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False! Elections supervisor rejects VIP’s claims of faulty e-tabulating machines

Supervisor of Elections, Juliette Penn

Supervisor of Elections Juliette Penn has negated publicly-made claims by Virgin Islands Party (VIP) spokesperson Claude Skelton Cline that the electronic tabulating machines are malfunctioning.

Speaking at a VIP rally after a public demonstration of the machines on Sunday, Skelton Cline said the some of the machines were faulty and was not recognising whenever an X was marked on a ballot.

“Of course, they don’t want us to know these kinds of things,” said Skelton Cine while suggesting impropriety and a coverup among elections officials.

But while answering questions from BVI News following the outspoken clergyman’s statement, Elections Supervisor Penn said the machines are functioning well. She said there have been no reports of problems among residents who were able to test the machines for themselves on Sunday.

“I don’t know about any [problems],” Penn said. “The only thing I know about is one person who didn’t make their mark on the ballot. They just pressed the pen and the machine didn’t read it.”

As for persons who opted to use an X to vote, Penn said the only way the machine would not recognise the X is if it was made outside the designated oval that is located beside the name of each candidate on the ballot paper.

“We didn’t encourage people to make X’s. Those who made X’s did so on their own. But the machine would still read it,” said Penn, who noted that voters can either mark an X or shade within the oval.

“Yes, from the conversations that I had, [people were comfortable with the machines],” she added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is seemingly setting the stage for confusion in case they do not win.

    Sad. Have we not had four years of enough confusion, distracting a government from doing its work in growing the economy and pushing the country forward?

    Now go ahead, push dislike to truth!!

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    • @Anonymous says:

      That is exactly what this is about! The greedy p—— wants to get his hands on our Treasury so he will say and do anything to do so.

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    • Jesus says:


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      • Online Now says:

        So “Jesus” are you saying the good lady is corrupt? Sometimes, it is difficult to see how this territory will ever prosper with such divisive people.

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      • Time will tell says:

        You sure she is an NDP supporter? She ever tell you so? You ever see her participating in a rally or see her at one of their meeting?

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        • voodoo says:

          we dont have to see her an any rally or participating in anything, we all know where her loyalty is, come on, its the bvi we live inn.

  2. No nonsense says:

    A very BAD start to the democratic process I keep hearing about. Constituents HAD HAVE NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE,therefore OBJECTIVE is above students level….

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    • Yep says:

      Yes, so locals are that dumb that they cannot follow instructions to shade the oval next to the candidates of choice. Persons that are illiterate or have issues with understanding are supposed to get the relevant assistance with voting. Otherwise, I don’t see how any adult won’t be able to follow such simple instructions. The VIP smells a loss coming so they want to taint the process before it gets started. These people have no shame at all.

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  3. SMH says:

    I have an uneasy feeling with this guy Skelton-Cline! He apprently likes D—- Politics and m— —-ing! Sorry to say, but he appears to be t——ing VIP.

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  4. Nonsense says:

    The VIP is all about ignorance and confusion. I don’t know how any rational thinking person could really support this foolishness. Instead of encouraging persons to go out and test the machines, ask questions etc. they are filling people’s head with fear and ignorance.

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  5. Reply says:

    I do not believe anything is wrong with the machines. If people follow simple instructions, there should be no issue on voting day.

    Raising doubts about the machines is an attempt to place doubt in peoples mines about the ultimate outcome of the election if it does not go their way.

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  6. Not so fast says:

    It was in fact stated at that testing period that you should shade because the X may not be read well by the machine. So it is already known to be possible.

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  7. Gain says:

    Andrew this C—- dude is kiling u man he is a con .If u cant.see thru him it makes me feel ur the same.My votes for vip as my family plus will go else where.C—– ur damaging.wait he said he’s a man of GOD stop it.Andrew muzzle that CAT.Remember those words.

  8. Dranks says:

    There’s a ballot paper that goes into a bin after you cast your vote. If someone wants a recount it can be done by counting the ballots individually, if it comes down to that. Seems like VIP already feel the loss coming so they’re creating the victim narrative from now.

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    • Hmmm says:

      No Sweetie, the voters are no fool. They know about all the mismanagement of funds. Their eyes have been WIDE OPEN over the last 4 years! Trump won the election in the US by subtle unjust means, he stole it!! The pressure is on and NDP is smelling defeat and will resort to any and ALL dirty tatics. Keep your eyes laser focused on areas such as these.

  9. Actually says:

    All you have to do is google the DS200 Electronic Poll Books and you will see the lawsuits in the US and the complaints.

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  10. what a ting says:

    I was participating in the election process on Sunday. I NEVER realized Mr. S—–n was such a blatant liar. What kind of Minister are you? I was there almost to closing. Not a single person had any problems. I am no advocate of any party. just exercising my rights as a person. STOP IT. If i had the inclination to come to worship at your church i now would not follow like you. Go pray for your sins. STOP MISLEADING THE PUBLIC. Stop making the BVI look bad to the rest o fthe world . IT IS NOT THE TRUTH. WOW!WOW! when you can hide from a thief you cannot hide form a liar. I feel so ashamed of you.

  11. Cloud says:

    Go back to the states Claude you’re — news to the church and the BVI

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