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‘Family members are off limits’, says Fahie after attack on rival’s wife


Following the circulation of a malicious text attacking NDP chairman Myron Walwyn’s wife, Judith, VIP leader Andrew Fahie has ran to her defence.

“I categorically denounce this kind of attack on Mrs Judith Walwyn,” Fahie said in a post on social media Friday. “We in the political arena can agree to disagree but family members are off limits.”

Fahie denounced attack stating that he knows, firsthand, how hurtful such messages can be to family members on ‘the receiving end’.

“My wife has suffered also at the hands of unnamed, unknown persons who hide in the shadows and malign individuals. I can say here and now, family members are off-limits and have no place in the political discourse,” said Fahie who is widely perceived as the political arch-rival of Minister Walwyn.

He continued: “I believe that in the interest of the territory it behoves me to urge all that are in the political arena to conduct themselves accordingly. Let us stick to the issues and solutions. Let us conduct ourselves with respect. This type of disrespectful conduct has no place in our politics.”

His statements come amid similar ones for Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr who has reminded persons of the political code of conduct that is in effect for political parties, candidates, and their supporters.

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  1. Smh says:

    About f…ing time he came out with a strong statement.

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    • Hmmm says:

      While the political arena in the BVI has taken a disgraceful turn, i would agree that children of politians should be off limits, as they shouldn’t fall prey to their parents choices. The spouse on the other hand (if her husband is the party leader) has the potential to become the next first lady and for that reason she is not off limits. She would most likely to accompany her husband in formal engagements while he is representing the territory. It is for those reasons her every move will be scrutinized.

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      • PROBLEMS says:

        If she herself is not a politrician or have never been convicted of a crime why should she be dragged into the discourse between her husband and his rivals.
        Do you want your opponents talking ill of your family who have nothing to do with your disagreement.
        The issues and how they will fix things are what needs to be the concern of all.

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      • Wicked says:

        Probably you who did it! Heartless jealous scum

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      • Caribbean Parents says:

        These people don’t like down island people and people born In the BVI with outside parents, ask Dickie,Sammy da one eye Mangoes and Bradpit, Will and all who is around his campaign? Is dem do it.We half breed will have our say on election day. So go ahead attacking the man.

  2. OK says:

    So did he start the fire, fanned the flames and now telling everyone to step back …?

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    • zone 3 says:


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  3. Really says:

    That’s just a cover up if he was so interesting he would have done come to the public and he does be right through with them there jumping up with them nasty behaviour

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  4. sick and fed up says:

    Im so sick and fed up of all the nonsense! Who ever is behind all this mess is very cunning…and is obviously looking for sympathy from the people of the BVI. Quit with all the nonsense…all these ploys to win votes is unbecoming. Your track record condemns you, no one needs to attack you or your camp….Please stop the madness already. Tricks are for kids. The people too experienced to be taken for for a ride Hurry people let’s drain the swamp…VIP all the way!!! T

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  5. last was angulla says:

    I support what was said about the w—-, we need a local I for Janice or Sheila

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  6. Really says:

    Andrew did not denounce alot of stuff before he was right there cheering the negativty that came from claude and willock mouth.

    He said nothing with Quito Rymer, he said nothing with mark and myron about them going jail, he said nothing about myron having a m… overseas, he said nothing when claude said bertie giving out 200,000 dollars to voters, he said nothing when they called myron taunty merle

    Now it is myron wife he want to talk now. Give me a break

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  7. Only 1 Way! says:


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  8. Drake says:

    Thank you Hon Fahie. You have spoken like a true leader.

    Politics is a contact sport but family members are off limits!

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  9. i dont care wha a man seh says:

    Homeboy and the esteem one are the main culprits

  10. Snakes says:

    When he knows full well his people are behind this and will only get worst but guess what? It will all backfire on you just watch!

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  11. Eagle says:

    There should be no attack period. The Virgin forefathers were not involved in such bad behavior. All the so called want to be leaders who telling and paying people to find dirt on other people need to be disqualified from running for election.

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  12. Cudjoe says:

    Since I have been following politics in the VI,A—— —- has been the one and only who has attacked,villify and condemn the spouse of a political candidate,directly and by inuendo and to be specific,the wife of the current Premier. This man is not to be trusted. Scumbag comes to mind.

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  13. Tell me says:

    How do you guys know that is he or his gangs it well maybe any body stop pointing fingers at people without proof there are ways of finding out because last election he himself and also his wife had things circulating about her i remembered that people we have to be careful

  14. The esteemed says:

    Is 100% behind of this. #womanscorned

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  15. PP says:

    her husband is the one who make that post looking for pity voted

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    • Yes says:

      You all need to stop ah p**s. why the de hell would anybody sacrifice and destroy their family and themselves in this manner.. Myron need to get to bottom of this expose them backside and shut them to h**l up..

  16. Lawyer says:

    If Myron wife was from Tortola nothing would have been said about her in such distasteful and disrespectful way. Be careful VIP. Like the USVI, the face of the BVI is slowly changing. The people are moving forward into the future. You are still stuck in the past. More Virgin Islanders have family ties outside of the Virgin Islands. So be careful how you try to divide the people. We are all “Island men and women”! One BVI, Forward, Together We Are Stronger.

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