Magistrate Hakim Creque on Monday made an order for the accused man to be remanded.

He is scheduled to return to court on September 21.

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  1. The truth says:

    Dawg at first I didn’t want to believe this but now seeing this I really disappointed — —- smh I thought — knew better and I sure ayo [allegedly] Kill that poor boy over some petty sh-t.. just the thought of you leaving your family and this young man family on pain make me sick.. I really gonna pray for you and your daughter..

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  2. Justice comes riding says:

    Wow! Now I wonder how all those people who were defending him feel. Many were saying how quiet he was and how he wasn’t nowhere near the crime scene..see how Tola can be? The criminals are always protected and defended. But God has the final say with justice so I pray for the victims of other murders, that their killers will be caught too

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  3. Gumption. Official says:

    Open minded comment! By 2030+ we’re gonna to have a strong community filled with amazing men and woman. MALE /YEP and the other initiatives are doing a wonderful job. Lots of students who’s passed by YEP /MALE are still doing good things. The value mentoring lessons that was passed on is still be used today. Let’s continue to support YEP /MALE and others who’s working on bettering our communities. We’re either part of the issue or part of the Solutions!

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    • @Grumption. Official says:

      What the Hell that comment got to do with YEP & This Article??????????

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      • Wah wah says:

        He always has to add a little 2 cent so let him. Lol

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      • Gumption.official says:

        You missed the bigger picture. However keep empowering our young men and women so they won’t grow up like some of us who have no respect and protect criminals. If it had more initiatives like we have today back when we was the youths age we won’t have and so many youngsters in Johnson Gut or Balsom Gut. The morals and principles we would have gain we would have had a greater chance of a more safer and loving community. Due to lack of some patents not caring and community not giving a darn is why we’ve had so many issues.

        My point is – To have a stronger community we must first begin with our youths.… ps notice I said YEP/MALE and all other initiatives.

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        • @Grumption. Official says:

          you type to much. you should be a journalist.

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        • ??? says:


          It’s sad in itself that you had to explain your original comment to these knuckle heads. They are so slow. I really think mentally they may still be able to enroll in YEP.

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          • Gumption. Official says:

            I agree! I’ll do my greatest to do let those knuckleheads get the best of me. Really sad I had to explain myself to them for real when others got it on the 1st go.

      • CLooth says:

        Always running his mouth like somebody care. Just to type and hit click

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  4. God don't Sleep says:

    i Just want to Know. what really caused him to take one’s life like that.

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  5. Smh says:

    When arrested, Martin allegedly told police he was at his Johnson’s Ghut residence at the time of the shooting, and only heard about the murder through his girlfriend.

    But the accused man’s family members had reportedly told police that Martin was not home during the time of the incident.

    You get f–k right then and there. Crazy how so much were defending you. Jerry was a cool ass dude. He never trouble nobody and — went and take this man life. For what?! And — got — children at home.. Real stupid mother s—-t . Wonder if those same people who was defending — going shout —- innocence now…???? A mother going never get to see her son get married. F—ing disgrace!

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    • For real says:

      @smh,100% correct hope the indeniel ones enjoy some good Ole fried crow in beer batter and humble baby boy is covering his face like a scared child.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah he was to set up he family straight bor maybe he didn’t wanted em to know WA he was —–

  6. Woww says:

    Hope he goes j— for life

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  7. JUSTICE says:

    Righ now the police feel big because of all the praise they getting for taking an “alleged” criminal off the streets.How are they going to feel when he is proven innocent?Everyone is talking but not the right people. Somebody saw the real killer and they are still out there laughing because the so called police just accused a young man to save face.Talk up people.Point them in the direction of the real killer to get them off the streets.FRIENDS where are you.SPEAK OUT!!!!!You know it is not him.

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    • Jackass says:

      You must be a moomoo… If he was innocent why say he home when his ppl said he’s not? Why the camera saw him before and AFTER… That’s why criminals don’t get catch in this place cause ayo a**holes stay protecting them

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    • Here we go again says:

      Stop being in denial, his own family didn’t lie for him, probably not even his f—- ——.

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    • Hmmmm says:

      CCTV shows he was in the area at the time of the shooting and his own family confirmed that he lied about his whereabouts. If he didnt do it then chances are he is the one that needs to start talking not anyone else. Video show you in the area of a crime 9mins before, you lie about where you were and the description of the shooter fits you. Seems like decent enough circumstantial evidence.

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    • Broad says:

      You better go find a new man from talking p**s. Laying with wanna be gangsters.

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    • Sam says:

      @Justice: I pity loosers like you who is likely uneducated and spend most of your time peddling dope like many of the young men in the 506th district, especially in baughers bay, Purcell and Bellevue.

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      • lol says:

        Judge not else u be judged first worry about saving your soul everything else is a marriage
        ph to the one above go get u some money lol

      • by the bay says:

        i live baughers bay ok and i don’t appreciate the fact that you are generalizing everybody that lives there because one or two people is doing it..

    • Hmmm says:

      So Justice…Since you know this man is innocent I’m assuming YOU were with him at the time of the murder…

  8. really? says:

    So he arranged an alibi? he took off the clothing he was wearing? Swearing on God he didnt do it? This was well thought through

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  9. wow says:

    When the matter reach High Court it make sense he just plea guilty and get it over with. Bcuz fighting a case like this with all these damning evidence will award him with a double life sentence instead of One. It aint got a lawyer in this world that can save him either so its best he nor his family no pay lawyer fees.

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  10. Acting the Part says:

    I wouldn’t hide my face if I didn’t commit the crime

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  11. WTF! says:

    I for one glad that the new batch of criminals dumb like a rock or it would be hard to catch them.

    When facing a murder charge, if it is indeed not you, there is no reason to lie, the truth shall set you free!

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  12. Anegada says:

    so wait is one gray hoody the island have????? and is it wrong for anyone bein home and ur siblings not knowing u r ????????

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    • bubun says:

      wow, didn’t u read that his friends saw him moving kinda weird not too far from them .. you sound dumb.

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      • Not good for neither of them says:

        It is alleged that after the shooting, eyewitnesses sighted Martin leaving the area at the time, however, he was not wearing the grey hoodie but was carrying it in hand,(where in this sentences sentences sentences sentences sentences make sense.) prosecutors told the court but wait this is what one of the earlier paragraph said “Friends of the deceased reportedly told the authorities they recalled seeing “a slim-built man” (is he alone slim and living in the area?) wearing a pair of shorts and a ‘grey’ hoodie moments before the shooting. He was ‘acting strangely’ at the time,” so tell me here if this is what the prosecution put out there along with other paragraph them to is sending conflicting news that totally doesn’t make sense. Any one can fit my description and its not me. Don’t forget people look alike becareful people. Read before you judge. So where did he change without the camera picking him up. Make no sense to me. Who is lying here is it the pop? Is it the street so called friends? The cameras or every one involved cannot be trusted. Food for thought at the end of this the prosecution is trying to prove their case under circumstances evidence. Not enough prove. The work is very patchy and need mending. May look good to those who don’t know the law but we all shall sit and await the judgement.

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      • Another jackass says:

        — must be f—-ing you! Why– was seen on [allegedly] camera with the same jacket in he hand? You could tell ayo so and so f— such and such and gon believe it. Big evidence big and board and ayo still acting dunce… How ayo so damn stupid strpssss

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        • Not good for neither of them says:

          @another jackass that make three of us including you Moran. Did you ever work as a police? Do you ever work as a detective? Hush your a$$ and go sit down. They use tactics to try and pin crime victim’s. Why the cameras cannot bring this person clear? Why do they base the evidence on circumstantial evidence. Until they have more proof he is innocent point blank. I do hope the cameras can show us because plenty of us will drop when you know what I know. If you have never been in a prosecutor or a police place stop pointing your fingers. Wait let’s see justice take it place. I studied law did you? Go get a book and learn sense. It has a lot of people who went jail for years wrongfully a cussed for a crime they never did why? Because of this same circumstancial evidence so please take a seat and let’s see how this will end.v

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          • Broad says:

            He said,”If I was you guys I would think its me, but it wasnt me”. You can’t invent this kind of BS” Should of take a page out of

          • Another jackass says:

            @not good for neither of them. Since you study law why tf you don’t go pick up the case? No? Well stfu obviously not good enough ????. Police cannot charge with out some court of evidence so wa f— you talking? Go pick up yah book and study AGAIN

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      • Friends lien or seeing things !!! says:

        Just saying

  13. resident says:

    old people say quiet dog bite the hardest

  14. This funny says:

    If you all read this article and was there at the residence to hear what the family and him spoke about and what they actually told the police y’all wouldn’t be speaking these kinds of stories… I’m made to laugh cause when I was going through court this same shit happened to me… police heard the truth but wrote lies this is why I get a copy of everything I say and ‘re read it before I sign it because of this very same reason…. as I said before if y’all so call got his clothes gun powder was to be found n put on this very same news site to prove he did it…. also how coming they keep saying allegedly instead of yes we do got the proof on him so we don’t need to allegedly accusse him…. they are actually holding him because they think it’s him just because they feel he match the description?? Wow! So if it’s so right how come cctv footage ain’t catch him actually seen him shoot jerry?? How come he was driving that night and no one saw him jumping into this vehicle he brought home the night? No man then something wrong…. y’all need to know the full story than going base off of what y’all read! Be there than to actually think y’all know it all…. and no I am not his child mother but a person that was actually there and listening when he spoke to the police at his residence where he was questioned instead of in an office where no one could of heard them speaking…. don’t worry karma large and she serves anyone that deserve it…. if years from now they pull this back up and say he was innocent! I hope he sue they ass for letting him lose his job and put a bad name out there for himself….

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    • Hmmm says:

      Stop tell lie. Police search his place not question him at his residence. Now don’t u see he was interviewed? Where u think it happened? U think u know but don’t know nothing. U sound like a fool. Stop putting hands on fire when ppl do s**t. The evidence is dere.

  15. old money says:

    What I want to know is what paranoid phone calls he made, to who and what were the details of those calls.

    if they the police can answer those questions something isn’t right with respect to our privacy.

    So the police are listening to recordings of our phone calls?

    is anyone else seeing this.

    invasion of privacy going on behind the scenes?

    A murder suspect is one thing, but

    is it right for police to have access to our phone conversations in general?

    how about our emails>

    if that is the case it is disturbing to think people are listening in while we say our sweet I love yous and what not on the phone.

    And if that is the case people SHOULD to start moving with encryption whether they do something wrong or right.

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