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False! School denies circulating claim that students suspended for uniform violation

Senior ESHS students at their Pasea Estate campus on Tortola.

Pastoral Principal of the Elmore Stoutt High School Donna Clyne-Thomas is refuting a claim posted on social media that more than 70 students from the institution were suspended for breaching the school’s uniform dress code.

Up to press time, the post which was published on local Facebook group ‘The Real BVI Community Board’ had already generated some 252 comments, 306 likes and 205 shares.

The post included a photo showing an unidentified senior female student in uniform and had a caption which questioned why the student was “sent home”.

Responding to the post in a subsequent interview with BVI News, Clyne-Thomas described the post as untrue.

“We did not send anybody home … Mrs Clyne-Thomas and Mrs Vanessa Garraway (the school Principal) did not send any child home to hinder their learning,” she said.

Clyne-Thomas, who oversees all student affairs, said while there were some uniform violations on the first day of school, administrators have been lenient so far.

However, the educator is reminding female students that uniform skirts must be no shorter than their respective knee’s length.

“They have a couple of days to work on it. We’ll feel you out this week and then we’ll come together as an administration and decide what we are going to do next. But right now, we are being fair, extremely, leniently fair,” Clyne-Clyne Thomas told BVI News.

If issues with uniforms are not fixed within the leniency period, the Pastoral Principal said the rules of the school will be enforced and persons will be suspended until the issues have been resolved.

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  1. Hdueu says:

    Children who want to read will read. People who want to be whor3$ will be.


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    • Hm says:

      Yea once you wear a short skirt you’re a w****.
      Nice logic.

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      • dfsfdsf says:

        People can’t afford new clothes what B.S is this?!? I know the B.V.I is expensive but not so much that it can deprive someone of uniform. Instead of spending money on fancy gadgets and other trinkets invest it to something more wisely.

        I remember BVI High. I know that are persons in difficult finances but that is inexcusable.

        If you were going to meet the leader of a country would not be wearing something inappropriate.

        In my opinion if they can’t afford to abide by proper dress codes let them stay home or find work. That institution is not for them.

        Every place has rules to abide by even at work and if you can follow it. LEAVE

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        • Haha says:

          They can’t afford school clothes but I was shocked to see how many school aged children that could afford to go to the festival village on the $30-$40 nights. To be objective maybe the money finish after festival.

  2. Shameful says:

    Some of these parents should not have been allowed to bear any kids. Then they wonder why the young people up and down the place like lawless jackasses! Discipline!! Then to have legislators joining in the ignorance just makes me sick.

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    • Wow says:

      You probably have the perfect child then.

      I hope somebody tells you that you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids just because your child breaks the uniform code.

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      • Disbelief says:

        What he/she said is facts, you should teach your child at home how they are supposed to dress, the school shouldn’t have to send a child home because their parents didn’t teach them the proper way to dress

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    • @Shameful says:

      Totally agree with you. Some of these parents are a bunch of dumb, low class embrassing rejects of society.DISCIPLINE IS THE MAGIC WORD.IF THEY START STEPPING IN THEIR CHILDREN’S A**ES AND TEACH THEM TO RESPECT AND MANNERS THINGS WOULD BE MUCH BETTER.

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      • hmm says:

        There is no need for name calling. You can state your opinion with out. We all make mistakes and just note some of those skirt could have been handed down or could have been worn from last year. I do realize some of the skirts are ridiculously short and need to changed right away.

  3. wow says:


  4. LOL says:

    I read this fake/bad news on the controversial news site too

  5. :) says:

    Give some parents a chance they will have their little girls in school with lipstick, sports bra and leggings on and complain when it is brought up.

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  6. Investigation says:

    If this is untrue then the student and the poster needs to be held accountable. This needs to be investigated by the Ministry. people need to post more responsibly.

  7. CHILDREN'S Place says:

    Some of these parents AIN’T WORTH S**T. They got their underage girls walking around like they are on strippers row skanks. Teach your girl children to have respect for themselves rather than growing up to be a quick booty call and uneducated damaged goods.

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  8. Yes says:

    The student that started this, needs a good old fashion beating and should be expelled from school. I am quite sure the Education Minister is doing an inverstagation into this matter. This is some serious stuff and should be handled ASAP. ANOTHER THING, THE SCHOOL SHOULD A SYSTEM SET UP WHERE ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS HAVE TO LEAVE THEIR CELL PHONES IN THE OFFICE IN A LOCK BOX WHEN THEY REPORT TO SCHOOL AND GIVEN BACK AT THE END OF THE DAY DISMISSAL.

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    • Yes says:

      That is a good idea. The school should not allow cell phones in classrooms. All students should have to turn in their phones in the mornings and be kept in a safe and returned to the students at the end of the day.

  9. Weir D. Playne says:

    The skirt in the picture that started the whole debate looks fine to me. The problem is, if there is a rule against the length of the skirt, design or whatever then everyone must abide by the rule.

    The parents should also ensure that the rule is followed and not encourage or support the breaking of the rules. Following the rules will better prepare the children for the real world because it’s gonna be a whole lot tougher when the rules are broken in adult life. Instead of a suspension or isolation there are unpaid leaves, termination, fines and imprisonments.

    Some rules are stupid but when you aren’t in the position to make or change rules you have to follow them. I saw people saying that who is doing the learning the skirt or the student. It’s a good point but when they become adults and are told that they have dress codes at work that attitude will send them in the unemployment line. In Some offices it is mandatory to wear a tie. You can’t ignore the rule because it is stupid. You follow the rules or change jobs and go somewhere where the rules are more suitable for you.

    The parents also have other options if they don’t like the rules at the government high school they can pay hundreds to send their children to a private school but guess what there will still be rules that have to be followed including the dress code.

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  10. Ignorance says:

    Some parents want the children to run the school and set rules for the teachers to abide with. Children cannot and should not be allowed to run the show. The ignorance with these parents who turning this around on the teachers. The teachers are training the children to be discplined and you are upset about it. The politicians should keep politics out the school. Stop trading our children’s future for votes.

  11. SMH says:

    So parents called to pick up their daughter was fake also? So people are hallucinating!

  12. Really??!! says:

    You expect a better response from some of these parents? Do you see the way some of them dress to go to work? Hoochie Mama business!! Even without a dress code parents should know to send their children to school looking modest. A lot of y’all know y’all children them go school to act like men/women instead of children. Just take a pass by ESHS when school let out and you’ll hang your mouth how disrespectful a lot of those children are. They should address the drop waist business with the boys too. I wouldn’t want to hear y’all if they say no braids and false nails too! Lard, aryo go dead!!

  13. Jane says:

    The uniform looks very uncomfortable: long polyester skirts in these hot temperatures – they look scratchy to wear. They also look very old fashioned and not particularly smart.

    Maybe a better approach might be to have a uniform which is comfortable. How about cotton-mix long chino-style shorts and a cotton polo shirt? Not sure why in 2019 we are insisting females must wear a skirt, and why shorts or pants arent an option. Do we also insist that they curtsy, and ride their bicycles side-saddle? Did the sexual revolution not happen in Tortola?

  14. Welsah says:

    If the skirts are a problem let them wear long pants and this rule should of been in place before school opens uniforms don’t make a child learn the teachers ain’t no better they need uniforms dressing like they going strip club.

  15. CW says:




  16. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the BVI? It was a place that people look up to but not with the new generation and the influx of different cultures our values are going out the door. There are countries that realized that they didn’t hold on to their values and are trying to make an improvement. If the parents and the community get to social media and condem what the principal did, feeling proud of their comments well there are other places where you all least expect are laying down some serious rules. There are students in the USVI that are being sent home for short shirts, color in their hair, and shoes color. So don’t think that the principal is being unreasonable.

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